This is my first time participating in Top Ten Tuesday hosted by Broke and Bookish – I love the idea!  Since mine is a children’s blog as well I’m going to throw some children’s books in.  :)

1.  It’s Time to Sleep, My Love by Nancy Tillman

Isn’t that a beautiful cover? I love all of the illustrations inside, too!

2.  The Restorer by Sharon Hinck

This is one I’m very glad I bought – it’s a terrific story!  It had me at time travel, of course.  :)

3.  The Hunter’s Moon by O.R. Melling

This is one of my favorite faerie trilogies, lots of Irish lore and adventure.

4.  Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey

I read this as a teenager.  My favorite Anne McCaffrey series EVER.

5.  DragonSpell by Donita K. Paul

I still haven’t read this.  I really need to because I know I’ll really like it.

6.  A Treasury of Children’s Literature

I remember walking through a Sam’s Club as a teen with my parents and hinting that I really wanted this beautiful fairy tale book.  It is large, hardcover, and filled with gorgeous full-color illustrations.  I got it that Christmas!

7.  The Carousel by Liz Rosenberg

I actually bought this for my sister.  It’s about two sisters who go on an adventure – carousel horses coming to life and taking them for a ride through the city.  Beautiful!

8.  Bear in the Air by Susan Meyers

I actually received this one for review, but I absolutely love the cover and the old-fashioned illustrations inside.  This was my daughter’s favorite book to have read to her when she was 2.  I think it was eventually ripped beyond repair, so I’ll have to get another copy.

9.  Thicker than Blood by C. J. Darlington

This was the first ebook I ever bought, so I never got to enjoy the cover much… however, I wasn’t as drawn into the story as I wanted to be.  I think that I expected something different, though.  I didn’t realize it was a modern story.

10.  Healer by Linda Windsor

I really enjoyed this one.  I was drawn in by the cover – I love the time the story takes place and the fact that she had a wolf with her.  Now I need the next book in the series!

What books have you bought/read based on their covers?

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7 Responses to Top Ten Books I Bought Because of Their Covers (Top Ten Tuesday)

  • that is hard to say. I did purchasing for our small county library for 8 years. There were many books that first attracted me because of their covers. One was WINTER’S GIFT by
    Donovan, Jane Monroe. It is a touching story with lovely illustration.
    When looking through catalogues to make a large order, covers are very important. One that catches your attention right off will get you to read the blurb and decide if it will fit the collection. Some very good books are missed because they didn’t attract attention to have their blurb read.
    I love the covers you listed above, a couple of which I ordered.

    • I agree, I should make a list of books that don’t have great covers but that I loved now. :) There are plenty of books I’ve read based on the cover and been disappointed in, too.

    • I’m curious which ones you ordered now! :)

      • Unfortunately I no longer work there. The director retired and the new “powers that be” had very different ideas about what a library is and what role it has in the community. They also didn’t like the trend towards paranormal, magic, etc. Never mind that kids were reading more and enjoyed the books. Too many vampires, wizards, and werewolves. I was a reminder of the old guard and was told to leave. They were also upset about the amount of christian fiction that was on the shelf even though it was the highest circulating collection. I haven’t been back to check the collection to see what they have added or taken out. I do know that Vampire Diaries was deleted.

  • This is why we shouldn’t judge, but we can’t help but want something that is so pretty. Here’s my Top Ten

  • Oh! Love your Children’s Treasury! My top ten would be:
    1. Dinotopia by James Gurney
    2. The Kiss that Missed, written and illustrated by David Melling
    3. four books written and illustrated by Roger Bradfield – Pickle-Chiffon Pie, The Flying Hockey Stick, The Thirsty Camel and Giants Come in Different Sizes
    4. A is for Annabelle written and illustrated by Tasha Tudor
    5. The Belles of St. Trinian’s illustrated by Ronald Searle. (Excellent way of teaching parody and satire. Vocabulary is rich and complicated and superb for teaching the skills of reading aloud.) He also wrote and illustrated The Great Fur Opera : Annals of the Hudson’s Bay Company, 1670-1970 and a book has recently been republished with his illustrations from his time on the Burma railay and his time in the Changmai prison. Serious adult stuff
    6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss. (Also did cartooning during WWII… serious adult stuff)
    7. Christmas Annual by Carl Giles – these arrived under my Christmas tree from 1973. Although he died in 1995, his estate continues to publish an anuual based on previously unpublished cartoons. (He had also been a war correspondent during WWII and his work for the war has also been published.)
    8. Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by TS Eliot
    9. The People of Pern by Robin Wood – agree with you on the cover art for Anne McCaffrey’s books and love the illustrations the Robin Wood has done.
    10. The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter and illustrated by NC Wyeth

    • I completely forgot about Dinotopia – LOVE! Another similar book that I read thanks to the illustrations was Animalia.

      I’m going to have to get The People of Pern. :)

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