Did you catch the season premiere of the second season of V on ABC last Tuesday?  It was really something!  This show keeps me on my toes, for sure.  Anna (the totally freaky “lizard” leader of the V’s) is having a hard time proving herself to her fellow aliens after she let herself show emotions too “human”.  Um, okay – after seeing what she looks like beneath that charming human skin, nothing would surprise me.  But I guess it’s just a case of the alien race thinking they’re better than the humans.   In a fit of anger, she released the Red Sky (blood-red rain that would really make me feel contaminated if it ever touched me) on Earth and we get a hint as to what that is and what it might cause.  It has something to do with their procreation…  Um, yuck!  Oh, and then there’s the Lisa/Tyler drama.  That kid makes me crazy.

This is one of those alien television shows that leaves you with your mouth open at the end of each episode, for sure.

Did I tell you that I watched the entire 1980’s V miniseries on Netflix Instant as well?  It’s what got me interested in the storyline in the first place and I’m loving doing a comparison of the two as I watch the new series on ABC!  Most of the older series was pretty corny (though very entertaining), so it’s refreshing to see the impressive graphics and terrific acting in ABC’s version.  I’m a fan of Erica (the actress from “Lost”), too.

So what are your thoughts on V?
Are you going to watch tonight’s episode?

If you missed last week’s premiere, check out ABC.com’s V page for a recap, clips, and more!  And don’t forget that you can purchase Season 1 of V here at the WB Shop!

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote V: The Complete First Season on DVD. You can purchase a copy here: http://bit.ly/e6ABTG.


2 Responses to What Do You Think of the Second Season of V So Far?

  • Good review, I love this show. I agree, I really do think Tyler character is to annoy you for some odd reason. The show is pretty good and decent. I wish Joshua can remember what had happened to him. But I am really glad that Lisa is in the 9th column.

  • I really loved the original and have tried to get into the new one a few times. I love the cast, but am still on the fence. I figure I will give this season a few more episodes. I want to like it.

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