I thought this was really encouraging, especially in the wake of the election, and wanted to share (especially read the last paragraph):

Smalley Relationship Center Has the election created strife?

Are you at odds with family members or friends? Maybe it’s because of the election results or just a decision someone made. Do you often feel as if you win—or lose—in those relationships?

Power struggles can be very destructive. Why? In every power struggle, people become instant adversaries; they take up opposing positions and try to make sure they are right or at least in control.

So if squaring off with our friends and partners causes so much damage, why do we so quickly make them into adversaries? Why do we so easily jump into power struggles?

Sometimes the reaction’s rooted in fear. It’s very natural to feel threatened by someone who disagrees with us. We consider our opinion or way of seeing things to be the “right” or “better” way. If we didn’t, we’d change our opinion or way of seeing things! So when people suggest that our way isn’t right or better, we fear that they’ll take us someplace we don’t want to go—and that creates fear.

In your relationship with God, it’s important to allow Him to be God. He’s the one who chooses kings and rulers in his sovereign plan. He’s the one who guides our lives. We don’t have to live in fear. We can be at perfect peace by trusting in him for our future and happiness in life. That frees us to love others with the love of Christ … and to pray for our leaders.

Gary Smalley

Gary Smalley
Editor, Smalley Relationship Center


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