Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime – an adventure that your entire family can take part in!

I’ll have to admit that before being introduced to Wizard101, I didn’t know much about online multiplayer games except that they looked intimidating (to me), and that people love them.  My husband has played them before, and I’ve watched over his shoulder and wondered what the draw was.  I even tried his game once (DAOC), and although I enjoyed it, I was annoyed by the people who would come over and try to friend me or talk to me when I was trying to adventure.  Hello!  I was busy!  I figured maybe I wasn’t the type of person who should be playing the online games after that and gave up.  ;-)

I recently joined the wonderful Game Review Network, and was excited when I was given the opportunity to review Wizard101, a game I had never heard of but appealed to me for the following reasons:

  1. It is totally FREE to play on your PC!
  2. It won’s Best Family Game of 2009 Award!
  3. It involves wizards and magical worlds (sweet!).
  4. Your characters get to go to wizard school (Harry Potter immediately jumped into my mind, of course).
  5. It is family-friendly, easy enough for a kid to play, and has settings that allow you (the parent) to control all of the social aspects of the game.

So here is my full experience and opinion of the Wizard101 online multiplayer game…

Getting Started

In this online multiplayer adventure game, you create a student wizard character and immediately are thrown into Wizard City, where you begin schooling at The Ravenwood School of Magical Arts.  “The magic of Fire, Ice, Storm, Life, Myth, Balance, and Death are taught here by the school’s esteemed faculty of full-fledged Wizards.”  When you create your character, you choose a primary school of magic (Fire, Ice, Storm, etc) – and each one has its own strengths.  This gives the game a major boost in replayability since you can change things up with your next characters.

You can customize your character completely, something I enjoy doing.  I probably spent too long customizing mine.  ;-)  Here she is:

Game Quests & Wizard Duels

“In your quest to save Wizard City, you’ll make friends, duel with creatures, solve puzzles, play minigames, and collect pets while exploring the many worlds of Wizard101.”

There is definitely a lot to do.  In the game, people who need help with quests have a yellow question mark over their heads.  You can stop and talk to them, and accept or deny the quest.  Right in the beginning, I found three people who needed help with something, mainly fighting off the “bad guys” who were roaming the streets.  Fighting gives you experience and you earn gold and other special items, so its very rewarding.

Dueling, or fighting off the bad guys, involves using magic spells that you’ve learned at the wizard school.  These come in the form of a card game, and you and the enemy take turns casting spells.  The special effects while dueling are fantastic! I was totally thrilled by the scenes and love watching the duels.

Friends can duel with you to take out a monster, and you can duel against other wizards as well.  And, as with many similar games, you can run out of mana (the energy you use to perform spells) and life.  It’s nice to have a friend nearby when this happens because they can help heal you if your mana or life are depleted.

Controls & Ease of Navigation

I was relieved to find that the controls are easy to learn.  You can click the mouse or press “x” to talk to people, and the navigational controls are the arrow keys on your keyboard. Getting around the map, talking to people, and walking through doors, etc. is a cinch!

How Many People Can Play At Once?

The whole family can play together if you have enough computers!  There is a lot of opportunity for interaction between players, making it a blast to play with your friends and family.


This is definitely a game that is something you your kids won’t want to stop playing.  It is probably going to be great as a reward system!

Why Kids Will Like It

  • Customizable characters and living quarters
  • Mini games, player versus player dueling, player versus monster dueling, and questing galore
  • You can earn clothing, equipment, pets, and badges
  • You can friend other players online, start or join groups, and chat live as you play
  • The graphics are impressive and the music is superb!

How Safe Is It For My Kids to Play?

You can control and oversee all aspects of your child’s social interaction with other players online.

  • All usernames are pre-generated (your child can choose from a variety of different names from a drop-down menu)
  • There are two chat options – menu chat (pre-generated options like “That was fun.”) and actual text chat.
  • Password-protected parental controls
  • Moderated message boards
  • Full control over what your child sees while playing (see image below)

Although it says Crude Humor and 10+ in the rating box, I’m not entirely sure why.  I’ve been playing this game for over a month now and I haven’t come across anything crude at all.  In fact, I was pleased to find that there aren’t any revealing costumes and that there isn’t any “adult” humor to shake my head at or hope my child didn’t see/hear.  It is a very decent and clean game.  I have heard that children as young as 5 and 6 are playing the game as well, and I’m not surprised.


