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♥  How often I Write.  I’m dealing with some serious guilt concerning updating this blog… or a lack thereof!  I’ve been experiencing burnout – i.e. the thought of sitting at the computer trying to write something brilliant makes me want to run away.


Maybe this is why I’ve taken up running?  Oh, you didn’t know that?  Yes I have, though it’s around in my backyard.  Hello, world!  I don’t mind looking like a pony stuck in a kiddie ride forever running around and around in circles… I’m getting in shape!  ;-)  Plus, it’s good for the kids.  Isaac runs with me and that kid can run pretty dang fast for a 3-year-old!  Sometimes he pretends he is a monster chasing me, and the grin on his face shows just how much he enjoys the fact that I keep the game going so long.  (Don’t worry, our backyard is really big so it is kind of like I’m running around a small track.)

Back to blogging – I just remembered one of my problems.  I am a terrible perfectionist.  I can’t just sit down and type out my thoughts, it has to be… perfect.  Do you know how long it takes me to get a post done?  Too. long.  No wonder I am overwhelmed!  I need to work on that – I need to just be myself and stop trying to be brilliant.  :)  (I like that word today.)  AND write more about me personally.  Since I switched from being product-oriented I have struggled with the main focus of this blog, and although I want to share our homeschooling adventures (a part of my life I LOVE), I also want to be more personal and transparent.  I’m an interesting person – really!  ;-)

Let’s not forget that with summer has come more craziness than usual – more running around which makes for more tired children which makes for more tired mommy.  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this!

♥  Next topic!  You’ve heard of Trim Healthy Mama, right?  Well, after waiting for a few MONTHS (ahem!) for the Trim Healthy Mama book to get to me (in a line of about 123409840 holds), I finally was able to pick it up from the library!  Of course, I ignored it for a few days weeks.  Then when I realized it was almost due (in three days), I picked it up and started flipping through it.  And couldn’t put it down.  I am really excited about this and am really serious about doing it!  Out came the notepad and I began copying the things I wanted to remember like mad.


So why is this worth looking into?  First, let me tell you I am NOT a diet person.  I look for ways to change my habits to healthier habits – I don’t DO starving myself, spending a mill on shakes or other products, or cutting out important food groups religiously.  So this is why THM appeals to me.  It isn’t a diet, it’s a book that educates you on how your body breaks down the foods you feed it, tells you how to combine the foods you eat to lose weight (or more importantly what not to combine like fats + carbs, sugar, etc), and is full of recipes to make it easy.  They don’t tell you to cut out everything, there are just a few things they say no to and a whole lotta things they say yes to.  I will warn you, the book is HUGE.  But it’s worth reading, is actually easy and fun to read with Pearl and Serene chatting back and forth, and since it includes many recipes I think it’s worth buying.  :)

Tuesday was my first day following the “plan” – I had coffee with cream and stevia along with fried eggs for breakfast, a salad with lots of veggies and a bit of cheese on top for lunch, and lemon-dijon chicken with sauteed zucchini and mushrooms and quinoa for dinner.  I also drank water and stevia-sweetened green tea. Today I started out the day with a muffin in a mug (I followed a recipe online… it was disgusting, no more microwave baked goods for US), an iced almond milk latte, and had a big salad with quinoa for lunch. For a snack I had a wasa cracker spread with laughing cow Swiss cheese (which is REALLY good!).  Dinner is going to be leftovers from last night for me and a lasagna for the family (that needs to be eaten so I don’t have to look at it) but I have plans for salmon, coconut curry chicken, fotato soup (potato soup with cauliflower instead of potatoes), and lentil stew in the future.  :)  I know it has been a short time but I really feel good about what I’m doing and I can see this working!  It’s really made me think about what I am putting into my body and has given me some good alternatives to make healthy choices in the future.  My problems have been flavored creamers (LOTS of it) in my morning coffee that give me jittery sugar highs then lows (combined with the caffeine this is not good), eating lots of starches and fatty, sugary foods together, and skipping breakfasts.  I have been feeling much better than usual throughout the day with more balanced eating, waiting 3 hours between meals and snacks, and even my runs have been more energized!  Also, dinners have seemed yummier what I usually make… I think it might make a better cook out of me.  LOL  Anyway, more on that later!

(Today after that salad I was REALLY getting a sweet tooth so I made Skinny Chocolate with coconut and almonds in it – see, you can have desserts too!  The kids really love the desserts and they don’t give them a sugar high!)

Things happening in my life lately:  I just began going to a summer Bible study on Titus.  I wondered about this book choice for a group of females at first, but as we are delving into the first chapter I see how much there is to apply to all of us!  I always thought that those chapters were only for elders of the church and such but of course these things apply to all of us who want to reflect Jesus’ character and love to those around us.  So far my favorite verse from my amplified Bible is:


The key words there are “resting”, “hope”, “promise”.  :)  I can rest in the hope and future that God (who does NOT lie!) promised me even before the beginning of the world!  I just love that verse.

♥  ♥  ♥

In other news, I’ve been doing mini character studies with the kids over the Spring/Summer thanks to a terrific deal ($10!) I found on an older version of KONOS Volume 1.  It is filled with ideas on how to teach character with activities that cover many different subjects – for example, we have been working on “attentiveness” and along with reading and copying scriptures that apply we also have been learning about the eyes and ears by doing science experiments and reading books that teach that.  We also acted out situations to teach good manners, and played games that require paying attention (like “Simon Says”).  I’ll share some of that in detail soon.  : )


P.S.  In the future, I’ll try to space my posts out more so they aren’t all this LONG.  ;-)


3 Responses to Trim Healthy Mama, Character Study, Blogging, & More! (Thinking Out Loud)

  • No guilt allowed!!!!! ; )

    I really enjoy the book of Titus as well ~ and some of those recipes sound good ~ I ditched all coffee creamers awhile ago mainly do to the partially hydrogenated oils, but I do add either ovaltine or a hot chocolate mix (I’m picky on which ones due to ingredients) and I have really gotten to where I enjoy it and it is just sweet enough to be good but without those jitters.

    • Coffee creamers have been a pretty big problem for me because I just love the flavored creamers! Especially coconut flavor. : ) But I knew there needed to be a change because I wasn’t feeling too well after all that sweetness. I didn’t add extra sugar, just a lot of creamer with my coffee. Or a little coffee with my creamer. lol Bad, bad! This week I’ve tried a couple different things, I do like half and half with a bit of stevia and ground ginger, or almond flavoring in my coffee. I’ve done hot chocolate mix before! Yummy. : )

      • LOL Creamer is super good! I’ve never tried the Stevia or almond… I will have to look into that! If it makes you feel any better I’ve *heard* that drinking coffee helps boost your memory… so there is an up side! :) I used to NEVER drink coffee, only cokes, but when I gave those up I HAD to have the caffeine replacement so I went with coffee and unsweet tea (which is quite “unsouthern.” ;)

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