I need suggestions!  :)  I was thinking about using clippers at a long setting and going over it all so it would at least be the same length… I don’t know how he would react to that, though!

I’m partial to this look:

img source

Do you cut your child’s hair yourself?

Edited to Add:

I did it!  :)

5 Responses to What Should I Do With Isaac’s Hair?

  • No hair cutting for me! But you’ve proven you’re more talented than I am many times!
    That face he is making is adorable so he’ll look cute either way!
    And your grass is so green! Ours is not pretty anymore now that it’s so hot here all the time!

    • I live in the Pacific Northwest… it’s green all year long! Of course that means we have to endure rain rain rain and more rain. ;-)

      I’m going to try cutting his hair later today and will update when I do! Hopefully it’s a success. :)

  • What an awesome post. He look so cute with that green shirt. That innocent face.. I love it!

  • (in reference to the post hair cut photo) Oh my goodness! You have a little boy! Where did your baby go?

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