I know, I know, I said it was free.  And it is – at least your access to most of Wizard City is.  You also get to participate in player versus player dueling practice and are able to decorate your dorm room or a Wizard City house as a free member.  For full access to this extensive game, you have a few great options:

1.  Pay as you play using Crowns. This means you will pay $1 to $3 per area and will be able to eventually buy all access to all areas with individual one-time purchases.  You’ll also have your own castles and lands to decorate and will have access to numerous other features.  You can also earn crowns by inviting friends!  I recommend emailing the invite to yourself and copying the url so you can send it to anyone or embed it in a blog post.

2.  Become a monthly subscriber for $9.95 a month and have access to everything.  This will be for hard-core gamers – families who play a lot and love it.

There are also family plans, $6.95 per account (for individual family members who want to play together and have access to everything) for two or more accounts in a family, and awesome discounts when you purchase subscriptions of six months or more at one time (I would recommend that).

And in my opinion, it is worth the money, and it’s a good deal (according to my husband, who would definitely know).  Wizard101 is a lot of fun, and a great alternative to many of the game system games that are SO spendy – the ones your child will be bored of after a week.

To find out more about the plans available, visit Wizard101’s Help Me Choose page.

Final Thoughts:

Wizard101 is an addictive, fun-filled online multiplayer wizard game that I think you and your children will enjoy.  Its a genius alternative to the popular but expensive online (and game system) games available nowadays, and I love that parents can control all of the online interaction and keep their kids safe.  This is doubly a great game to introduce to your family because adults and children alike love it!

I like that it is free to play online even if you don’t have access to everything – it is still a lot of fun, and its nice that you can try before you buy for as long as you want! I recommend giving it a try!

If you’re ready, sign up here! <——-  If you use that link (using my friend code), you’ll get a special gift when you sign up, a rare pet dragon!

Giveaway over – winners posted here!

I received a subscription to this game thanks to the Game Review Network and Wizard101. This review is 100% my own opinion, my own experiences with the product, and in my own words.


165 Responses to Wizard101: FREE Multiplayer Online Game for the Whole Family!

  • I love this game. I have been a member/subscriber of Wizard101 for about a year now, and I must say it’s my favorite online game out there- if not my favorite game of all! :) I know it was originally aimed at the younger crowd, but it has attracted people from all over the place, and last I heard they had over 5 million players! I share 2 accounts on a Family Plan, and I think it’s fun, addicting, has beautiful graphics, and is great for everyone in the family- young and old! I also appreciate the fact that they keep the game updated and constantly make changes to keep up with the growing amount of gamers! I must also say that they have a great support/problem center. At one point in gameplay, my fiance noticed some of his things were missing in the game. He contacted support, and they walked him through the problem, and the problem was quickly solved. I am a part of their fan base on Facebook, as well as Can’t get enough of Wizard101!

