15-Minute (No-Sew) Clothespin Princess Doll Tutorial

It all started when we read about Laura from the Little House books and her homemade doll.  Emma has not had too much interest in dolls over the years (she’s 5) – even the fancy store-bought type that talk or can do special things (ahem) a real baby would.  But these little dolls have sparked something in her, and I believe one reason is that she loves to create and deeply appreciates the effort and imagination that went into these, especially since she did much of it herself!  Yes, I helped quite a bit but she was the one who picked out materials and told me what type of face to draw on her princesses.

She loves these dolls.

In fact, immediately after we made these she began drafting a very detailed doll house for us to make.


I made two of these today, the second one because Emma wanted her first princess to have a sister and because I wanted to share a tutorial.  They really turned out much cuter than I had expected for the amount of time that I spent on them!  So here’s what you need to get started:

15-Minute (No-Sew) Clothespin Princess Doll Tutorial


– Old-fashioned clothespins and heads
You should be able to find them at Michaels or Joann Fabrics, or see below:
(Clothespin option #1 and option #2)
(This could be a good option, too)
– Permanent markers or paint (for face)
– Scrap fabric for dress
– Scraps of yarn for hair
– Pipe cleaners for arms
– Pinking shears and sewing scissors for dress
– Glue gun

Let’s get started!

First, let’s make the hair.  You’ll want something to wrap the yarn around so that it is all one length when you cut it.  I found a Reynold’s Wrap box was perfect length for us so began wrapping the yarn and then spun the box around until we had a good amount.  You can use multiple colors of yarn or anything else you can think of would add to the hair like ribbon or embroidery thread.


1.  Take your hair off the box, leaving it in an oval.
2.  Cut the ends on both sides.
3.  Join all the hair now.  Using a piece of yarn, tie a double knot in the center of the hair.
4.  Hot glue the hair knot side down on the doll head.  You will want to add a little glue to the back of the head, too.

15-Minute (No-Sew) Clothespin Princess Doll Tutorial

Note:  If you do use ribbon, make sure to use a flame to seal the ends or they will fray.

Time to make arms!

1.  Wrap a pipe cleaner around the doll just under the neck (not in the thinnest area), twisting firmly so that it won’t slip.
2. When you have finished the dress (see below), snip a small hole in the fabric as seen below and poke the “arm” through.

15-Minute (No-Sew) Clothespin Princess Doll Tutorial

Now let’s work on the dress!


1.  Trace around a small plate (5-8 inches in width seems to work best, depending on whether you want the doll’s legs to show or not) onto your dress fabric with a pencil.
2.  Using pinking shears, cut following your pencil line.
Note: Using these shears is a great option for no-sew because it won’t fray.  You can also use something called Fray Check so you don’t have to hem the dress.
3.  Using regular sewing scissors, cut a small hole in the center of the circle and put on the clothespin.
4.  I ended up layering two circles of fabric and then tied a ribbon around her under the arms, using a piece of lace as an apron.  Have fun with this part, the possibilities are endless!

15-Minute (No-Sew) Clothespin Princess Doll Tutorial
Now hot glue the head on and draw a sweet little face!
Note:  If you don’t paint the dolls first (I didn’t), be aware the marker might bleed a little bit – so just go slowly.  :)

15-Minute (No-Sew) Clothespin Princess Doll Tutorial

She’s practically done!  She just needs a crown.  Or you can add a bow, jewels, whatever you want.  :)  But Emma loves the little removable crowns so that’s what I’m sharing:

This is pretty easy.  Basically you’ll be cutting a thin strip of fabric and using the pinking shears to make the top of the fabric look like the edges of a crown.   I just hot glued the ends together so that she could slip it on.  Or you can glue it to doll’s head.

15-Minute (No-Sew) Clothespin Princess Doll Tutorial

Aren’t they cute?

15-Minute (No-Sew) Clothespin Princess Doll Tutorial

You’re done!  And it might have even taken you less than 15 minutes.  :)  Or more, depending on how much fun you’re having with it!

15-Minute (No-Sew) Clothespin Princess Doll Tutorial

If you make one, I would love it if you would share the link to a photo or your own post in the comments here!  ♥

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