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Well, it didn’t take long for the Christmas spirit to hit me! I’ve got my tree up (put it up two days after Thanksgiving), Christmas music is playing in my iPod, and I’m thinking about what kind of decorating I want to do. How about you?

Emma is busy busy busy – she’s learned to throw things. It’s so funny to watch her wind her arm up for the pitch (lol) and off the pacifier/toy/book goes. Even if it lands straight under her hand on the floor she’s still delighted and undaunted and picks it up again for another try. I think we need a dog. She needs someone to fetch the items back to her. ;-)

I’ve been reading Hannah Grace by Sharlene MacLaren (about five chapters into it) and so far I love it! I’m getting a kick out of the expressions the characters are using – one pleasant older woman told the new sheriff of the town, “I can tell you’ll just be the berries” or something like that, I just thought it was so cute! lol Maybe I’m easily entertained. ;-) I don’t think so, though – I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it and so far I’m very happy with the characters and the atmosphere.

I finished Evernight by Claudia Gray last week. It was a quickie read from my library, something I grabbed because it was new, vampire-related, and YA. In some ways I really liked it though I wouldn’t read it again. Why not? Well, let me give a mini-review.

(We’ll see how “mini” it really is, lol)

Evernight Academy is your average dark, creepy castle complete with spiral staircases, winding passageways that lead nowhere, and towers with ugly, staring gargoyles. To Bianca’s disgust, this is the location of her new school. Things don’t get any better as she gets to know the place. First, she has to wear a uniform – a starched white shirt, red plaid kilt (kilt? wouldn’t that be a skirt?) and gray sweater with Evernight’s Raven crest. But even wearing the same clothes as the other students doesn’t help her fit in (and why didn’t her parents tell her she was supposed to get her uniform fitted by a tailor?) – the rest of the students are all eerily perfect-looking – like models (sound familiar?) – and reside in their own impenetrable close-knit groups.

Confidence radiated from them, and superiority, and disdain.

The first day of school is a nightmare. The headmistress, a tall, severe woman who looks like she could have stepped straight out of the Victorian age, immediately announces that they are letting in new students now to help give the regular students (the ones that belong) exposure to the outside world. Straaaange intro, don’t you think?

She might as well have spraypainted, in giant red letters, SOME OF YOU DON’T REALLY BELONG.

What’s worse, Bianca is only there because her parents are teaching there now, so she feels even more out-of-place than the students who got in “honestly”.

Bianca hits it off with another new student, a handsome loner named Lucas. He warns her about the other students, but what is his secret?

My Thoughts: This was a good YA vampire read – it was creepy without being too corny, and I genuinely wondered what was going on… who were the vampires? I also loved Bianca’s “voice” right away. Basically, I was hooked from the beginning, and there was a plot twists in the middle of the book that totally surprised me. Let me just say that I do like being surprised when it comes to plots (predictable plots bore me usually), but something about this I didn’t like one bit – mostly because suddenly I realized that I didn’t know one of the main characters as well as I thought I did. It wasn’t that I was disappointed by the twist, but rather I had to readjust, like I had just picked up a different book altogether. So that threw me off somewhat.

And then I found myself comparing it to Twilight, which isn’t fair, I know. It’s a completely different story line, don’t worry. ;-) Besides that and the plot twist, there were some little nitpicky things that bothered me (meaning they probably shouldn’t have), but the main reason I wouldn’t read this book again is because there were some crude references to sex and although Bianca and Lucas are supposedly in love, I never felt it. It seems like all they wanted to do was go find a dark corner and make out… not a lot of substance to the relationship. I don’t know if it was just me or what, but at the seemingly romantic parts of the book (Lucas wants to be Bianca’s protector, and Bianca says she doesn’t need protecting, she just needs HIM) I wanted to laugh at what was being said because of the way it was said and the timing. And the depth (or lack thereof) of the relationship.

All in all, this was a nice diversion and a fun read. Those who love Twilight and other vampire young adult novels will probably enjoy this. :-)

Disclaimer: I’m not a teen anymore, I’m 25 years OLD. I’m also a Christian and so I write from my Christian point-of-view. What I do or don’t like someone else may feel differently about, and I happen to know there are a lot of young teens thrilled with this book. :-)

To give you a broader view, check out other reviews of Evernight by The Story Siren (she really liked it!) and Bookshelves of Doom (I laughed and nodded through her review, lol).


4 Responses to update and a not-so-mini review of Evernight

  • Emma is just super cute!

    I’m also reading Hannah Grace and have been really enjoying it.

  • I just have to jump in here! First, to say that Emma is a little beauty queen! Absolutely adorable. Love her eyes.

    Second, I’m delighted to hear you’re enjoying my book and that Sunny is reading it as well.


    You ladies have a lovely rest-of-the-week. May it be filled with blessings from above.


  • You were far kinder than me in reviewing “Evernight”! :) Maybe I was feeling super critical that day…

    And I love that Anberlin song! (And just that band in general…)

  • Evernight is on my TBR list, and now I’m really curious to see whether I like it or not. I imagine it would throw me off too if I had to readjust my entire viewpoint of a character midway through a book.

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