    • About the customization for a choosy person like me, the following conversation between Ambrose and his owl, Gamma, lead into a skippable test to determine what class of wizard would best suit you. Even if skipped, a short description of each type is given when clicked, and you first choice isn’t the final.
      In the ensuing battle with Mailistaire, you learn the basics of Wizard101’s turn-based card battling system and with the aid of Headmaster Ambrose dispatch his minions.It seems toappeal to several people with its Yu-Gi-Oh and Final Fantasy elements.
      And for ease of play and storyline following, as is appropriate with a game whose target audience is children, the starting city will continue to hold your hand even after you’re done with the tutorial. A detailed map of each area is provided and by clicking on a compass in the bottom-right corner of the screen, arrows to common waypoints are added to the UI. Additionally, a golden arrow is provided to guide you to wards your active quest’s next waypoint.
      Being a parent, the game meets my standards of kid safety as follows. From creation on, Wizard101 was designed for the protection of its younger players. Opposed to the selection of a potentially-offensive name, your character’s first name and surname are chosen from pre-generated options. Once in the game itself, communication between players has also been structured to limit or eliminate harassment and the spread of personal information. Parents can decide whether their children will have to pick from a list of pre-determined sentences, or if they have access to free-form chat, which is itself filtered for harmful words and phrases. The filter was built around a list of acceptable words, instead of seeking to filter specifically bad words. Sadly, this often leads to the censoring of legitimate, neutral sentences, rendering them an incomprehensible mess. You’re picking the game for the child’s safety, not for them to develop a vocabulary worthy of Shakespeare, though, right? So no harm done.
      Quests are classic, but no grinding and they’re easy to follow.Quest NPCs have been given voice down to the appropriate accent and while kill-vermin-and-bring-me-proof quests are still present (even common), they’re short and nowhere near the headache-inducing level of most MMORPGs. You’ll find yourself advancing through the initial quests very, very quickly. Although there’s an umbrella storyline (Malistaire) tying them together, each world has a unique theme and flavor. These are major pluses for players who prefer storyline advancement over senseless grinding.
      Player versus environment is, in many cases, moderately challenging. Boss battles remain a challenge, but the general monsters are predictable and relatively easy to dispatch. Battles are maxed at 4v4, with an additional monster joining for each player involved. Passing players can enter a battle in progress and all participants will receive the same rewards. This makes a great introductory MMORPG for children.
      Player housing and the crafting system are … present and expansive, but not consuming. So many MMORPGs make the mistake of assuming a developed system requires hours of hunting down resources and hours more standing in the same spot making dozens of the same item to advance. Thankfully, Wizard101 has removed most of the mindless repetition from their crafting system, as reagents are relatively easy to find, recipes take little time and there’s no true need to make masses of the same item. Housing, like crafting, is more a bonus than necessity. Houses come in various sizes and are heavily customizable, including the walls and floors of every room. Both the exterior and interior of your house can be decorated to your taste. Again, not brain busting, but requires quite a bit currency from an escellent reward system.
      Wizard101 is easily accessible by and attractive to preteens and teenagers, but fun enough to draw at least a minority group of older players. With a cartoon-like graphic style appropriate for its target audience, the title has effectively removed itself from the graphics race, ensuring its longevity and compatibility with both old and new PCs. With themes reminiscent of certain popular book series and card-based games, there’s also a sense of familiarity with young adults now entering their 20’s. This is a great gae for all ages! I highly reccomend it and hope to win this contest so my children will be able to unlock more of the game then they can with their cheap but timely subscription! :D

    • That is so true! I reported a problem and in about an hour they e-mailed me back! I worked out my problem quickly and easily, and they were so nice.

  • I’d play. I’m a dork that way lol I love MMORPGs! In fact, I’m going to go make a person now… who doesn’t love wizards???

  • Retweeted :o)
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  • I like that its a safe game for my kids to play, my son would like it!

  • I like this game because both kids can play it with their parents and no one will be bored! The whole family will play this!…Love it!

  • everyone gets to play

  • two of my granddaughters are totally hooked on Wizard101. I like that they can play and play without ever getting bored with it.

  • This game is so fun and addicting! I almost wish I wouldn’t have told the kids about it since we now all compete to get the computer so we can play! I think we need a few more computers lol! I would love to win 5000 crowns so I could get a few more worlds! I love that it is family friendly and our whole family plays! Great review!
    .-= Henrietta´s last blog ..Wizard101 online multiplayer game Review & Giveaway =-.

  • How we got involved this game is my children. I saw the commerical in Florida (when we lived there) and they went online. I saw that you can play each other. Then my daughter wanted to play then I watched them both play then I notice you cant go anywhere with out membership or crowns. That is when we notice that the new place are awesome. Then they said Mom why dont you give it try I said no I will watch and then my Husband got on it and it look cool. So I did give it a try and I have 2 grand master and working on my third. But it is fun to play with your children, and it is cool when they ask Mom can you help me in this quest. Thanks KI.

  • Wizard 101 saved me a life of boredom, i don’t know what i would have done without it. i have never subscribed to wizard 101 i have been trying to get my mother to let me subscribe. BUT i think i have worn her down a bit. i would love to win 5000 crowns that would help me so much i would just love to see the rest of wizard city and its mainly only the teenagers in my whole family who usually play this AWESOME game!!!!!!!!

  • Excellent review! I, too was thinking these games were not for me. I just never could get into video games. However, Wizard101 is different! The graphics are BEAUTIFUL! The music is SUPERB! And the action is INTENSE! It combines a card game with role-playing adventure. What a winning combination!

    Thanks for the review!

