My daughter, Emma… almost seven months old… no high chair. Sad, I know.

Are you kidding me? A FLAIR HIGH CHAIR? is trying to kill me. They’re having a
huge giveaway for a completely awesome, totally only-in-my-dreams boon high chair – the giveaway ends at noon, and I have to WORK today! ARGH! Can I quickly think of some good reasons to win? We shall see!

First, anyone who saw my Thanksgiving pictures KNOWS that we were pretty pathetic. There was no high chair. My poor little daughter had to be TIED to a chair. Her daddy sat next to her and she happily gummed soft bits of turkey and mashed potatoes. But what a way to introduce a child to her first Thanksgiving!

Now, this is what was crossing my mind while we were mercilessly knotting the long cloth around her and her chair:

This is what Jack Bauer does to his torture victims…

“Give me the turkey and nobody gets hurt…”

What do we do if she chokes? See, it’s a SAFETY HAZARD!

You wouldn’t let that happen, would you, mommy?

This would be her first high chair… we still have yet to get her one. And she is definitely, without a doubt due for one. :-)

Look at this, is it not beyond sweet?????????

See how good she’s being? Trying not to be too obvious… but she NEEDS that Flair Chair! :-)
Plus it’s her first Christmas, and that would be a super awesome, memorable gift!!!


If we don’t win…

Yeah, this child LOOKS happy, but who knows? Maybe Jack Bauer has a gun in his face…

LOL That was fun. :-) Thanks, Trisha!

(If any of my followers can think of any other reasons why Emma needs that chair… feel free to chime in!)


3 Responses to Why I should Win MomDot’s High Chair…

  • I think that high chair is very “jetsons”!! I love it!! Good luck!

  • She definitely gets my vote! You should win the chair. :o) Fingers are crossed over here!

  • Lol, I did think that if there was a fire, we’d have to grab the whole chair, because it would take five minutes to untie the knot. She needs that retro spaceship chair.

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