This post is for my husband.  He doesn’t read my blog as a habit but this is one post I’m going to make sure he doesn’t miss because… well, I’ve had enough!

This man needs a new computer desk.  Correction.  He needs a real computer desk – because what he’s using now is a regular desk not meant for a computer!  Believe it or not there is no keyboard tray and no place for the actual computer to go (it sits on top of the desk in a corner) but he still uses it.  A lot.  He does college online and has to be on it often.

The Evidence:  John’s “Computer Desk”

It can’t be comfortable, but he never complains!  That’s because he’s so easygoing – not a complainer.  Nice, right?  I think this man deserves a newer, nicer place to put his computer.

Oh, did you notice the chair?  That seat kept falling off and he finally taped it to the frame.  He needs a computer chair, too… but one thing at a time!

So I’ve been looking at new computer desks.  My go-to places would be checking on Craigslist (but I hate HATE shopping there), looking at a furniture store (but usually too spendy), or searching online for a nice desk.  What I’ve come up with is still a little more than I want to spend but WOW.  I would love to have something like this Saratoga desk from the Bush collection:

The thing I really like about this desk is that it goes into a corner.  That would be such a space-saver for us!  And the optional add-ons for storage are awesome, too.  I don’t even want to show you the insides of John’s desk drawers.  It’s too horrible to behold.  Cupboard storage like the above or lateral files would be a huge help when it comes to getting him organized, that’s for sure!

So now I just have to get John motivated to go desk shopping!

And in case you were wondering, I do have a computer desk.  It’s a cheapie from Walmart but it works.  It’s meant for a computer anyway.

If John wants to take mine and get me a new one, though…

I would not be opposed.  ;-)

Where did you get your computer desk?


13 Responses to Who Will Get the New Computer Desk?

  • I do online classes too and would love a good computer space, how thoughtful of you!!! I think hubby should get it since he’s been so wonderful about no special space until now. And I think you’ll reap the natural rewards too because he’ll think of you often when he sees and utilizes his new area! I love it!

    Amazon may have good prices on desks (and customer reviews are excellent there). Or maybe Hayneedle, ATG, or somewhere else will let you review one. :) Just a thought that could work out well for everyone. In any case, good luck!

    • I like the idea of having him think of me while he sits at his new office space, hehe. Now I HAVE to make sure I get him something nice. :) I’ll definitely check Amazon, thanks for the suggestion!

  • I agree-he needs one and a new chair!
    I don’t have one because I have a laptop and sit on the couch. But when my son needed one we went looking for one and they cost quite a bit. So, my very handy husband-who can do anything-made him one. He used some thick and wide pine floor boards he had bought from Lumber Liquidators and had stained and varnished and put down in our den. It was beautiful and we had some left over and we so happy with the boards that he used them for the top of the desk. They were stained cherry. Then he bought some more wood for the legs and under side and stained it to match. What we like is that it is not made of particle board and our son loves it!
    So if that is an option or you don’t want to spend alot… But I know many would not want to bother with that.

    • I love that idea! My dad could probably make us one but he lives in another state right now. My husband definitely doesn’t have time to do that, lol. Bet your son’s is beautiful, though!

  • Had to post because I found my computer desk on Craigslist, it is really nice and was a super bargain. I do love the corner desk above, the white computer in the photo makes me laugh out loud!!! John’s computer would fit nicely, and Father’s Day is right around the corner. Oh, and don’t forget a comfortable office chair :)

  • Love that desk, its sooo pretty! Im looking for a desk too. Right now my work area is the couch. =( Its not very organized. lol

  • My hubby just built me a little corner in our new house. It’s not done yet – much like the new house. But at least I have a place to work…

    That one you have shown is really gorgeous!

  • I have a wonderful desk from walmart, but it is burried in our “junk room” (I should be organizing that…) So now I’m forced to use a small leather tray, but the heat from my computer has really done a number on it. My husband uses my tv stand from jr high (a computer desk from walmart).

  • We had a computer desk at our old base house but got rid of it and said we would get a new one at our new base. Well 2 yrs later and I’m using a folding table. DH keeps saying lets get a new one but I keep saying no lets not waste the money. One day we’ll get a nicer one but no time soon.

  • I really like that corner desk…we got ours at Staples and it’s glass so it’s pretty enough to put in our living room. I’ll post pics soon because we’re doing a bit of a room makeover this month :)

  • I have a put-together one but it’s really nice. I hope you get a new one!

  • That is one sad desk but mine is not much better! I really love the one picked out. Maybe I’ll get one for myself.

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