    Marcus Shadowhunter (my Wizard Name, of course!) lol

  • I like Wizard101 because it’s a social game. I can play it with my family and it gives us something constructive to do! We all pick diffrent schools of magic and work together to win battles. It’s really lovely. We all play!
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  • I play this game since over a year it’s so fun and save that i told my sister and little borther about it. We all enjoyed it and together we all made grandmaster the last lvl in game. We had so much fun doing i can’t wait when my mom will trust my 3 year old brother, Jesse, to play with us. This was a nice article that i think will get more people’s attention on how much fun it is and safe. O yea did i mention how FUN it is?

  • Wizard 101 is unlike any other MMORPG–not only does it have great graphics, sound, and duels, but it actually makes you think in planning what card to use next to finish that enemy (especially when you’re low on power pips)! The great thing for parents is that there isn’t any blood or obvious violence like there is in some other computer and video games, so no one has to worry about suddenly having their child see gore splatter on the screen.

    I first got into Wizard 101 after seeing the ad and some of my friends referred it to me. I registered, initially thinking it would be a waste of time, but from the first quest, I was hooked. After playing it for a few months and reaching level 16 as a pyromancer, I decided to get my parents in. I made my dad register first, and though at first he didn’t understand why Headmaster Ambrose had one strange eye, he loved it later. My mom has never played a computer game before, but she’s also getting the hang of it and is starting to like it. Her only complaint is that she now wants to change her wizard name, since it has the word Death in it and she’s a Life wizard. :)

    I do hope I will be able to win the crowns as I am stuck not getting in to Krokotopia and my parents are still level 3 so they do not want to buy crowns for me (I don’t have a credit card), but if not, I hope someone reads this comment and will be inspired into playing Wizard 101, the greatest adventure game ever!

  • E-mailed to three friends :)

  • I think this game is one of the best MMOs I have ever played.

    I found this out when a friend from school told me about it back in November 2008. I tried it out and it was very fun. It had amazing graphics, very nice gameplay, the storyline was cool, and it wasn’t like those MMOs that has a lot of bad players or hackers.

    A month later, I found a site called wizard101 central. Its the #1 fan site for wizard101 and even Kingsisle workers had accounts on there. I met a lot of good people such as the beta players, legendary wizards and admins of wizard101. Because of it, I could see new updates and other fun stuff about wizard101.

    I have been playing for a year and a half now. Before, I used to play other MMOs but I quit because the game wasn’t that good and the company was greedy or didn’t care about players. Kingsisle is very different. They actually care about their players, listen to them, and love to accept new ideas. Thats the kind of company I like to see. Thats why I choose wizard101. Kingsisle is a great company to manage wizard101.

    I have 2 grandmasters now and a couple others working their way to grandmaster as well. I’ve met a ton of cool friends on the game and they really helped me a lot. I also got all my other good friends in real life to play too. We had much more fun playing wizard101 than we used to on gaming consoles.

    I think that this game is very special, unlike other MMOs. I would highly recommend this game to anyone, no matter what age, no matter how good of a gamer you are to play this game.

  • Created For Kids, Fun For Adults

    While the game is made for kids, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. First, it appeals to me as an adult. Wizard 101 has done a nice job of scripting a comprehensive storyline with tons of side quests that, so far, have kept me engaged. The combat mechanic and group dynamics of team fights are simple enough for the kids to understand but deep enough to allow for complex thinking and strategic planning. They’ve also loaded in a lot of subtle humor and references that you may not pick up immediately, but will get after the second or third reference. Secondly, it’s a game that I feel very comfortable playing with my kids. The game itself is quite sticky, with various rewards and achievements sprinkled throughout a wizard’s career, which will make you want to stay on just a little bit longer each time you play. Definately one of the better deals I’ve come across.

  • i think this game is the best online game i ever played. its safe to your computer, family and friends. wizard101 has great details in the story mode and creative worlds and sound effects. if you want to live your long life dream as becoming a wizard than wizard101 is the perfect place to start your adventure. i reckon this game to any ages. overall wizard101 earned that award.

