I recently had the opportunity to review a number of products from VistaPrint, the place to go for high-quality printed design for both personal and business use. How does this interest moms, you may ask? That’s what I wondered, too, when I was contacted by the company. But by the time I had thoroughly looked their site over, I was convinced that there was something for everyone there!

My favorite is the Caricature Family design – a very easy-to-use and fun feature. You can create a character to represent each of your family members and even include a dog, cat, and/or fish, horse, gerbil… pretty much whatever you can think of! Then put them on note pads, note cards, address labels, sticky notes, holiday cards, and even t-shirts and pens.

This is where “Mommy Cards” come in – you can make your own personal family card with the name/corresponding character of each family member and any other information you want included like your address, phone number, email address, or web site. Wouldn’t it be nice to have these available to hand out next time you want to share your information with someone? You don’t have to go searching or scrambling for a pen and paper, and you’ll look so organized! Which is something mommies usually are NOT. ;-) Well, I’m not anyway. lol It would be nice to look it for once, though!

Go ahead, create your own caricature family now!

More examples of mommy card designs:

I was able to review the caricature mommy (business) cards, holiday cards, note cards, return address labels, and a note pad, and I can assure you that they came out very high-quality. I’m one thrilled customer, and know I’ll want to return for more in the future and recommend them highly to others!

Other very cool features and services found at VistaPrint:

♥ Graphic Design/Copywriting Services
♥ Photo Products

♥ Banners, Car Door Signs, Flyers

♥ Magnets, Calendars, Keychains, Hats

Buy it!

VistaPrint is generously offering my readers 25% discount off any order! They also have tons of free products to try out, so it’s definitely worth giving it a try!

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



4 Responses to VistaPrint “Mommy Cards” (and more!) Review – And 25% Off!

  • What a cool idea!!! :)

  • Mommy cards are a great idea.

  • I’ve been very happy with VistaPrint. I ordered some elegant name and monogram cards that I can use as my all-purpose stationery. They even have some cool layouts in their wedding invitation category that can be used as unique flat notecards once you’ve personalized them to be mostly plain. The quality is really good, and I love the optional linen finish for extra class. I think those caricatures are so cute, too!

  • Great idea!! I like the sample design of this card!! Vista Print is really best for printed material…

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