Thoughts running through my head this week…

  • LOST is awesome!  Is anyone else watching it?  This last season has me asking lots of questions and I’m hoping that things will make more sense as we move on. *Spoiler alert!* What’s with the two realities?  Will they end up having never visited the island in the end, and how lame would that be?  Who is Sayid really?  And oh my goodness – CLAIRE!  I’m dying to find out what happened to her.  They were so mean to make me wait this long.  lol  Oh, and Kate is driving me nuts with her “must rescue the good-looking fella” mentality.  Argh!
  • I’ve been on an organizing kick – organizing my apartment.  Its slow going, but I am making progress.  I have some ideas that most definitely involve Ikea in my head, things that will make keeping my place clean and keeping toys and stuff put away much easier.  If I would stop going out shopping with a certain fun friend, I wouldn’t have this problem!
  • My current favorite snacks: Chocolate Kisses.  Stacy’s Baked Pita Chips (Yum! I get the big bag from Costco) and red pepper hummus.  Chocolate Kisses. Veggies dipped in tuna salad.  Chocolate Kisses.  Seeing a trend here?  I try to eat healthy, I really do!
  • My faux flower stash is finally built up and I’m ready to start making flower clips to sell!  And keep.  ;-)  I’ll let you know when my Etsy store is up and running.

  • I need to go to the dentist.  I hate the dentist.  I think I need a new one because I don’t want to go back to mine… aren’t you supposed to like and trust the person who works on your teeth?  Although mine isn’t too bad, I just don’t like the dental chain and haven’t really had positive experiences there – both with tooth-fixing, communication about what they’re doing, and following through with what they say I’m coming in for.  I recently had a root canal completed there and it literally took them three or four appointments to get it done.  It was ridiculous.  So yeah – new dentist coming right up.
  • For Valentine’s Day, my hubby and I got a babysitter and went to Claim Jumpers.  It was fun!  In case you don’t know, Claim Jumpers is a family steakhouse type restaurant – it’s decorated with photos of old miners with their dogs, paintings of burros, and antler chandeliers.  I know, it doesn’t sound romantic.  lol  But boy, do they have good steak!  And it was my first date with John all alone since … way too long.  Like over a year.  Not gonna let that much time pass anymore.  :-)

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3 Responses to Tuesday Randomness

  • I am an obsessive Lost fan! I’ve been watching since mid-way through the first season (I got on board a little late, thinking it was a Survivor type show). I really think it’s the best TV show of all time, all the layers and references to spirituality. I love the character development too, and the mystery…I could go on and on….

    Your bows are lovely! I want to open an Etsy shop too. My problem is how to focus on one thing, since I have too many interests.
    .-= Kathleen´s last blog will be one awesome cake =-.

  • Can’t wait to see your Etsy shop!
    I would rather give childbirth again than go to the dentist. No joke, they’re my #1 fear. Will only go if absolutely necessary. That’s probably why my teeth look so horrid.

  • I also HATE the dentist! I will do almost anything to avoid it…hoping next time I have to go we’ll have lots of money so we can just pay them to knock me out!
    I left you an award on my blog, Come check it out!
    .-= Rachel D.´s last blog ..Awards!!! =-.

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