1. The Kid’Sleep Sleep Training Clock

This has been so awesome. We are still using it for both kids (4 and 2) and they wait until 7:30 every morning to get up. Then there is much joy and bouncing around, and yelling of, “Mr Bunny Rabbit is AWAKE!”. If you’re having trouble with little ones waking you up too early in the morning or getting confused about daytime and nighttime I highly recommend this!
Read my full review here.

2. The VTech InnoTab 2

Definitely the top handheld gaming/learning device in our home!
Read the full review (with video review) here.

3. Baby Memory Quilt from Campus Quilt Company

This is so special, it’s my favorite quilt without a doubt. I love seeing all of Emma’s baby clothes in it. :)
Read the full review here.

4. The Magic School Bus DVD Box Set

We love all of these, they’re fun to watch and educational which puts them on the top of my “What should I let them watch” list. I’ve been adding an episode in as part of Emma’s school, too. Recommend these!
Read my full review here.

5. Beyond Bedding Sets

For the horse-loving daughter in your family, this is a dream! This is available as a twin-sized set and toddler bed set. Read the full review here!


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