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There’s nothing more exciting than the first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat! It’s your first connection with your little one, and suddenly it’s all “real”. I remember wishing there was a way to take that ultrasound machine home with me so I could hear it anytime I wanted.

Well guess what? There’s a [cheaper, easier] way to do that, and it comes in a soft teddy bear package! Enter Stork Snapshots, a one-stop boutique offering 3-D and 4-D ultrasound sessions, spa services and an awesome “Stork Store“. Want this adorable keepsake Heartbeat Teddy?

Moms-to-Be can visit our studio as early as 15 weeks for this special session. We will capture your baby’s heartbeat with our Doppler ultrasound and place this special recording in a beautiful, plush 16″ Teddy Bear. Squeeze its tummy and you will hear your baby’s heart beat!

Win a Heartbeat Teddy or a $10 Gift Card!

So guess what? Stork Snapshots owner and momtrepreneur, Pat Chiamas-Ebeling, is generously giving away a Heartbeat Teddy* or a $10 gift card for The Stork Store to one of my readers! Thank you, Pat!

*You can take the Heartbeat Teddy to any ultrasound to get a recording – instructions will come with the bear!

To Enter:
Visit The Stork Store and leave the name of an item you love in a comment. (I love the Due and Sprout shirts – “No name yet” and “Not finding out” – boy that would have saved me a lot of repeating myself when people questioned me on my pregnancy! lol) Please be sure to leave your email in the comment if it’s not in your blogger profile!

Extra (Optional) Entries: (Please leave a separate comment for each extra entry!)

♥ Tell me a pregnancy/newborn story (doesn’t have to be your own)
Blog about this giveaway (2 extra entries!)
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Giveaway will end in three weeks! I’ll email the winner, who will have one week to respond. Good luck everyone! :-)



52 Responses to Win a Stork Snapshots Heartbeat Teddy/Gift Card – GIVEAWAY

  • Now, if I win, how do I get to IL? Or I guess that would mean giftcard… Anyway, here goes:

    I absolutely love the Heart and Soul necklaces. They are too adorable! The slanted heart with the booties in the middle. Absolutely wonderful!

    I am going to Tweet this, you'll see it. @cherryblossommj

    I will stumble the post.

    You're already on my technorati favs, but I can attempt to do it again.

    I am following.

    I actually am subscribed as well through my email program, that way for your blog (and two others) I do not have to actually get online to know when you have something new…

    Your button is one of two I proudly display! lol

    And I'm gonna guess, that you do not need me to repeat my email address. <3

  • extra entry for cherryblossommj

  • TG I’m not preggo, but all of my friends are and the ‘not finding out’ would be PERFECT for her!

  • Uh. I accidentally put that comment in. Bassackwards Mom was at my house and I forgot she was logged into my Google so if that wins, I call dibs. Also, I Follow you!

  • I have a labor story. The second my first kid popped out I started screaming ‘Rock-n-roll! Look at the size of his balls’ as Queen’s “We are the Champions” played in the back.

    Being that my son is identical to his father, my mom then spouted off to a room full of people “Well, if there was any question as to who the father is, there isn’t anymore!”

    I thanked her for her comment and told her the father’s identity was never in question.

  • I think the Latte Divine Damask Stroller Liner is really neat! Nice way to dress up a stroller.

  • I love the Lil Lady Bugs—Imagination Bib. Can’t have enough bibs!


  • There’s so much I love! But I’ll agree with a previous commenter on the Lil Lady Bugs Imagination Bib.

  • Here is my newborn story: Just gave birth to my fourth child, first daughter on January 16, 2009. Shortly following her birth, the doctor looks over at me and says, “Your baby has a tan!”

  • oh this is so cool – Bearington Collection Mink couture Diaper Bag

  • Pink Cupcake Onesies-these were packaged so cute.

    flyergal82 AT yahoo DOT com

  • What a cute site! I love the Rock The Bump Thermal T-Shirt. I’ve been admiring a friend’s!

    elissa at huebert dot org

  • My first son was a “stretcher” when I was pregnant with him. The night after he was born, he was having some temp issues, so went to the nursery to warm up under the lamps. I woke up in the night, missing him, so set off to find the nursery. I spotted him right away – all the other babies were all curled up, but there was my huge (9 lbs., 22+ inches) baby, sprawled out spread eagle under the warming lamp. LOL!

    elissa at huebert dot org

  • The Head Foot Tush shirt is too cute!! I want!!

