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I haven’t had much of a morning routine lately… well, for the last couple years, really.  Having a baby can really turn your life upside down in a great way, but it can also give you an “out” when it comes to keeping the house and your life organized if you let it.

Yes, I have let it.

Although in my defense we’ve moved around a lot and lived in apartments that I refused to let myself settle in.  This is really the first time since we’ve moved into a “real house” that I’ve let myself relax and think, “We might be here awhile… and I’m okay with that!”.  Sure, there are flaws – the house doesn’t have enough closets (who designed this place, anyway?) and now with a second little one on the way we’re going to be feeling more cramped… but I don’t mind.  Seriously, this is the first time I have put the effort out to put real curtains on every window!  I know, shameful for me to spend four years in apartments and not even put curtains up.  But I have now, and they’re from my beloved Ikea so they were inexpensive and I loooove to look at them.

Okay, back to routines.

I was inspired by an article by Simple Mom, Establish Routines for a Simple Home, to make myself a quick and easy morning routine that would keep my day more focused and organized.  Simple Mom also referenced another article that gives you a 5-minute morning routine that will jump-start your day as well and although I probably wouldn’t follow that one to the letter, I did get some great ideas from it.

The key is to apply it to your own home and make it doable.

What is important to you in your home?  The important things for me are making time for my morning bible time, having a clean kitchen so I can get lunch made without delay when I need to, getting our bed made (never happens), and getting the laundry washed and folded.  Now all of that isn’t going to happen in the morning probably – in the first article the writer noted that nighttime was the best time for her to fold laundry and I think it is for me as well.

So after some contemplation here is my morning routine (subject to change in the future):

My Morning Steps to a Better Day

1.  Get up, make bed.


3.  Have bible time (hopefully before babies wake up but if not I’ll try to work around that – it doesn’t have to be perfect).

4.  Make a list of what I need to accomplish that day (if I don’t then phone calls don’t get made, dinner gets put off until I’m panicking about what to make last-minute, and I just feel out of wack).

5.  Wash up dishes (if it didn’t get done the night before) and do a quick decluttering.

I know this would really streamline my day if I could get it established!  And I do think nighttime routines are important, too. I would like to fold the laundry and get the kitchen clean before I relax for the night, though that doesn’t always happen. Still, having expectations for the morning and throughout the day can really keep things focused and organized, something we all need a little bit of in our lives!

And I’m kind of laughing at myself for getting a bee in my bonnet about morning routines when I’m going to give birth in the next few weeks and any semblance of a morning routine is going to go out the window as I get used to juggling two children and a home.  But I’ll just have to make up a new morning routine, won’t I?  :)

Do you have a morning routine?


5 Responses to What’s Your Morning Routine?

  • My morning routine involves rolling out og bet at 7:25 and being out the front door by 7:35. I’m really not a morning person, so I try to minimize how early I have to wake up. That said, I’m planning on trying to get into a morning exercise routine… haha yeah… like that’ll work out…

  • My morning starts with me out of bed by 7:30 am get dressed and out the door to the gym after gym come back home put coffee on, turn computer on and being my daily devotions and daily blogs. Respond to emails do a few things for the ministry and by 11:00 I am done with computer.

  • I am a morning person.. I roll out around 4 in the morning.. I enjoy that quiet time before I need to wake up the kids. Hubby has the coffee brewed and sit back and have my daily devotions, I need the verses to give me Strength & Nourish my Soul for the day. I am lost if I don’t have my quiet time. Around 5:30 I hear the 4 month old grandson stirring, I get him up, change and feed him so the daughter can get an extra few winks. 6 am rolls around and it’s time to get the other 4 kids up and ready for school. Some mornings we might have to find a lost glove or boot. If I don’t have Physical Therapy that morning, big guy rides the bus and I watch the little guy while she runs to take the other 2 kids to school. Lay out things for dinner, try to squeeze a load laundry in, relax for the day. I am not a TV person, I like to visit blogs here and there. Mornings are a little easier than the afternoons.

  • With 3 boys in school., morning is run run run, but that’s next week, the boys are still on School Break here.

  • No one in our house is a morning person so most of the time we sleep through the alarm and are putting on socks as we walk to the car. But on a good morning my husband gets up and wakes me up. He gets in the shower and I go right back to sleep he gets out of the shower and asks why Im still asleep. Then the morning begins I eat a bowl of cereal make us both our coffee dress myself and make lunch. I then try to wake my daughter and if that doesnt work I have to dress her asleep little body fighting me the whole time. We then all load up in the car and head to work. Usualy for a great morning and a happy baby who gets to sleep extra long.

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