I fully intended to nurse Isaac (who is now 9 1/2 months) until he was a year, like I did Emma.  But oh my word.  I’m seriously thinking about starting the weaning process now.

Why, you ask?  Why would I do such a horrible, heartless thing?  One reason.


Isaac’s first teeth recently came in, and now he has four very sharp, pointy vampire teeth.  Okay, they’re not that pointy.  But they are tiny and sharp.  And when he nurses there are parts of me that are being rubbed raw to the point that it feels like FIRE when he is nursing.

It hurt SO bad yesterday that I was looking up the symptoms of mastitis to see if I had an infection.  But I didn’t have all of the symptoms, it just hurt when he nursed.

Today I woke up and, finding that I was still in pain, I checked myself out and found raw spots where his teeth keep hitting on me.  OUCH OUCH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUCH.

I’m telling you, this is painful.  It hasn’t had a chance to heal and I’m wondering how it will.

No, I’m not planning on weaning.  But I’m seriously hoping time flies and he’s a year before I know it because this is painful.

Have you ever been tempted to stop nursing?


20 Responses to Why I Don’t Want to Nurse Anymore

  • It is so tough! They have to learn how to nurse with teeth- it feels new and different for them, too! And he might be trying to soothe the pain of teething on the breast, which HURTS! I went through this with my 2nd son and he’s not 21 months and still nursing! It was a hard couple of weeks but he did learn how to nurse without causing me pain!

    • It really does hurt when those teeth come in! I remember going through this with Emma… I believe she drew blood once. But she finally stopped when I put her on the floor everytime she did it.

  • When my daughter was born she was tongue tied but the peditrician at the hospital didn’t notice it. It hurt so badly when she nursed but all the hospital staff kept telling me I was just sore because I was a new mom, until she tried to nurse when she was 48 hrs old and made me bleed very badly. I had to get a lactation consultant and pump for a few days and my daughter got her tongue fixed. I seriously thought about not breastfeeding that first night in the hospital!

  • I have been reluctantly nursing my almost 2 and a half year old because she has been slow to wean due to a serious eczema condition in which she used nursing as a complete comfort from an awful itch. Great thing, jer eczema is clearing up and she is on a strict diet in which she cannot miss a beat. Absolutely no pasturized dairy and mostly organics. It’s hard living but worth her good nights sleep anyday

    • Well, at least the end is in sight, right? :) I can’t imagine nursing that long, but then my daughter weaned herself off a little after a year. I can completely understand why yours would want to keep nursing with her condition, though – poor baby!

  • I was tempted to stop nursing on two occasions with my daughter. She was preemie. The first time was after 3 days. She was not latching like at all, she was just freaking out and I was super engorged thanks to bad pumping. Lucky me the randomly was a lactation consultant in NICU helping out one day and got us straight. The second time was after she got teeth and started biting. The whole putting her down when she did it thing did nothing. Finally at wits end I tried what had been repeatedly suggested and flicked her cheek delatched her and put her down. She cried for a min or two and never bit again.
    I have not heard of how anyone stopped the rubbing, but get yourself some lanolin. It helped evertime I had any cuts or bleeding from baby.

    • It all seems so straightforward, but it definitely is not! I was glad to have a lactation consultant with my first, that’s for sure… and she wasn’t even a preemie (2 weeks late actually). I’m glad you were able to get help.

      I’ve tried firmly telling Isaac no and he seems to be getting it so I think we’re going to be okay. I have been using lanolin and it is a lifesaver!!! I’m slowly getting better.

      I also changed from the cradle to football hold while I was nursing and it gave me some relief, enough for it to start healing anyway. :) So I think I’ll survive. LOL

  • Oh, yes! I think most Moms hit that at sometime during nursing. I also almost stopped when mine got teeth. My son liked to nip at me, …and then giggle at getting a reaction out of me. For him I tried putting him down when he nipped. My daughter also went through a testing out phase. For her a stern, “No” was all she needed. I nursed both my kiddos till they were finished. My son was 11 months and my daughter 18 months.

    Best of luck!

    • Isaac SO does that nipping and then looking at me with a grin. It was funny at first… which is probably where my problem began. lol They know when you think something is funny. *sigh* The other thing he has been doing is nipping me like that when he’s done eating. I’ve been firmly telling him no and putting him down and his face crumples up and he cries, and the last couple of times has been better. So I think we’ll make it through this… :)

      Thanks for your encouragement!

  • I had a couple of times when my son’s teeth rubbed me raw (usually when he got new ones), but once it healed, it didn’t hurt anymore. I was told to nurse him on the side that isn’t sore first because they suck harder when first feeding. I nursed until he was 2.5 and had to stop because I was pregnant and once pregnant, I felt like I had a pirhana chewing on me when he nursed.

    • HA at the pirahna comparison! So true. :) I wonder if part of my hypersensitivity was due to the fact that I just started my period for the first time since he was born, too. Possible (though it was definitely injured so no doubt it should have hurt).

      Thank you for sharing!

  • I haven’t read through all the other comments, so forgive me if I repeat something that someone else has already said.

    When he bites you, pull him off. In your most stern Mom voice, tell him, “No.” If he bites again, flick his cheek. If he does it again, pull him off and put your boob away. He can eat later.

    I’ve nursed 5 babies, and 2 of mine were biters. It took us about a week of the process above, but we broke the habit and I actually enjoyed nursing again.

    Good luck. I wish I had been able to continue nursing Gage, but I’m all dried up. :(

    • Thanks, Angie! It’s hard to believe I ever liked nursing at this point but I know I did. :) We’ll get through it! I’ll try your suggestions for sure… though it does seem to just be more like scraping while sucking instead of actually biting me. I’m not sure if it’s something he can stop?

      • If it’s not actual biting, my suggestions won’t work. If it is something that he can’t control, you should probably look into nipple shields. They’re mostly for inverted nipples, but they can definitely protect you while you’re nursing, and you both reap the benefits of them. {Plus, they shouldn’t be that pricey, either. Always a bonus.}

  • I tried to comment the day you posted this but I was on my phone and it didn’t go through. I am tempted to stop nursing every time Jaxon wants to nurse all night (which is almost every night, lol). But I know I’d still end up getting up with him in the middle of the night to soothe him. Anyway, sorry you are hurting. The day you posted this, I actually woke up with mastitis…sooo not fun, and this is my 4th time to have it since May.

    • Oh man, I am SO sorry. :( Now that I’ve felt that much pain and know it’s not even mastitis… I can’t imagine how miserable that is. Hope you feel better soon!

  • Haha! OMG! Too funny picture! I was seriously thinking about stopping breast feeding when my little vampire for daughter got her first tooth and started to bite at the age of 4 and a half months! I never thought that kids could get teeth sooooo early! :)

  • I was never bit by my daughter, but I still had tons of issues! It can be a vicious cycle when you don’t have a chance to heal between feeding sessions. My lactation consultant had me make a triple ointment paste to help the healing — I would apply after every feeding and then wipe off before the next, tedious I know, but it did help with the healing. And the gel pads, used those a lot as well! Good luck :/

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