  • I’m a mother of older kids who have long ago left the house and gaming. I got into this game by accident; I have never done anything like this except for the old Zelda series which we played as a family. I’ve only been at this for a week, but I’ve seen some nice things happen: strangers collaborating or jumping into a battle to help me. I am encouraged by this spirit of cooperation when I witness it. But I have also seen too many things I don’t like: incivility, poorly masked cursing and name-calling in public places, gossip. Worse:A guy followed me into a tower (conversations can’t be viewed by the public)and asked inappropriate personal questions. And too much fighting; not enough problem solving. Graphics and wizardry are seductive;I would think twice before I used this as a reward for my kids.

    • The nice thing about this game is that parents can disable the chat settings and protect their kids from that kind of thing. :-)

      Thanks for your thoughts on the game!

  • We have been playing Wizards since the week after it was released. Our youngest son originally saw the game advertised on TV and asked if he could try it out. He and my husband played as free players for a couple of days then decided to join and created family accounts.

    I joined a few days later after watching them play … which was different for me as I had never really been interested in games before. Since then we have spent many hours having fun, making new friends and working our wizards towards Grandmasters (Level 50, currently the highest level).

    It’s an awesome game filled with many worlds and challenges, both to young and old alike.

  • I started playing this game after my son discovered it. I have been playing now for over well over a year, and love the game. I have two grandmasters, another two very close to grandmaster, and have just started two more wizards. I have made many friends in the game – alot of adults and some children.

    I also discovered Wizard101 central not long after starting the game, and am a member there also. There is a wealth of information on the site, and it is as family-friendly as the game.

    I play along with my son and two nephews, and am helping them level their wizards.

    I can highly recommend this game to anyone – easy enough for small children, but challenging enough for adults.

  • I love this game because it always keeps me entertained! Between the mounts, worlds, and all the kind people who play, what’s not to love? The graphics in this game are outstanding, and the look of your wizards and their equipment are just great! I started playing back in March of 2009 and have been hooked ever since (: The great holiday treats KI gives us keeps us pretty busy and always excited for something new! The PvP matches are always there for us if we get bored, or just need something to keep us occupied. KI updates very often making things that much better. Overall, this game just cant be beat!
    ~Megan Blue
    ~Megan Bluespear
    ~Megan Spiritspear

    Btw, great review!!!

  • Thanks for the excellent review!

    My daughters (ages 10 and 7) love this game. I dubiously accepted their gift to me this Christmas – a storm wizard named Diana Spellsinger.

    Much to my surprise, I’ve really enjoyed the game. It’s a fun activity that we can do together, especially during the winter, and we enjoy helping each other. We have two subscription accounts: my husband and seven-year-old daughter on one account, and me and our 10-year-old on the other.

    As a parent, I like the focus on working together on quests, the kid-friendly atmosphere, and the ease of use.

    As for who plays it? all of us… including my three-year-old daughter, who likes to run around Wizard City!

  • Hey lindsey!

    You did a great job on the wizard101 review!
    i discovered this game when i was watching tv, and the commercial for it came on. So long story short, after that commercial i ran to the computer and tried it out. it was a blast! i fell in love with it. i havent stopped playing it since. Winning these crowns would help me so much, i really want one of the new crown weapons they just released! the phosporescent maul *i think thats what it is called*. i know alot of people that play this and its a great experience no game player will want to miss out on.

    Good luck to all,


  • i enjoy this game because of the multiplayer aspect and the fact that we can replay it over again on other wizards. both me and my sister play and we have a blast!

  • I have played w101 since May of 2009. My son was the one who got me started because he needed my help, little did I know I’d get into it, too! Now, 9 months later, I have three grandmasters and am working on my fourth character. My younger son also enjoys playing.

  • Wizard101 is a totally awesome game that rules MMo’s

    I found this game on advert and decided to check it out.

    Once i started playing I couldn’t stop.

    Everything you need in a game Wizard101 covers it.

    It has adventure, puzzle , animation , battle and it is a game of challenge.

    This game is suitable for everyone. It is time of fun of joy when you start playing.

    I have one grandmaster.

    Everyone who is bored or who has nothing to do should play this game. Once you start playing you cant stop.

    I have been playing for a year now. I am working on a storm who is master right now.

    The other cool thing is this game is multiplayer. You can make friends with people and they can help you and you can help them.

    The storyline is awesome. You have to defeat the villian named Malistaire and stop him from his fiendish plots. Merle Ambrose guides you.

    I would rate this game 10 out of 10

    I would recommend anyone to play this game

  • Wonderful idea! It amazes me that people put their time and money into making others happy.

