Yes, it’s already happened.  I planned something and it didn’t work out!  I’d better get used to this.  :)  I thought we would be starting school a couple weeks ago but life intervened.  Here’s what we’ve been up to!

Making “clay” with clay rocks we found in a creek while camping:
(And that little hunk of orange is actually sap from a cherry tree that isn’t sticky at all – it’s in the beginning stages of becoming amber!  Thought that was so cool.)


Hanging out in the woods and outside, exploring.
(Can you tell they were having more fun exploring than posing? ;)


My parents came for a visit and they enjoyed bonding time together.  


Grandma taught Emma to knit!

My parents have two beautiful collies and Emma spent a lot of time with this one, Telah.


I attacked the clutter in my house!  
It was bad, guys.  Have you ever felt like you were in a sinking ship and there was so much water you had no idea where to start bailing?  That’s how I felt about my house.  Thanks to my awesome mom, we were able to take care of a couple of the biggest problem areas, and I found a lot of inspiration on some organizing blogs (especially this one).  Below you can see the after pictures… I’d rather not post before, thank you very much.  ;-)
But it wasn’t pretty.  
2014-09-03(No, those aren’t all my school supplies, that’s just the current curriculum shelf.)

The biggest changes were that I took out the huge braided rugs that would never stay clean and replaced them with smaller rag rugs from Ross (love that place, the rugs were so affordable!), took out my husband’s catch-all desk and replaced it with a cabinet with doors (hiding anything clutter-ish).  I also bought a LOT of bins and started sorting, putting most of my craft supplies in the shed on shelves rather than keeping it all in the house when I don’t have room for it anyway.  The “cute ottoman” (haha) came from Joann’s and is a place for me to put controllers and drinks while doubling as storage.  I have small $1 bins that I want to use to make Isaac some weekly themed busy boxes while I’m schooling Emma.

I think the decluttering and reorganizing I’ve done is going to make starting school MUCH easier than it would have been.  Already, keeping up the house has been easier.  I should mention that most of my kids’ toys are up high on a shelf in their room, and that helps a lot as well.

The new plan is to start school next week.  :)



3 Responses to Why We Haven’t Started School Yet :-)

  • The woods and family trump “school” any day! ; ) There is something refreshing about sorting and organizing too and I agree it does make the whole process of school a lot more enjoyable (and actually easier) ~ Anything with doors is a plus too!! You might not want to see behind those doors, but on the outside it looks nice and tidy :)

  • I totally understand that sinking ship feeling when it comes to house cleaning. Even worse than not knowing where to start is when you manage to clean a part up and it “magically” gets messy again a day or two later. It can make you lose hope of ever winning against the clutter and can make you want to stop trying. I try to cling to even the smallest of victories over the clutter. If I string enough small victories together, I might just beat the mess one day.

  • The important thing is to enjoy every moment with your kids. There are no do-overs.

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