I asked this question on Facebook and had such inspiring responses that I’m really excited about making up an Easter basket for Emma now.  :)  Why not try something different this year and fill the baskets with something that will last and will get kids excited about getting outside?  It’s SPRING, that means warmer weather and sunshine and being able to play in the dirt again!  :)

So here are some of the AWESOME suggestions from my amazing readers:

Butterfly/Bug Net
Plant Seeds
Gardening Gloves
Hot Wheels
Moon Sand
Sidewalk Chalk
Puzzles or Mini Games
Silly Putty

Any of these things would make for a great Easter basket, don’t you agree?

To make your Easter different, you can also:

Make your own Easter-themed cookies or snacks
Print out Easter coloring pages for your little ones
Make some Easter crafts

A REALLY great resource for Easter printables, crafts, recipes, and more can be found here at Tip Junkie’s Easter Goodies Page!

Or you can do the traditional dying and decorating of your own hard-boiled eggs and then hiding them.  :)

What are YOU planning on doing for Easter?

I’m thinking about getting one of these little fellas for our basket… anyone know where I can find one?


5 Responses to What Are You Putting in Your Kids Easter Baskets? (And Some Great Candy-Free Ideas!)

  • We like to hide coins for their piggy banks in the boys’ eggs, stickers are fun too. Garden gloves, bubbles, shovels and a package of seeds will be in there and I’m sure I’ll find more. They do get candy, but not a lot.

  • I love these ideas! I am not sure if I’ll time to get out and get supplies for my kids baskets but I’m going to try! :)

  • Jack is a huge Thomas fan so I like to at least get one Thomas thing in the basket.

    Those are really good ideas!

  • haha, love that picture! I’m not sure what I’m doing yet either, she can’t eat candy yet, but I want to fill it with stuff she’ll like. Thanks for the ideas mama!!

  • Our easter day plans include planting the overdue summer garden – so I love the basket ideas … might have to personalize some garden gloves for each of the kids to put in the baskets!

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