This is one of those things I was nervous about making up for Emma since it looks so… messy.

But it looked like way too much fun, so jumped in.  I started with dying the rice myself.  Then I put in some random little containers and spoons (not sure where those went but you can see in this post what it originally looked like).  It was very easy and definitely rewarding – Emma plays with this for at least a couple of hours each day!

That’s how I’m able to take a moment to come write this post.  ;-)

So is it as messy as I had anticipated?  Well, probably more.  But I’m okay with that since it’s such a hit.  I just vacuum around it every day or two and we’re good.  The only other thing is that is somehow is making her hands green when she plays in it for a long time.  I’m not sure that’s normal since I haven’t seen that on anyone else’s posts… maybe because I didn’t use alcohol or vinegar (ew) when I dyed it?  I just smooshed it around in a baggie with drops of food coloring.  I could have used too much food coloring, I suppose.  Anyone have any ideas?

Oh and note:  If you have a cat, you might want to keep a lid on it when not in use.  ;-)

Would you consider making something like this for your little one to play with?

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