The awesome Baby Making Machine (a blog that I follow almost obsessively by the way) is having a contest for a Sprout Change Super Saver Starter Kit and I’m in the running!  This is so cool of her – she’s buying it herself for the winner!

I would LOVE a quick vote if you have a minute – it will really only take a sec, it’s just a matter of checking the box next to my name (Lindsey, #25), and clicking “Vote”.  :)

Click here to vote for me!

And tell me please, have you ever cloth diapered or at least attempted it?  I’ve used disposables with Emma, but want to try cloth with Isaac when he’s born.  I wish I had been brave enough to try this with Emma…


10 Responses to Quick Voting Plea – I’m in the Running To Win a Cloth Diaper Starter Kit!

  • I voted! Good Luck!

  • And yes, I CD. We started when DD was born, then stopped after 2 mo because DH hated it.. and for good reason, we were using old school prefolds and plastic covers.. awful experience.

    Then we started back up after I won a few modern CDs on blog giveaways. I started again with a BG 4.0 and 3 BabyKicks Organic Pockets. And I’ll never return to disposables again! We use them in and outside the house, on trips, overnights.. and have no rashes, few leaks (usually b/c little girl sleeps in or I wait too long to change her) and no problems keeping up with laundry!

    My stash is mostly pockets, although I want to get a few WAHM fitteds for cute butts around the house. I plan on CDing my child due in May from the start!

    • You are so encouraging! With this many people happily cloth diapering, I know it has to be worth it. :)

      I’m going to have to do some research so I know the best kind to get.

  • I cloth diaper and love it. If you have any questions let me know.

    I voted for you.

  • I voted for you! Hope you win!

    I won a huge pack of all-in-one cloth diapers before Parker was born, and I used them for a few weeks. Then, I got lazy. I couldn’t keep up with the laundry with 5 kids as it was, and to add all the cloth diapers onto it was so much harder. So, I stopped. I think I still have them around here somewhere, and if I come across them, I can ship them your way. Just let me know. They’re fabulous diapers, it’s just that cloth diapering isn’t for me. (Says the woman who has been buying disposable diapers for the past 7 1/2 years without a break. SIGH.)

    • Wow, I would love that! It would be nice to give cloth diapering a try without having to shell out the money for the diapers. At least I would know that “I tried” – like you did, lol. I don’t blame you with 5 kids… I whine about laundry as it is! hahaha Stacks of clean clothes will sit on my couch for a week, I’m so good at ignoring it, hoping the clothes will fold themselves and fly into the drawers by themselves. ;-)

      Thanks for voting! Don’t kill yourself trying to find the diapers, I’ve been entering some giveaways other than this one and am hoping to end up with a couple at least before Isaac comes. And let me know if you do find them – I’ll pay shipping!

  • Voted!

    We use mostly cloth (disposables on long trips out and at night), and it’s actually incredibly easy. Sometimes the poopie ones are annoying, but in general, I just toss them in the washer with no special treatment. Email me and I can give you more info. Good luck!

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