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I was SO excited when I found this copy of The Handbook of Nature Study on Ebay!  I had been hoping for months I would come across one at a Goodwill or used bookstore but no luck.  Finally a few weeks ago I decided to just order a new copy from amazon, but was really flinching at the price – $20 for a paperback, and not much cheaper for a used paperback.  That’s just sad!  Before I ordered, I checked Ebay one last time and low and behold, an antique (so they said) copy had just been posted!  And for $9.99 including shipping!  It wasn’t an auction, either, so I hit that “buy it now” button as fast as I could, hoping it wasn’t falling apart and that it didn’t stink of smoke or something like that.  Nope, when I received it I found it still firmly bound and no strange smell came from it at all.  The publishing date is 1929.


Handbook of Nature Study - excellent homeschooling resource!

Emma and I are both thrilled to have this nice book to use along with our nature study and I have to say that having it in book form has made it more accessible to Emma and therefore piqued her interest in several different areas.  She’s been carrying this book around since we received it, calling it her own and reading random passages from it out loud to me.  The diagrams and lessons inside it are wonderful – I highly recommend it as a homeschooling resource (or just a great family resource)!

Vintage Handbook of Nature Study

 It might appear in that first picture that pages are falling out, but that’s actually just some “treasure”, as we call it, that came with the book.  The first time we opened it, out fell all of these old nature-related magazine and newspaper clippings, notes written in cursive on someone’s encounters with birds and butterflies, and even some pressed leaves and flowers.



I have always loved and preferred old books like this to newer copies – this is why I can never pass by a used bookstore without looking longingly at the door and wishing I had more room for old books in my house.  I enjoy imagining the book being read by many different people through the years, or maybe even just one person who really treasured the book like this Handbook of Nature Study appears to have been treasured.  What a find!  :)

Do you have any old books you value, or what is the best deal on a homeschooling resource you’ve come across?



3 Responses to Vintage Find: Handbook of Nature Study Hardcover (Plus Some “Treasure”!)

  • How fun! That book is definitely one to be treasured! I love all the little clippings that came with it ~ exciting! I have tried reading books online and like you said, just being able to hold it in your hands seems to add so much more value.

    I think I have purchased probably over half of our books from eBay! I’m sure you have already discovered it, but I recently stumbled upon homeschoolclassifieds.com and I found a LOT of books on there for a very reasonable price! The Trial and Triumph book for example for AO (is EXPENSIVE…even used) and I was able to get it super cheap and in perfect condition! :)

    I’m glad you found such a great treasure (and that it didn’t stink)!!! :)

  • I cannot believe you found this and so well preserved with fun extras inside! I am going to have to do a eBay search now! I would love finding a antique copy in good condition for myself and my kids! I am always kinda leery about buying books off of eBay though because I can’t sniff test them first. I hate books that smell like smoke! I am kinda jealous, LOL!

    • Well, you can get alerts sent to your email every time one is posted and hopefully you would get one at a good deal soon! You can message and ask sellers if the book is smokey first, you’ll especially have time if it’s an auction. If you did somehow get a smokey copy you could probably resell it easily to someone who doesn’t care, too. :) Good luck!

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