Faux Baby Pigtails (for bald baby girls)

I’m curious.  Is it a great way to avoid having people think your baby is a boy?  Or… perhaps a bit insulting to the child?  I can see both sides.  Especially since I have been the mommy of a bald baby girl.  :)  But she was so girly she didn’t look like a boy in the least.  Plus I had her in dresses constantly.

Also, I used these stick-on bows when her hair was too short for clips.  LOVED them!

But seriously.  What do you think?


16 Responses to What Do You Think… About This?

  • I think it’s bizarre, would be okay for Halloween. Babies are beautiful bald and will grow hair eventually! JMO:)

  • I had a very, very bald baby girl, too and I’m an anti-bow person so these…do not appeal to me at all. :)

  • babies are perfect just the way they are. no fake pigtails necessary. fake baby pigtails seem fall under the same category as baby ear piercing in my opinion

  • I think they are cute! But as to yes or no, just don’t see how it is wrong or right. Whatever you want, but I wouldn’t have a baby wear a headband every day. Too uncomfortable.

  • HMMM. I like the stick on bows. Another route would be headbands, but I am not a fan of the faux pigtails..I just think it is a little weird. The pigtails are ALWAYS going to look fake…they are too full and too long to look natural.

    I am stick on bows, headbands, and dresses all the way, but I am just not willing to start down the road of wanting change appearances that early in life (I know it sounds ridiculous, but wait until you work with 1st graders who want highlights and already think they are fat!!!)

  • Yeah, strange. When I was little and bald, my mom made me wear bonnets. Those were the days, 1959/60s.

  • It’s creepy to me. Babies are beautiful just the way the are.

  • Nope. God made each child perfect and unique. My toddler girl has v-e-r-y little hair. Yes, we do headbands and bows. Yes we’ve gotten, “What a cute little boy!” often. But do I want to start teaching my BABY that they’re not cute enough, that the way God made them isn’t good enough? What’s next…my elementary student will only eat apples and salads and become and exercise nut so she can watch her figure, cause she’s too fat. No way, no way. Balance!
    Your child’s hair has NOTHING to do with their character, their soul, their spirit.
    Bows accent what God created – these hair pieces add to it, change it. Paraphrasing from Matthew, “Who of you can add one inch of height to yourself? No one but God can.” If you’re that worried about your child’s appearance, take a look into your own heart. Have YOU accepted the way God made YOU? Please, don’t focus on the outward focus on the HEART! “Man looketh on the outward appearance, but God looketh at the heart.”
    There’s my 2 cents worth. Will I get upset if I see a Momma put this on her child? No. But will we ever use them in my house? No.

    • Ok, maybe I WAS a bit to serious earlier…it was just my initial reaction based on things I’ve seen people do. Folks have their 3 years olds looking like super models…big girl styles (I’ve seen toddler shirts designed to make it look like bra straps hanging out!) and such. I remember once hearing that Elizabeth Hasselback from The View went on an all out search for little girl panties that were not high cut or bikini – she made a big deal out of it! Babies are babies…I just think we she help little girls stay little as long as possible. Why rush into being grown up or more mature? That’s all – really, I’m a nice person. Promise. *BIG grin*

      • I know exactly what you mean… I was thrilled to find boy short panties for Emma because they look like little shorts! :)

        And my reaction to the pigtails is “Why?” I mean, babies are perfect already. If it were me, I’d be more embarrassed if the pigtails fell off or something in public. How do you explain how your kid’s hair fell off? hahaha It’s a little too much like getting a wig for your baby. For me anyway. ;-)

  • I come from a very bald family, and I think these are so cute! I would use the stick on bows more often that the pigtails, but they are both cute! I think headbands are probably the best route though.

  • I like the bows, headbands, flowers, hair jewels, barrettes, AND pigtails. Every occasion calls for its own adornment or none. If we can put bows on dresses, lace on socks, cute buttons on shirts, and buckles, nips, and tucks on pockets and pants, what’s wrong with an occasional hair or bald head adornment? Sheesh, lighten up, people! God didn’t say, “Don’t adorn,” He said don’t rely on adornments for self-esteem.

  • I think it’s pretty silly but if it makes a mom feel that much better, I don’t think there is any harm in it.

  • Those are hilarious! I honestly didn’t even realize they were fake when I glanced at the picture because my kids all had lots of hair as babies. I’m pretty sure they had pigtails at that age.

  • I don’t have an opinions either way. It’s different strokes for different folks. And it’s better than some things I’ve seen people put on their babies. However, I personally wouldn’t have them on my kid’s head.

  • I think their cute if taken lightly. But I know some moms go all out crazy dressing up their girls and I dont agree with that. Otherwise, Its cute for pictures or dress up time. I dont intend on putting anny on my baby girl though.

    anya and baby

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