It has been a busy couple of weeks.  Last weekend we went camping with our church, and my parents came along.  They let us stay in their fifth wheel, so no sleeping on the cold, hard ground.  ;-)  Well, actually at one point I WAS sleeping on hard ground but that was due to an air mattress malfunction, hahahaha.  Do all air mattresses slowly seep air until 3:30 a.m. when you have to re-pump it up?  I think next year I’ll layer blankets on the floor.  :p  Anyway, it was fun and my dad (who was a chef – how lucky is my mom?) cooked the best meals for us.  The kids always look forward to breakfast with grandma and poppa.


We got to spend LOTS of time out in nature, it is really beautiful there.  Emma took a nature walk with her grandpa and he shared his knowledge with her as we went.  We took photos of things to add to her nature journal, and just had a good time.  Isaac spent a lot of time with grandpa since daddy had to work at the last minute and didn’t get to come out until Saturday afternoon.  Pooh.  But it was a good time, anyway.  :)


Grandpa showing her how to count the rings of the tree to tell how old it is.  You should have seen her face when she learned how old it was.  She is such a good little audience, she LOVES to learn!


A couple of the creatures we “met” while we were camping… isn’t he handsome?


And a huge slug!


Here’s Emma drawing in her nature journal.


After the camping trip the week was pretty uneventful, we rested up (and cleaned up – oh my word, SO MUCH LAUNDRY) from our trip.

We haven’t started school officially yet.  My plan was to start this coming Monday (August 26) but the kids are at their grandparents for the weekend, giving me a chance to get the house cleaned up and organized before we officially start.  Let me tell you, it needed it!  My house gets so messy/cluttered/chaotic with two little ones.  They’re like two little hurricanes!  I know there must be time to do it throughout the day but I’m being interrupted every two minutes by someone wanting a snack, or helping deal with a tiff between the kids, or focusing on getting Isaac to clean up his 1309138 legos off the floor (or 500 other things).  I am always so tired that if I get my family fed, the house vacuumed and fairly clean, and get a chance to read to the kids I feel like the day was a success.   Priorities will have to change when we start schooling, of course… I wonder what my house will look like THEN…

Anyway, I was able to remove some eyesores in the house that have been driving me crazy, cleaned out my closet of a bunch of clothes I had been planning to sell but wasn’t finding the time for.  Can you say Hoarders?  That show really makes me want to clean my house.  Isaac’s clothes are going to a friend with twins – it is SO nice when you have someone to pass them on to!  I also scrubbed the back of the sink which hasn’t been done since… I don’t know when.  Today I plan to clean off and freecycle a desk that is never used but the surface is a catch-all for clutter, and figure out how to organize all the kids’ games and playsets that I save for school or special times when they need something different to do.  Oh, and I need to reorganize our over-the-door pocket organizer.  Yes, I have one of those – LOVE IT!  It cleared out a whole dresser.  I can actually find things I need like sharpies and tape!  Here’s a picture:

Over-the-Door Organizer for Decluttering School Supplies!

In case you’re interested, this is the organizer I bought – I got it for 50% off with free shipping, but I’m not sure if they’re still doing that.  If you do sign up, wait a few days and see if they send you something with a free shipping offer before ordering.  You can also find it on Amazon here (affiliate link).  Oh, and it comes with everything you need to hang it.  :)

What did your week look like?

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3 Responses to {Weekly Wrap-Up} Camping and Getting Organized Before School Starts

  • I’m trying to declutter as well. I’ve packed so many boxes to go to storage of books. My goal is to only have what we will use this school year. Everything else I’m trying so hard to put away.

    I love the organize pockets. They would have come in handy when my children were younger. I am a visual person so seeing our stuff makes sure we use them otherwise they get forgotten. Great job mama!

    Happy schooling,

  • WOW – what a great organizer!! Probably something I should look into! Nice to visit here from WUHS – following you now on twitter!

  • The organizer is great! I probably should get something like that too.

    Camping is ALWAYS fun, especially with kids. The next day exhaustion is priceless and you are so right about the laundry… it never ends! One thing I had not counted on the last time we went camping was the smoke! We apparently sat to close to the campfire to keep from freezing and the next day, everything had this old campfire smoke smell… it was rough! Lots of good memories to make though ~ part of what makes childhood…. childhood! It looks like they both had a great time!

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