I have to share my ultrasound experience!

Not that it was anything very out of the ordinary…  I mean, if you’ve had babies before then you’ve probably shared nearly the same experience.  But it was still a big turning point in my pregnancy, and I want to remember it – both the good and bad.  :)

Plus, it’s fun to talk about and compare stories!

First, I was worried about drinking enough water.  I gulped down a 24-ounce glass of water on the drive over to my friend Erin’s house (she sooo sweetly watched Emma for me during my ultrasound and appointment), and then drank almost a whole Pepsi (12 ounces) as well.  I was determined that this child would be moving while I was in the room, no being lazy and hiding his gender!  I shouldn’t have worried, though – he is John’s child, he will be an active child (like Emma).

Apparently I drank more than enough because by 10 minutes to the appointment time I was DYING.

I waited for about 4 hours (slight exaggeration) in the waiting room with a very very very very VERY full bladder to be graciously admitted into the ultrasound room.  I finally was called (about 20 minutes late) and hobbled into the room hoping I would make it to the table before… something exploded (have you ever seen What About Bob?).  I lay on the table and prepared for the torture of having pressure applied to my bladder, but the baby must have been very well visible because she didn’t have to apply much pressure at all.  Thank You, Lord!

My one disappointment with the ultrasound is that there were no monitors for me to look at for the 10 minutes or so that the ultrasound tech spent taking measurements.  I had to watch her poker face (man, they have that down well!) and my husband’s confounded expression and tilted head as he tried to make sense of “the blob”.

That man.  They joked that it was an ink blot test.  I wanted to smack them.  lol  What is kicking me inside my tummy does not feel like a blob!

After the measurements were taken, I finally got a glimpse of my little peanut.  The problem is I really don’t remember a lot of movement – and I think because she was late she was in a hurry to get me out.  Frustrating!  But I did get some pictures.  A foot, his bottom (Because I must show people evidence of his gender? I know not.), his face, and his spine.

Our hospital wants you to see the doctor immediately after the ultrasound, so another hour or so of waiting.  She was half an hour late, then had to go deliver a baby and left again so I saw a midwife.  I loved the midwife I saw, and my husband liked her, too.  She was really nice.  Maybe if I ever get pregnant again I’ll see a midwife.  But right now I don’t really want to change… and I’m not sure it matters so much who delivers the baby as long as I get my prize in the end.  :)

Share your ultrasound story!

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9 Responses to My Bladder Did Not Explode, Thank the Lord! {My Ultrasound Experience}

  • I was tapdancing in the waiting room because my bladder was so full and they were running late! Like you, I was worried about drinking enough water and drank too much.

    Glad that all is well!
    .-= Steph´s last blog ..Happy 6th Anniversary =-.

  • That is funny! (I have had a mid-wife and LOVE it, they are so ‘real’ and personal). Congratulations! So exciting!
    .-= Bree Anderson´s last blog ..Our week… =-.

  • I have never been told to drink a lot of water before an ultrasound. I only drink some water before I go to the doctor’s because they always have you pee in a cup at every appointment. The ultrasound techs never had a problem seeing my son or daughter and accurately telling me their gender. I wonder why you had to drink water and I didn’t?

    • In the pamphlet they tell you that it moves the baby out of the pelvic cavity and up where they can see him or her more clearly. I have no idea why they didn’t ask you to because it’s pretty much standard nowadays I think! It even says on the pamphlet that if you didn’t drink enough water they might have to reschedule the appointment. Hence the worrying about drinking enough water. lol

  • You know how you forget most things that happen during your pregnancy and delivery? Well the 20 week ultrasounds I have not forgotten. With both girls I had to wait for a long time and the pain was worse than the actual contractions and delivery. Having a full bladder with a baby kicking it, is not pleasant at all. :) So glad you got a few pics in the end!
    .-= Kel´s last blog ..Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies Review and Giveaway =-.

  • I switched to a midwife and will never look back! I love her! What a cute little peanut!!
    .-= Real Life Sarah´s last blog ..In the Moment of Lost =-.

  • With my first baby, they made me drink a ton of water before my 20 week ultrasound. Then, they laid me flat on a table to do the ultrasound. I couldn’t see any monitors or anything. (This was 13 years ago, mind you.) I remember her pushing so hard on my belly that I thought it was going to explode. I burst into tears about 10 minutes into the ultrasound and told her I had to pee. She then brought a bedpan to the table and said I could release just a little to get some relief. I thought she was joking. How do you release just a little? LOL! I told her to just hurry up and do the ultrasound so I could pee. It was absolutely the worst experience I have ever had, and luckily, none of my ultrasounds from that point on were like that.
    .-= Angie @ 5 Vinez Monkeys´s last blog ..Wisk – The Science Behind Stain Fighting =-.

    • Are you kidding me? Release just a LITTLE? That’s nuts. lol I’m so sorry!

      Thankfully things have changed a little bit… :) Though I do still think they make people drink too much water!

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