  • Funny labor story:
    With my first, I was induced, so I really had no idea about what labor “really” felt like on its own. With my second, I kept finding my undergarments a bit wet, but kept putting off going to the hospital. I thought your water breaking meant a GUSH of water, like in the movies. My hubby finally begged me to go…good thing because I was already dilated and had her a few hours later!

  • I love the “No Name Yet” t-shirt!
    So cute!

  • This is a great giveaway!

  • I love the Stork Sak Emily Bag- Chocolate!

  • When we first found out that mummy was pregnant, we were so excited. However, weeks later, my mum sensed that something was not right. So, she went for a check-up, and the doctor told her that the baby had died. She was quite depressed after losing the baby and couldn’t sleep, but she still managed to overcome the loss because we stand by her all the time.

  • I love the Stork Sak Emily Bag in Chocolate! What a great idea with the heartbeat teddy! Thanks! ~ :)

    sounders68 [at]

  • The Dad Gear Route 66 Messenger Bag looks great! (Boy, have we come a long way from the days of puppies, kittens and bows decorating the diaper bags! Just try to get a man to use those!)

  • I like the not finding out shirt.

  • I like the not finding out shirt.

  • i like the Posh Pirate Onesie

  • Heart-n-Sole Heart of Joy

  • I really like the Kee-Ka Peanut Outfit!
    anu dot briggs @ yahoo dot com

  • For my pregnancy story: My very first craving that showed up a couple weeks ago was for…jalapenos! I wanted them so badly I made an extra trip to the grocery store and was eating them out of the jar before I could even add them to the quesadillas I was making! I added them to almost every meal for the next few days! =)
    anu dot briggs @ yahoo dot com

  • My craving was for Lobster!! Of course something super expensive!! Thanks for the Chance!!

  • Christina – – I love the Heart and Soul Necklaces – and if I were to win, I’d choose the Heartbeat Teddy!

  • Count me in :)

    ktgonyea at

  • My favorite is the Lil Lady Bugs—Black DaMask Moses Basket! Very sweet!

    jnkrim (at) qwestoffice (dot) net

  • My fourth child was born two months early – after six weeks in the NICU, we are so fortunate he is doing well!

    jnkrim (at) qwestoffice (dot) net

  • I would love the chance to win, thanks.

  • Love the Rock The Bump Thermal T-Shirt. trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

  • I love the wearable blankets.

    charlies_secret_angel2006 at yahoo dot com

  • I as well like the heart n sole collection necklace I like the pink set of booties

  • I like the Collegiate series daddy diaper bag

  • My pregnancy story is I was due on the 4th of July. I lost that baby due to miscarriage. I got pregnant shortly after losing that baby and the first time I felt that baby move was on the 4th of July.

  • I follow you-rosannepm

  • I’m a subscriber

  • Stork Sak Emily Bag- Chocolate

  • One day I booked passage for a wonderful little being and I provided comfy transport for him for nine months before delivering him to the world (for two days on pitocin).

  • I loved the Cuddly Giraffe Mat for tummy time!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  • I love the Rock The Bump Thermal T-Shirt. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • At work, everyone dresses up on halloween. One of my co-workers dressed up as an oven…but when you opened the oven door…it said “bun in the oven” and had a picture of her sonogram. No one even knew she was pregnant until that time!!

  • I’m a follower.

  • I’m a subscriber.

  • I love the Pink Cupcake Onesie :)

  • I love the Bearington Collection Cottontail Coat!

  • subscriber

  • The Cuddly Giraffe Mat is very cute!

  • Yesterday I had an u/s and took a DVD with me. They could only record to VHS and it was broken too. Ugh. Today, I went to the OB (yesterday was the specialist) with DH to have an u/s and surprise him with the gender. They decided last minute that if the specialist is doing an u/s they do not want to repeat it. Ugh. Their machine is cooler and newer and does both DVD and VHS. Now I have no recording and DH just had to be told the gender. So not as exciting. *sigh*

    Pick me!

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