It’s been WAY TOO LONG since I’ve posted a Fitness Friday post. I have to admit that every Friday I at least start on one, but either I get distracted (one-year-olds are concentration-destroyers, let me tell you!) or can’t decide what to write about. Because, let me tell you. I haven’t been on my Wii Fit in about a month! Not that I haven’t thought about getting going again, or planned on it. It just hasn’t happened.

I don’t want you to think that I’ve been sitting around on my couch, watching LOST (oh how sad that I have to WAIT to see more!), and eating bon-bons. I haven’t. Much. ;-) As soon as the weather started getting warm again I started moving all my exercise outside – I just can’t help it, I love being outside! I’ve been walking my daughter in her jogging stroller, and even done some jogging. And just this last week I found a walking partner (my next door neighbor, whattya know!) and we’ve been walking an hour every morning. Not slow walking either, serious walking. We gab so much that that hour just flies by! It’s awesome. If you guys can get a friend to exercise with you, it helps SO much with motivation and helping the time to pass. We walked every single morning this week, something that I definitely haven’t done when walking myself. There are so many excuses, don’t ya know. Gotta rest up from the day before. Gotta catch up on blogging. I waited until it was too late to get the baby ready. I’d rather watch TV. Or do my nails. Or … well, you get the picture. ;-) But when you know someone is waiting for you and that you have to tell them you’re wimping out and why (and you’d better have a GOOD excuse), it’s a whole different story!

I’ve definitely noticed an increase in my energy and maybe even my pants fitting better. I have to keep this up.

Thanks, Tresa!!!!!!!!!!!!

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