I love witty children’s tees and toddler onesies, don’t you? I also have a great fondness for vintage graphics. Did you know that there is a place you can find humorous vintage-inspired clothing for children? www.urban-bratz.com carries a great selection of uber cool toddler and baby tees, onesies, dresses, and two-fers like the shirt on the left.

The UrbanBratz website immediately draws you in with some hoppin’ music and a friendly atmosphere!

“We only use the finest quality tees and ink that are CPSC certified and are made of the highest quality fabrics, especially for the comfort and safety of your little dude or dudette. We’re family owned and operated, and have a baby as well so we know what you are going through! We appreciate all of your feedback and support as we launch this brand and plan to add new designs often so be sure to visit us frequently!”

UrbanBratz sent me the “Sorry boys, my daddy says I can’t date ’till I’m 30″ onesie in 12-18 months. Now this is quite the conversation-starter. ;-) Anyone who sees it can’t help but laugh!

The quality of the onesie and the very cool metallic screen printing ink is just as stated by UrbanBratz – it’s excellent quality and very well-made. It also holds up well after washing (something moms of messy toddlers will totally appreciate).

The 12-18 months size ended up being a little bit big for Emma (she’s 17 months), but I’m not worried about it. Moms know that clothing sizes for kids can vary. And I’m glad it was a little bit big rather than too small. At least she can grow into it. :-)

I’m very happy with this onesie and would happily shop at UrbanBratz in the future! Especially for one of the two-fers (long-sleeve) or toddler dresses. I love dressing my daughter up. :-)

You can find UrbanBratz clothing in stores across the U.S. (as well as the Virgin Islands) and online! Click here to find a place near you.

UrbanBratz is on Facebook!

Disclaimer: Although I was sent an UrbanBratz onesie as mentioned above for review and testing purposes, this in no way sways my opinion or my post. This review is 100% my own opinion and in my own words. I was not reimbursed in any other way for this post.

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



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  • oh these are really sweet. Love these…wish I had a lil girl so I could buy that dating untill Im 30 onesie! so cute!


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