Hello all!  I’m very excited to announce that this year I’m a part of The Old Schoolhouse‘s curriculum review crew!

My first review is of the yearly membership.  Now I’ve only had a little over two weeks to review this, so I plan to share more in the future after I’ve had more time to use it.

BUT.  I have had full access to the website and I can tell you it is a treasure trove for homeschoolers whatever your approach to education!  Whether you’re into unit studies, literature-based or classical education, or unschooling, you’ll find something for you and your students on this website!

What is is a subscription-based curriculum website that gives you access to over 100 different classes and printable resources for preschool to high school age students – and their teachers!  Your membership, whether you subscribe monthly or yearly, gives you access to all classes for all of your children.  None of the classes are live, so you can start anytime and work at your own pace.

 Screenshot of the pre-K/elementary course subject review

A Few Things I Want To Showcase:

There are so many resources I couldn’t possibly feature them all, but there are a few things that I am especially excited about I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss.  So here are our favorite classes and resources:

For the teacher:
  • The 2014-2015 Schoolhouse Planner  – This planner is awesome.  It features an editable calendar, planning pages, logs, transcripts, charts, extras like notebooking pages, and much more!
  • Members-only discounts – Get discounts and freebies from participating vendors such as Fundanoodle and Kinderbach.
  • Monthly Menu Plans – Recipes for every day of the month are provided!  What a cool extra.  
For Pre-K and Elementary Students:
  • Bug Science – This is a unit study I plan to use with my kids during the summer.  If you follow my blog, you know that my daughter is fascinated with bugs – especially earthworms – so I know it’ll be a hit!
  • French and Spanish language lessons – If you’re wanting to add a foreign language, these are classes you can complete with your children at your own pace.
  • Multiple preschool offerings – Check out that link, there is so much to pick from!  I’m especially excited about the Pre-K Read & Play and the Charlotte Mason preschool lessons!
  • Literature Kits – Literature-led unit studies!  The first one I plan to use with my daughter is the All-of-a-Kind Family literature kit.  I loved that book as a child and the learning activities sound like a lot of fun.  :)
  • Schoolhouse Spelling – The lower elementary spelling classes are just what I was needing for Emma and I didn’t even know it!  This is Charlotte Mason based and incorporates copywork with spelling words and activities.
  • Everyday Easels – These short art appreciation/picture study classes are unit study themed with activities designed to teach the child about the art, artist, period, and to really think about what the painting is saying.
For Middle/High School Students:

(I don’t have middle/high school students but wanted to feature some of the best-looking course offerings)

  • Classics-based writing 
  • Art Techniques
  • Music Theory and Violin Lessons
  • Hands-on Hebrew
  • Filmmaking 

How We’re Using

First of all, you have to check out the Dailies section of  There are daily puzzles, learning games, writing prompts, copywork, math worksheets, and more!  If you need to supplement any of these subjects, want to find a quick activity to keep your preschooler busy, or need some over-the-summer work for your kids to keep their brains active, you’ll appreciate the Dailies.  I find myself coming back to the Dailies often. yearly membership review
In the photos above, Emma is using Schoolhouse Spelling‘s lower elementary spelling word lesson.  This was week one and focused on certain words from Psalm 23, then had her copy a portion of the Psalm.  I really love this approach to spelling and Emma enjoyed writing the spelling words in sharpie on the large piece of paper so much she asked to do it again.  The copywork page has lines that are a bit smaller than what she is used to, but she did a great job with it anyway.  I had her do the copywork again the next day on a sheet of paper with bigger lines, though, and she did even better so that’s always an option for your younger learners.  I’m going to continue using this for spelling – I’m loving that it’s Bible-based and that it isn’t overly simplified. yearly membership review
Here Isaac is trying out the Schoolhouse Preschool.  We started with the letter A and I found a worksheet with an airplane and traceable A’s (which he surprisingly aced!).  The lesson has a bunch of great airplane-themed book suggestions (or you could just use whatever your library has), airplane-themed activities, crafts, and snack ideas.  The craft stick airplane we made was one of their suggestions and it was a hit!  I put the picture of the airplane on the iPad and set it up so they could look at it, then they worked on copying it.  Isaac had to count out just the right number of sticks, etc.  This was a hit for all of us.  :) yearly membership review
Another thing we’re doing is the Art Techniques lessons.  Emma has been really showing an interest in drawing lately and has a pretty good ability to copy what she sees fairly accurately.  These art lessons are very helpful for showing step-by-step how to begin with pencil, then fill in with color, then shade with colored pencils, etc.  Different mediums are explored but so far we’ve only begun the colored pencil lessons.  It’s set up so that it can be continued over four weeks, but you could finish faster of course.  Emma really enjoyed this and found the lesson easy enough to follow by reading it herself.

Recommendations and Final Thoughts:

I’m very pleased with and know it will be a helpful resource in the coming years.  I think it’s awesome that I have access to everything with one membership – and I especially love that editable homeschool planner that comes with it!  I can’t wait to print that out and start using it.


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Want to Subscribe?

 Take advantage of’s holiday sale and get 40% off the monthly membership ($7.77/month) or 50% off the yearly membership ($64.26/year)!  Homeschool families who join at this rate will keep it forever as long as they remain a continuous member.  :) Review



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