From VaniteDeLaMort’s Etsy Shop

At first glance, these appear to be cute little Victorian hats…

Then you say, “Wait, what’s… what’s that on the flower?”

Something dead? Oookay…

Well, I’ll take one…

Minus the dead two-headed mouse, please.

And in case you were curious (from the shop profile):

Vanite De La Mort is a line of custom, one of a kind taxidermied accessories. We make a number of things, including hats, other hair accessories, jewelry, and much more to come soon. All of the bones and animals taxidermied for the accessories were done by the artists. Our accessories are perfect for the individual who likes to stand out in the crowd and do it with class and glamour. Two artists design and put together the accessories you will see on the page. Under the listing for each item it will tell which artist made the piece.

We do not support animal cruelty! All of the animals we use are recycled and/or found in the wild. NONE of them were killed for our products!! We believe in preserving an animals beauty, not in harming them!!


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  • Very neat blog! I love your Etsy finds. Last I heard, my Grammy has a little shop on there. I believe she named it 'Vianne's Cottage'. She collects old jewelry and fixes them; she also makes her own things (when she has time; she's raising my two cousins at 59). You should see her stuff. I went down March 2008 to visit them and did a photography shoot with her jewelry. I got some pretty amazing shots :]
    I like these hats – minus the dead mice. I love her makeup too.

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