Isaac is 4 months and 1 week old and he’s got a craving for rice cereal!

Would anyone like to share with me when you started feeding baby foods, why, and what did you feed?

I tried carrots first but he didn’t seem too thrilled with that.  For now we’re sticking with rice cereal because he seems to really like it.  Not feeding every day but on those days when he seems to not be getting enough and is really interested in what we’re eating.  I think the next thing I’ll try will be sweet potatoes… when he’s eating a little more regularly.  :)


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  • Here in Germany it is generally accepted that it’s good to fully breastfeed for 6 months and then start offering solids. I did exactly that but happened to have a not so interested baby. She was curious about what we were eating and enjoyed trying out, but one spoon was the most she would take. She eventually started eating rice cakes, bananas and steamed carrots about the age of 9 months and didn’t get into cereal until her first birthday!

    However, babies are different and most of my friends managed to introduce solids without any problems when their babies were 6 months. Some start at 4 months and that seems to work too.

  • Look at him! He is ready! =) Thanks for coming by the blog. Glad I found yours. Audrey started having rice cereal at about 2 months and didn’t have real baby food until around 4 months. She showed a huge liking to big girl food. I made the food, which is a very economical and easy way to go (you can read my how-to posts here: She didn’t really start on a 3 meal a day system until around 6-months. Now she eats everything and wants nothing to do with the baby food I made her. She wants what we are eating, which is nice to just make 1 dinner for all.

    I know how it feels to feel embarrassed, but after only a few workouts, you will start getting your confidence and your shape back. Nothing feels better!

    xo brittany @

  • My 7 month old is just starting to enjoy some solids!
    I tried at least a month ago, several times, and although she was VERY interested in the food WE were eating, she wasn’t so sure about the food I was trying to get her to eat!
    Yesterday she ate quite a bit of sweet potatoes…rice cereal was definitely not a hit with her! LOL!

  • I started my first baby at 4 months and started with cereal. Although when she was 3 months she leaned forward and licked my ice cream cone I was holding while talking to DH and found she liked it =). Baby #2 was first started at 4 months Baby #3 was started at 3.5 with rice cereal and milk she didnt like it so I kept trying every few days with juice then she started eating it. My baby #4 will be 4 months on the 18th so I might start him soon. I figure why wait yah know? They eat more they sleep better they are all around happier babies. I don’t agree with starting veggies first I think you start with what you want to. I started all mine with fruit or a little bit of juice on the rice and oatmeal cereals then did the pureed/jarred fruits and veggies. After that when they get older we feed them from our plates. They are so smart and know THAT’S where the GOOD stuff is ;-). I would even put the baby food on my plate to get them to eat it but usually didnt work lol.

  • I breastfed for one solid year. First food in my daughter’s mouth was okra fresh from a friend’s garden. I boiled it then used my blender. A tiny bit sticky, but a year later it’s still her favorite food! (Find the first post on my blog for a link to pics of that day!) Next came sweet potato. No brown rice ’til she was about eighteen months. Stuck with mostly veggies. Now she’s a farm blueberry addict!

  • We didn’t start until 7 months with our second. Our first started at 5 months and gobbled up purees for months. He loved them. Our daughter is not a fan of purees at all and now at 10 months is pretty much eating table food. And she insists on feeding herself! hmmmm…teen years could be scary!

  • All my boys were about 4 months old when I started cereal and I mixed fruits in too.

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