    Wizard101 amazes me in so many ways. Soaring the streets on mounts, or even questing with friends. The best family game; rising to thetop of the charts showing a kid friendly enviornment. Personally, I’d suggest this game to EVERYONE. Young and old, its a joy.

    ~ Olivia GhostCatcher

  • This game is definitely my favorite MMORPG. I don’t know what exactly it is that I love about this game, but it works! I guess it’s all the little details that makes this game so enjoyable for me. This game is certainly addicting but it’s a ton of fun. I’ve told lots of people about this game and I sometimes even find my parents playing. KingsIsle did a great job with this game and I can’t wait to see what’s new in store for my wizard. :D

  • I’ve been playing the past year thanks to some of my best friends who had computer problems and wanted to play it on mine, lol.

    What drew me in was the community support, the Egyptian and Norse influenced worlds of Krokotopia and Grizzleheim, the spells steeped in the mythology of different cultures, and the customizable houses/gear.

    The fact that I can meet and make friends with people from all over the world and of all different ages and types is wonderful too. It’s a social network AND an entertaining video game!

    I’ve already started playing it with my step-son now when he comes over, and many of his friends are already on too!

  • I LOVE that you can create any type of character you want, and get to design their clothes and such. My friends would probably start playing if I told them how great this game is!

  • I love Wizard101 for many reasons, first, no matter what your mood is at the moment – as soon as you log on and start playing you automatically get happy. The game is easy to play and doesnt take too long to level. Also, since Wizard101 keeps getting new things, as soon as you get tired (if you do) new things come out and you start to play again because you want to get them. You can play with your family members too, no matter how far they are in the world. My grandma lives across the country so i miss her a lot, but she loves this game too just like me so i’ve gotten closer to my family by this game. She helps me level up and for my birthday and christmas she gives me wizard101 giftcards :) This game is well thought of by the creators and is a lot of fun, everyone who plays it has fun and gets hooked. All in all, this game is fantastic!!!

  • I don’t know what it is about this game, but it is strangely addictive, isn’t it? :) Four of us had been playing this, and we spent hours adventuring together. We brought all 4 PC’s into one room so that we could talk back and forth. At one point, while we were playing, we were all laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe. I don’t remember what we had found so funny, but I guess it doesn’t really matter what it was. What matters is that it was quality family time – something we had been missing. The game was all we could talk about, and we couldn’t wait for everyone to get home so we could get back to playing. It was well worth the money!


  • Hi :)

    Great review by the way! I couldnt have wrote it better myself, but i’ll try lol. I would say this game is great because i can get closer to my family with it. Almost all my cousins,grandparents,aunts,and uncles have an account on here because last family reunion i mentioned this game and i showed them how to play and they all loved it! :) Since i dont see them everyday, i get to talk to them online. This is great because now i dont have to waste a lot of my minutes on calling them, its free now :)
    I would recommend this game to everyone from 6-106

  • Wizard101 looks very cool and i bet some of my brothers and sisters would love to play and of course i already play :)its so addicting and tons of fun! I can chat with my friends, farm some onis,and just have plain fun! Its not to hard to play and its PG and i just absolutely love it :)!

  • Wizsrd101 is the bomb!!!!!! it is the best game i have ever played! im a level 21 and a death student and am discovering new things everyday. i have looked at hundreds of reviews for wizard101 {really i wanted to see what other people thought of the game and they were not as good as this one trust me!} Also this was the most complete and understandable review i have ever read. I cant wait to finish the game and finally save wizard city and help Merle Ambros who really reminds me of dumbledore from harry potter which to some people may seem really wierd but its true! what im trying to say is that wizard101 is the best game ever made and everyone should join and get a membership so you can see the awesome worlds such marleybone look for me beccaboo996 on wizard101 im a death student

  • I think that Wizard101 is one of the best games out there. It is fun to play, and if I could, I would play it all day(my mom would never allow that). It is a relatively easy game to set up and play, but strategy is the key. You need a good deck, and friends. I have met so many nice people willing to help me when i need it, and it is nice. My brother and I both are members, and I have hopes that one day I will become a great Life Wizard like i am in the game! If i could rate this game on a scale of one to ten, it would be 100 :) I am seriously addicted to this game!

