What a cool idea! This has my head really whirling, thinking of what else we could do. Well, we could wear our blog buttons as pendants… but my coolest idea would be to get one of those custom hand-stamped necklaces with my twitter ID on it. Can you see it now? @kindred_spirit. Yes, I would have arrived. ;-)

Visit CraftBits for an awesome tutorial for making one of these glass Twitter pendants for yourself. :-)

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Would you wear one of these cute pendants?

What do you think of my simply inspired, genius, brainy idea to wear our Twitter IDs as a hand-stamped necklace?



4 Responses to Twitter Jewelry Pendant ♥ Proud to be a Tweeter!

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog! I Miss seeing your comments!!

    I would def wear this as a necklace :-)

    Have a great day,

    P.S. Love your Belle Baby Carriers Review & Giveaway. I would enter but I am sure Baby K would prefer to roam in a stroller where he can move his arms – he's a very active lil boy!

  • I would absolutely wear something like this! And then go on to explain to almost all my “real-life” friends what the heck it means. ;)

  • That’s very cute. I would totally wear it.

  • Yes, I’d wear it! It would be a great conversation starter :)

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