Twelve Dancing Unicorns Fairy Tale Adaptation Children's Book

“Every morning a king finds his twelve precious white unicorns sleeping peacefully in their corral – with the golden chains that restrain them shattered on the ground.  Where do they escape each night?  The king is desperate to find  out the truth, and will reward whoever solves the mystery with a prize of their choosing.  Among the villagers is a young girl who becomes enchanted by the smallest, most radiant unicorn.  She decides she will find out the unicorns’ secret.  Will she uncover the mystery? ”  – Inside Cover

 Isn’t that cover gorgeous?  Every page inside is just as beautifully illustrated.  The Twelve Dancing Unicorns is a sweet adaptation of the fairy tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses – and so well-done this is one of my top favorite picture books!  And, what especially delighted us is that the story is as beautifully written as the art is magnificently done.  Here’s a quick excerpt:

“One young girl who visited every day fell especially in love with the smallest unicorn, the most radiant one of all.  Sometimes the little unicorn pranced over to the fence, straining at its chain.  The girl was able to gently pat its velvety head through the fence and look into its sad sapphire eyes.”


The book is a large hardcover with an illustration on almost every page, and the pages are glossy.  My daughter (6) has requested it be read aloud more than once and reads it to herself as well.  I’m pleased with the way its written (great vocabulary challenge with real words – not overly simplified) and actually prefer it very much over the original The Twelve Dancing Princesses fairy tale.


I would recommend this book for anyone who loves beautiful pictures and well-written fantasy stories, and wants to expose their children to the same.  This is a lovely addition to any bookshelf, and is a wonderful unique gift idea!


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Twelve Dancing Unicorns Illustration

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My thanks to Sterling for providing the prizing for this giveaway and for sending me the book reviewed in this post so I could share my thoughts and experiences with my readers!  The opinions I have given are honest and 100% my own.  Images reprinted with permission from Twelve Dancing Unicorns © 2014 by Alissa Heyman, Sterling Children’s Books, an imprint of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. Illustrations by Justin Gerard.



29 Responses to The Twelve Dancing Unicorns (Children’s Book Blog Tour + Giveaway!)

  • I’ve never read this book! My daughter likes Alice in Wonderland. This year we’ll be reading more together and I bet she’ll like many more. :)

  • I can’t wait to read this and see more of the beautiful illustrations!! It looks like a great book to get “lost”in.

  • What lovely pictures and the cover snippet is wonderful. Definitely want to learn more. Granddaughter adores unicorns.

  • I’ve never read The Twelve Dancing Princesses. I’d love to read it though. My daughter would love this book! She is crazy about unicorns. She talks about them everyday. This would be such a lovely book to have to share with her.

  • I have never read the twelve dancing princess. We read to our little one and she is only a month, she doesn’t have a favorite fairy-tale story yet. We switch it up, so she hears lots of different ones.

  • Unfortunately I have never read it, but would love to! My nieces would love it! (:

  • I’ve never read this but my daughter is just learning to read and this would be a fabulous book for her to read.

  • I have read The Twelve Dancing Princesses (many times) and loved it as much as my granddaughter. She loves The Little Mermaid and I love Cinderella.

  • I’ve never read it, but it looks good. There are too many for anyone to choose a favorite!

  • I have never read this book. My daughter’s favorite fairy tales are Cinderella and Rapuznel.

  • My children and I have not yet read The Twelve Dancing Princesses but enjoying fairy tales in our homeschool. My daughter and sons love any fairy tale written by the Brothers Grimm! Hannah’s all time favorite is Snow White & Rose Red.

  • I’ve never read it, but my daughters are big unicorn fans and I know my oldest would very much appreciate the level of detail in the illustrations.

  • we have read the dancing princesses and even had a dancing princesses birthday party. adding the unicorn twist would be magical!

  • I have not yet read the Twelve Dancing Princesses. We read a lot with our toddler. However, he is very into vehicles right now so fairy tales haven’t been a favorite as of late.

  • I have never read this story, but my daughter would LOVE IT! she has an immense love for unicorns! my hubby bought a dang near life sized plush unicorn for christmas! I love that thebook is hardcover :) you are right the illustration is breathtaking

  • I haven’t read it before but I am pretty sure that my daughter would love it. We love to read pretty much any fairy tale together, but Cinderella is her favorite and I enjoy it too.

  • I have never read the The Twelve Dancing Princesses yet. My daughter loves everything Princesses, Fairies, and Unicorns. My child favorite fairy tale is Little Red Riding Hood.

  • No, I have never read the Twelve Dancing Princesses. My childrens favorite fairy tales are Cinderella and Rapunzel.

  • i haven’t ever heard of it before. we will enjoy it though. i am glad i read about it here.

  • I have not read this book. Actually, hadn’t heard about it until I came across it here. My niece would love this book. She loves anything with princesses.

  • I have not yet read this The visuals look cool. The little one loves Rapunzel. Seriously.

  • We haven’t yet read these books. I think my daughter would love them though! She really likes any stories with princesses or dragons mostly.

  • I have read the 12 Dancing Princesses and I loved it! My daughters favorite fairy tale right now is The Snow Queen.

  • I have not read the 12 Dancing Princesses yet but I know my 2 granddaughter would love to read this. One of my granddaughters always has a book in her hand.

  • I have not read this book but my daughter lives fairy tales so I am sure she would enjoy it. Her favorite is Cinderella.

  • We’ve never read The Twelve Dancing unicorns. My niece is a unicorn lover so I know she’d enjoy it.

  • No, I haven’t got to read this story, but would love to read it to my little girl. One of my favorite books as a child was the book Momo by Michael Ende. I can’t wait for my little one to get a little older and to read it to her :D

  • It was in one of my storybook collections as a kid. I think I liked it but now as an adult I can’t remember how it ended.
    This sounds beautiful though.

  • I haven’t read The Twelve Dancing Princesses yet. I love The Town Musicians of Bremen!

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