When I’m trying to sleep?

Someone must have a good explanation or theory.  One of my pregnant friends in the same situation said she thinks its because she hasn’t eaten in awhile and the baby wants to eat.  I don’t think this is my case since I don’t usually let myself go to bed hungry…

Of course I’m glad to feel him moving, too.  It’s always a good sign!

I just looked this up and read that it might be because I lull him to sleep with my movements during the day.  Hm, no way to fix that!

I’ll just enjoy the now SILENT companionship of my baby boy for now and remember that soon he’ll be wiggling and squealing, keeping me up at night for real!

I can’t wait.  :)


4 Responses to Why is this baby so active at NIGHT…

  • Pretty sure it has to do with your movements throughout the day lulling him to sleep. Then at night, when you aren’t as active, he has the chance to stay awake :) I’ve read this is why babies have their nights and days mixed up at first.

  • The doctor told me it had to do with my activities during the day and at night and what I ate and what I had to drink had a lot to do with it. Because I usually ate dinner late because I would get so hungry when I was asleep and would wait until morning.

  • I’ve had this problem with all my babies. It definitely has to do with your movements during the day. If you’re moving around a lot and are busy, busy, you can either rock the baby to sleep, or you just may not feel him move around as much, simply because you’re doing other things. Then, as soon as you allow yourself to lie down and rest, the movement starts like crazy.

    Just one of the perks of pregnancy, I guess! :) Try drinking a warm glass of milk or a cup of chamomile tea before bed. It’ll relax you both.

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