My little girl is wearing glasses!

I mentioned awhile ago that Emma’s left eye crosses inward off and on.  It’s something that I noticed when she was 2 and it steadily grew worse, though there would be entire days that I didn’t notice it turning inward at all.  It seemed to happen more when she was tired.  So we went to the eye doctor a few weeks ago and found that she’s far-sighted in both eyes, much worse in her left eye.

I really was surprised that she needed glasses because she doesn’t hold stuff close to her face to see.  But yes, the doctor said she would need glasses, and she has a much stronger prescription in the left eye than the right.  It’s amazing that they can tell that just from dilating your eyes and looking at them!  And you  have no idea how thankful I am that Emma worked with them.  There was only one time that she panicked, when they wanted to patch one eye to check her eyesight in each eye separately.  When the assistant asked Emma said politely, “No thank you.”  Ha!  The 3-year-old after us was screaming bloody murder through the whole exam so I was happy with the way our appointment went.  That poor mom!

I had built up the appointment for weeks in advance, and Emma was actually excited to go see the eye doctor.  She even told me she needed “pink glasses” although I told her I didn’t think she’d need them.  She insisted she would.  Then when she saw the different pairs she had to choose from she chose a blue pair with purple flowers decorating it.  They have such cute glasses for little girls!

I was amazed at how Emma’s behavior changed immediately after putting those glasses on.  She started noticing things she hadn’t in the past – people far away, details of things close by.  We went outside in the rain and she just stood and looked at the ground and the trees and everything for awhile.  She didn’t say much but I could tell from her expression that it was a whole new world for her.  And since then, she has had a longer attention span for everything!  I just thought she was impatient and too young to focus for long on anything, but now she sits at the table and flips through magazines, enjoys her books more, and even looks people in the eye longer.

I was initially worried that I would have to force her to wear her glasses, but she can’t wait to put them on every day!  Seriously, this has been such a smooth transition from no glasses to glasses all the time.  I’m relieved.  :)  Yesterday we forgot her glasses in the morning and she was pretty grumpy.  I finally remembered and when she put them on and went about her morning routine the grumpiness went away.  It’s amazing how much being able to see (or not) can affect your day.  ;-)  Normally she doesn’t forget, though.

While wearing the glasses, Emma’s eye doesn’t cross at all – it’s perfectly straight!  I have noticed that after a few weeks wearing glasses her eye crosses immediately after taking them off, though.  We’re supposed to try the glasses for six months and then go back and talk with the doctor about other things we can do for the eye.  He said there are many things to try before surgery.  I’m not sure I want to do surgery, but right now I don’t have to think about it anyway.  It’s kind of a waiting game.  Since her eye is straight while wearing the glasses… well, I’d say that’s a good thing.  :)

If you’re worried about any of your toddler’s behaviors – maybe excessive frustration or inability to focus… I would definitely recommend getting your toddler’s eyes checked.  Their symptoms aren’t the same as an adults, and they can’t communicate that they can’t see because they don’t realize that they should be able to see better!  And especially if any kind of strabismus (lazy eye) runs in your family.  It’s better to be safe than… miserable.  :)

Have you had any similar experiences?


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  • My daughter needed glasses too and I didn’t know. Luckily last year the school did a quick check with all the kids and sent a note home for me to get her eyes checked.

    She needed glasses desperately and her grades were suffering. Now that she wears glasses, she is doing so much better and I wished I would have known sooner.

  • That is a great tip. Did the pediatrician never check her eyes though? I am surprised they didn’t notice the problem. My boys haven’t been to a “real” eye doctor yet – but they get 20/20 from their pediatrician when they do the chart.

    My niece and nephew (and my sister and dad and countless cousins and aunts and uncles) all have serious eye problems, though, which causes the cornea to degenerate which can lead to blindness. The younger you catch it, the better you are. So I DO agree having vision checked is a necessity.

    The reason I haven’t had my kids checked for THAT is because it’s passed down direct, 50-50 chance of getting it if your parent has it. So since I don’t have it, they won’t have it. But since my sister has it, both of her kids ended up with it.

    Oh and I remember when I first wore glasses, I was in middle school. I had no clue you could see each leaf on a tree individually. So I know what is going through your daughter’s head. It must be amazing to see these things for the first time.

  • She looks so cute with glasses! Tobin had the same problem, his left eye kept going in and he ended up with glasses at 2 1/2 years old with a stronger lens in the left eye. He has had eye surgery but it now looks like it’s not working and right now we are doing prisms. Hoping that helps or else we have to do surgery again. It’s definitely smart to get your toddler’s eyes checked if you have any questions about it. Especially before they start school. My goal is to have Tobin’s eyes all straightened out before he starts preschool in the fall. My parent’s never knew that my youngest sister had eye problems until the end of Kindergarten and then found out that the reason she failed Kindergraten was because she couldn’t see! So even the eye tests at school don’t always catch it. She had to go to Kindergarten again but was definitely much better since now she had glasses and could actually see. Definitely a great tip to get yours and your child’s eyes checked!

    • I’m so glad you commented, Rachel! So are Tobin’s eyes straight when he wears the glasses? Emma’s are but as soon as she takes them off the left eye crosses. It almost seems worse that way.

      I’m so sorry the surgery didn’t work. :( hope you guys find something that works! Either way of course we have amazing little kids with awesome personalities. :)

  • she wears them well! great job mom for getting her checking out and on the road to a brighter clearer path ;)

  • She really does look adorable in her glasses! and i agree that it is imperaive to get eyes checked early because there is only a small window to correct them before they eyes change and they can’t be fixed as well.

    My daughter was 17 months old when her right eye turned in constantly. We took her in they wanted to try patching and glasses but it didn’t work her vision was pretty good but her muscles weren’t right. She was two when we decided surgery was her best option. They weakened one muscle and tightened the other muscle that her eye was perfectly centered. It was successful and now at age 8 her eyes are perfectly centered. Had we not done anything when she was a toddler she wouldn’t be doing as well as she does right now.

  • My son suddenly developed cross eye when he turned 3. Was shocking how quick the onset was. We took him in and same as your dd he needed glasses and never had issues adjusting. It’s amazing how quickly they adapt to seeing.

  • She definitely wears her glasses well. She looks completely adorable. I took my son to the eye doctor after he failed a vision test at his preschool when he was 4. The dilation was terrible – he hated it. He ended up needing glasses for things like reading and playing video games. The doctor told me that I could wait to get them (since he wasn’t officially in school yet), but that she would recommend he start using them so that he could learn all of his letters correctly. She said that his sight could end up correcting itself with time. When we went back a year later for a check, they said they could not find anything wrong with his eyes at all, so he no longer has to wear his glasses. Of course, he got so many compliments about them, he didn’t want to stop wearing them!

    I’m glad Emma’s glasses have helped her, and it’s so great that she likes wearing them.

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