Apparently there’s nothing more fun than riding mommy or daddy around the house.

Emma wearing my hat around the house
(it was really funny at the time because I hadn’t given it to her)

An outfit I found at JCPenny on sale – SO cute!

I know I can’t be the only one with my tree up already…

This year was really fun because Jaedyn can actually enjoy the tree! I did have to ban her from touching it, though. She can fit an entire plastic bobble in her mouth. This was before I banned her and she discovered her mouth was rather large (she must get that from her daddy, hee hee) – helping me decorate. Okay, that works! lol

Oh pleeeeeease, mommy – let me touch that tree!

Aaand, my little artist. She REALLY loves crayons and scribbling! Her great grandma is an artist, so it’s definitely in her blood. :-) I need to buy more crayons… she chewed our last ones to bits. *sigh*

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