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 Since we experienced some actual snow this year (we were snowed in for days!) we had some time for lots of crafts and games.  After seeing some winter bird collages on Pinterest, I decided to try my hand at “designing” my favorite backyard bird – the cardinal!  It’s VERY simple and quickly put together but we had fun with it.


When my kids heard “winter bird collage” they both interpreted it differently – in fact, each of us ended up with very different results!  Isaac and I started out the same.  Construction paper background, printer paper for white snow and trees.


Emma decided she was going to freedraw her tree and paste some beautiful backyard bird printables I found online to it.



Emma’s creation.  :)


Isaac pasted the birds to his trees, too… and then proceeded to color over them with a black sharpie.  ;)  He went crazy and cut and pasted all over that picture until you couldn’t even see the original picture – boy, did he enjoy that.  :)


My almost-finished picture.  I actually added snowflakes (small white pieces of paper cut into circles) and I loved that addition!  But my husband walked by and offered me a bite of something greasy, accidentally spilling a bit on my paper in the process.  :p  I kind of covered it up with a big snowflake but it is still noticeable.  I guess I’ll have to make some more winter bird scenes!


Here it is finished!

Click here for the free printable cardinal template!



5 Responses to Winter Birds Collage Activity (With Free Printable Cardinal Template)

  • you guys did a awesome job with those,,it pays to have a few craft items on stock for days like that,,,i have a stock for the grandkids to do when they are over an are bored

  • I love cardinals… for some reason I just can’t stop watching them in our backyard, they are just pretty and unique! I LOVE Emma’s picture, that would be a neat project to do to print out several different types of birds like that and name them before pasting them in the tree. That is very cute! Of course, I totally relate to Isaac’s picture… that’s how most of ours turn out too… but it’s the process that counts not the product! I think all the little kid art is super cute though, makes you wonder what they are thinking as they go through the process. :) My oldest is really interested in making things look as they should so he would probably doing one that looked like yours. I love the snow!

    • I LOVE cardinals, too! They are definitely my favorite birds. I also love blue jays. Oooh, great idea! We could make and post birds in a poster board tree that we see in our backyard. After it snowed the other day we saw maybe 50 robins in our yard all at the same time – it was crazy!

      Oh yeah, Emma is interested in making things look “perfect”, too. lol And lately Isaac has been much more “studious” lately! He will sit with Emma at the table and work hard coloring with markers and try to stay in the lines. I never thought he would do this! haha There is hope. :)

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