1.  Legos

I don’t think you can go wrong with Legos – they’re so versatile and are perfect for imaginative play!  Every kid should have a set by age 2.  :)  We were lucky enough to get a whole box of classic Legos off of ThredUp – it was a total steal!

2.  Play Kitchen & Pretend Food

This mini wooden kitchen is one of Emma’s favorite toys.  She makes me “cookies” and “pie” quite often, and loves to pretend that “Oh no!  My cookies are burning!” and race in to save her baking.  It’s so cute!  This is a really nice  kitchen set, I’m loving that it’s all wood.  :)  It was a total plus that all the wooden food and utensils came with this set, too!

3.  VTech Tote ‘n Go Laptop

Emma loves the VTech Tote ‘n Go Laptop.  There are quite a few different learning games on it and she figured out quickly how to navigate everything (faster than I did, ha!).  Her alphabet was reinforced through the alphabet game!  It was totally worth buying – in fact, we bought a second one after her first one broke.

4.  Play Foam

I like Educational Insights’ Play Foam better than Playdough because it doesn’t dry out and crumble everywhere.  It has a very small mess factor – sometimes the tiny balls will fall off here and there, but still not nearly as bad as dough.  Love it!  We bought a 20-pack for Emma and it’s lasting a long time!  For our review and play ideas, click here.

5.  Melissa and Doug Puzzles

Emma loves puzzles, and our favorite brand is Melissa and Doug.  They have sound puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, educational puzzles, everything!  I can recommend any of their toys highly, but puzzles are our favorite.

6.  Doodle Pad

Emma loves to draw, so this has been one of her favorite toys.  I got it for her when she was 2 so it’s been through a lot and really doesn’t look that great anymore (she pressed way too hard on it when she was younger) so I’m thinking about replacing it with another one.  If anyone knows of one they like better, I would love to hear about it!

7. Leapfrog Leapster 2

Okay, we don’t actually have this yet, but we did have a classic Leapster and Emma LOVED it.  She played with it every spare minute she had… then it broke.  Well, it was old and had already been loved – I was pretty disappointed because I did buy it and it lasted such a short time.  But it also made me realize that it was worth getting the Leapster 2.  It may or may not be under the tree this year for her.  ;-)  Over Black Friday it was only $24.99 for about 20 minutes and I didn’t jump on it.  Kicking myself now!

8.  Child-Sized Chair

Every child likes to have his or her own little chair!  Emma has a folding chair a friend gave us and a small table and chair set – both are used every day.  :)

9.  Animal Pillowcase

This was a total hit when I first got it, and she still wants her kitty pillow every night!  This is a pillowcase that fits over a standard pillow and the animal’s feet, tail, and features are plush, too.

10.  Spring Horse

The Tek Nek Rockin’ Rider Spring Horse is by far Emma’s favorite toy, and I love that she’s getting exercise when she rides on it.  This particular horse has an animated mouth and sings and talks, and features motion-activated galloping sounds!  It comes in pink and brown.

So what is your 3-year-old’s favorite toy?  Do you have anything to add to this list?


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