Well, it’s sweater and scarf weather again!  The leaves are covering the ground and the kids and I are enjoying the sound of the crunch beneath our boots on our cool walks.  The heater is back on inside the house and I’m thinking about making soups and stews and other warming meals again.

I’ll even admit that as soon as it started cooling down and I realized we’re in the “-ber” months I started Christmas shopping and making gifts ahead of time already!  It might be way too early for many people, but it’s a good idea for me to start super duper early or I’ll be trying to whip up gifts on December 23rd, or give up altogether if I’m not careful.  I’ve already put a decent dent in the lists so far so I’m feeling pretty good about myself!  I’ll be posting some quick handmade gift tutorials in the near future so keep an eye out for them!  :)

So our Autumn plans.  Well I wasn’t able to resist the mini pumpkins at the store so I grabbed a couple for the kids to paint and decorate – they’re so excited about it!  We would have already done it if it wasn’t that I’ve been sick with a cold (another lovely part of Fall).  We also have a big pumpkin to decorate, not sure what we’re going to do with that yet, maybe attempt another creative pumpkin like last year though it’ll be pretty hard to top our Cinderella pumpkin.  ;-)  Another thing I want to do is craft with the leaves outside and the pine cones – we’ve already been pine cone collecting so we just need to get to it!

Have any Autumn leaf/pine cone craft suggestions for us?


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