Boy was I BUSY over the weekend!

On Saturday I threw a baby shower for my friend Erin, who is a week ahead of me in her pregnancy and due on the 12th.  It was a lot of fun – we celebrated with a few close friends and enjoyed eating cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwiches (made by moi!), cookies, and cupcakes.  Then Erin opened her presents and she got some great “loot”.  :)

I must throw TERRIFIC induction showers because guess what?  That night she went into labor! She now has a beautiful baby boy.  I REALLY hope I’m going to be going into labor soon.  Send me those labor vibes, Erin!  :)

I cut it pretty close in giving her a baby shower just in time, didn’t I?  That’s me, procrastinator extraordinaire!

On Sunday, my church threw me a really nice baby shower.  It was nice that I didn’t have to do anything for this one except show up.  ;-)  They ordered me a really nice (and extremely yummy) chocolate cake and really went all out on the presents.  The pastor’s wife recovered my glider chair cushions (they were a pretty nasty off white color and had been spit up on a lot from Emma’s babyhood) and another lady from church knitted a baby blanket and made me a dinosaur quilt!  I’m blessed to know so many crafty and generous Godly women.  :)  Also included in my “loot” were plenty of receiving blankets, newborn diapers, baby clothes, and nursing necessities.

After all the excitement, I’m feeling pretty exhausted but very happy.  Two baby showers and my friend having her baby – what a great weekend!  It would have been perfect if my shower had been as labor-inducing as Erin’s, but no such luck yet.  Oh well, won’t be long now!

On today’s agenda is making myself a rice heating pad.  My neck is killing me this morning!  Oh for the ability to find a comfortable position to sleep in again.  :)  Enjoy sleeping on your stomach, people!  ;-)

Do you have any memorable baby showers to tell us about?  Did you get what you needed?


8 Responses to Two Baby Showers in One Weekend… (One of them LABOR-Inducing!)

  • What fun showers! That’s so exciting that Erin now has her baby boy! I follow her blog, so that was fun to find out! You must throw AWESOME showers and your church is so nice to throw you one!

    I had several showers and they were both fun but what I loved the most was that my husband went to both and they even included him in some of the games and I loved it, because it was his baby too!

    • Oh that’s cool that you follow Erin’s blog, too! I can’t wait to hear her full birth story and see her baby boy. :)

      I love that they included your husband in your baby showers! I would have loved that.

  • what kind of jeans are you wearing? they look cute. i cannot find any decent maternity jeans!

  • Look at you! Oh my gosh! You are SO cute! And, honey, you are all belly. I don’t see an ounce of fat on you anywhere. I’m so jealous. :)

    Congrats to Erin on her new baby boy. Maybe I should have you throw a shower for me. I’m willing to travel. LOL! At least ship me some cucmber and cream cheese tea sandwiches. Those sound yummy!!

    I’ve had quite a few baby showers, and always get some great stuff. Since there’s no baby shower this time around, I’m so glad we won that hayneedle gift certificate. I was able to buy exactly what we needed… and then some!

    I think of you every day. I know it won’t be much longer until you’re holding your own sweet baby boy. I’m so excited for you.

    • Aw thanks, Angie! I am definitely sporting extra fat though, let me tell you. lol It’s okay, got time to lose it after…

      I would totally throw you a shower! lol Though maybe after the baby comes, this throwing showers when I’m huge is exhausting business! I’ll post a recipe for the cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches soon, too – they turned out so good I can see myself snacking on them and bringing them as sides to potlucks. :)

  • I’m a follower of Erin’s blog too and am excited to find out she had her baby. Can’t wait to read when you have yours. Looks like you both had nice baby showers.

  • With AppleBlossom my sister in law gave us a shower, while we were still in Georgia. But here I don’t know anyone to give us a shower with #2… All my friends are online. I so need someone to give me a virtual shower… hmm…

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