Well, our first week was what I would call a success!  Our first day was a fun one but I think I tried to do too much in one day.  You know the saying, “better quit while you’re ahead”?  Yeah, it’s a good idea to end your homeschool day before you’re feeling exhausted.  :)  Although to be fair we ended up starting school right after a busy 3-day weekend so we were a little more tired than I was hoping we would be.  In the 4 days I’ve been doing this (I know, I’m an old veteran) I’ve learned that a good night’s sleep (for all of us) makes a HUGE difference in how our day goes!

That, and that printing out our weekly schedule and checking things off as we go is much easier than printing a daily checklist.  Somehow knowing I have a week to do everything gives me peace of mind.

OH, and I need to plan our meals out ahead of time without fail.  I don’t like standing in the kitchen trying to figure out what we should make at the last minute.  ;-)

So you can see what we did on our first day here.  The rest of the week went even better and I’m feeling sooo positive about the year.  I LOVE teaching my kids at home!

So here’s what we did the rest of the week…


I introduced her to reading a clock…


We began reading On the Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Wilder.  After finishing Little House on the Prairie I drew and laminated some little markers to put on the map to represent their homes in the big woods and on the prairie.  Learning geography the fun way!  Next we’ll add their dugout home.  :)


Emma practiced reading sight words and began working in the Explode the Code book.  She doesn’t seem too excited about ETC, but we’ll see if that changes as we progress.  This could possibly be because it’s too easy.



She really loves to learn by doing so reading the BOB books has helped a lot.  She even likes to practice the flashcards that came with the sight words set we have.  Who knew?  :-p  In the picture above she read that book by herself (and it’s a First Grade Sight Words book!) so this is her “I did it!” pose.  I am planning on making a sticker reward chart for her and when she reads so many books she can pick something out at the Dollar Tree.  She’s super excited about that.


We began using McRuffy’s Kindergarten Color Math and so far we REALLY like it.


We’re still doing the really easy stuff but Emma loves it so much she kept asking to do more and more – we did the first four lessons in one day and she didn’t want to stop!  I hope it continues to be that much fun for her.


This was one of those unscheduled impromptu science experiments.  After reading The Crow and the Pitcher (read it here) we had to go outside and see if adding rocks to a cup of water really did raise the water level.  Emma was very into this experiment – it really brought the story to life for her!

DSC_0019 DSC_0015

Another experiment – growing crystals.  (Dollar store kit – score!)  Emma has been excitedly observing what happens to it all week.  She enjoys these science experiments very much.


And a couple of shots of the little dude keeping busy while we work.  :)


Every once in awhile he requests to do “school” as well but his attention span is about 1.5 minutes.  :-p  Oh well, he knows his colors, can play Memory very well, and loves to draw.  I’m just happy he is playing contentedly with his toys!

Our first week ended on a high note.  :)  I’m really happy about that and am looking forward to next Tuesday when we’ll begin again.  The only thing I need to work on (besides what is mentioned in the first few sentences of this post) is pre-reading her literature and going over vocabulary words with Emma before we start.

How was your week?

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8 Responses to Weekly Wrap-Up (Our First Homeschool Week!)

  • Our week went great! Much better than last week. I think if the baby hadn’t taken his normal naps things would not have gone as smoothly as they did. I noticed praying with the kids before we start helps a lot for me and makes things not as stressful

    • Same here, starting out our day with all of us on a blanket on the floor reading the Bible and praying for our day and each person in our family really helped. :)

  • Yay for a great start! :) I love the idea of keeping track of how many books they read to get a reward at the store. I should do something like that for incentive! I wanted to pass this along to you too… you may have already seen it but she has made a lapbook with printables and stuff for the little house books. Here is the link for On the Banks Of Plum Creek: http://marinecorpsnomads.com/2008/08/on-the-banks-of-plum-creek-lapbook.html I was so glad to find her blog! We did the lapbook for Little House In the Big Woods. But I haven’t been able to fit this one in yet… maybe later! ; ) One of those fun little “extra’s” to do if there is time. :)

    BTW: Are you doing a handicraft this year? I am having a NIGHTMARE of a time trying to find a handicraft for a wiggly boy! Eeek! I can’t decide if maybe I should just wait and start that part up next year!

  • Thanks for this. Those first few lines about planning really put things in perspective. It’s great that Isaac entertains himself. I worry that my little guy would not do the same, well at least not today anyway.

    • I really feel like we were lucky (blessed!) the first week because normally Isaac is not the type who entertains himself! And there were a couple of times that I let him watch Little Bear (his favorite cartoon right now) on the Kindle Fire in his room while we were working, so that helped. I also made some busy bags for him. It definitely takes some time to get them used to playing quietly but it’s worth it! I think that easing into our school year helped, too. :)

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