I found the shirt I’m wearing in this picture at Target in the sleepwear section for five dollars! Sweeet!

Have you seen the owl trend out there right now? I walked through Target yesterday with Emma in tow and drooled over the owly goodness everywhere! I even gave in and bought Emma a stuffed owl and owlie hat. What can I say? I held it in front of her and she reached out her pudgy little fingers… and though she couldn’t form words with her lips, her eyes beseeched me… ;-)

John says no more shopping with baby. *grin* What he expects me to do with her is a mystery to me. I can’t very well leave her home alone, can I? I can’t help it that she loves to shop! :-)

Anyway, I saw clothes (both mommy and baby), bathroom decor, kitchen towels and potholders, slippers, art… it was quite overwhelming. :-) I took a few pictures of the owls around me with my camera phone but sadly I don’t have it. In fact, I haven’t been able to find the durn thing since I got back and I’m wondering if I lost it in Target somewhere. *sigh*

I found this owl onesie when I went shopping with my mom – Emma loved it!

And here are a couple Target.com photos: I saw this pajama set and slippers – so cute! And oh my gosh, they totally match! Didn’t realize that until just now!

So have you seen any owly goodness around? Any fun Target finds?

Any themes you can’t stay away from (I always love birds)?


One Response to Walking Through Target – Owls Everywhere!

  • I’ve never thought much about owls… but darn if those pj’s aren’t cute! Now I miss Target even more… :( thanks a lot.

    Just kidding, :)

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