    Grace UnicornHorn

  • Hi! I have tried several other online games out there, and I have to say that Wizard101 is indeed a great deal of fun to play!

    Your review was excellent, and highlights many of the points that make this game such a stand out.

    This game has captured my attention in ways that few other titles have, and I am still finding it most enjoyable even after my Storm Wizard has reached the highest (current) level. The game continues to expand so it offers endless possibilities, with new items, quests, new worlds, and more.

    Meeting new friends and helping them is a blast and teamwork is a very rewarding aspect of the game. This game is done so well, it is easy to play, appearing to be a kids game, but it draws you in, offering so much in terms of possibilities, and room for expansion that it is a sheer delight to play!

    I have highly recommended Wizard101 to all of my friends and family, and to anyone else as well.. try it, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Hi im back i had to leave for piano so i didnt get to finish my other reply. I would recommend wizard101 to everyone and anyone and that they should aslo become a member because members are awesome!!!! The members get more experiance faster and also get to see a lot of the spiral Becomeing a member is the best thing you can do!!!!! I just finished the pyrimid of the sun and it was the best thing ever it was so fun and i gained eight levels just in the pyrimid of the sun and it was so easy and was so cool!!!! my favorite part of the game so far would have to be the different spiral rooms around the spiral my favorite one is still the bartelby one in the theme of the tree and it acctually gives you the feeling of being inside of the giant tree named bartelby. I cant wait to discover more and more of the wizard world and see what knew things await me and my other favorite part would have to be all the different monsters even though they are the bad guys seeing the way they look and how each one battles is so cool!!! I just bought my first house on wizard101 and it is so cool its my own little island that has a huge two story house and i dont have nearly enough stuff to fill my house {just yet} but outside is my absolute favorite. the outside has a waterfall and my own private woods it is so cool. so Yeah i would recommend wizard101 to everyone and that even if they are considering to join they have to become a member to get the full experiance. WIzard101 is my favorite game ever i have never played a more fun game anywhere else in the world. i log on every day and always discover more and more everyday. Just today i have invited four of my friends to join wizard101 im not sure if they joined yet but one already told me that they are not going to become a member{they are crazyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!}look for me on wizard101 by username is sierra nightcloud look for me level 21 im a death student too please look for me and become my friend!!!! JOIN WIZARD101 AND HAVE THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love Wizard101. Have been playing for almost a year now and cant get enough of it. Everyone should try this game!

  • What i like about the game is that it is diffrent from MMO because i dont have to worry about raiding! i am completly relaxed when i play wizard 101 i feel calm and relaxed. i think my boyfriend would play and i think my sister. my mom said that she doesnt have the patience for a game lol.

  • My 12-year-old son started bugging me a year or so ago to let him play Wizard 101. I researched it a bit, then created a free account and played a little myself to get a feel for the game. Long story short: We’re now subscribers, and my 9-year-old daughter has joined us. Wizard 101 is a fun, addictive game for the young and old! You can opt for your characters to use pre-scripted chat only, or you can allow text chat. The text chat is pretty heavily censored, although I have seen creative players find ways to say words that aren’t allowed by substituting letters, adding spaces, etc.. We always monitor our kids when they’re on the computer, so I peek over their shoulders pretty frequently anyway to make sure they’re not playing with anyone I don’t approve of.

    Wizard 101 often runs yearly subscription sales which make it even more economical to play, but one word of warning: You can buy extra in-game items by purchasing “crowns” in addition to the subscription price. These items are usually really cool, and your children WILL want them. We’ve found that crowns make good rewards for extra chores, etc..

    We absolutely LOVE Wizard 101!

  • i would say the best thing about wizard101 is that its great for any age any race and gender ANYONE can play and have fun on it

  • My daughter started bothering me a year or so ago to let him play Wizard 101. I researched it a bit, then created a free account and played a little myself to get a feel for the game. Long story short: We’re now subscribers, and my 9-year-old daughter has joined us. Wizard 101 is a fun, addictive game for the young and old! You can opt for your characters to use pre-scripted chat only, or you can allow text chat. The text chat is pretty heavily censored, although I have seen creative players find ways to say words that aren’t allowed by substituting letters, adding spaces, etc.. We always monitor our kids when they’re on the computer, so I peek over their shoulders pretty frequently anyway to make sure they’re not playing with anyone I don’t approve of.

    Wizard 101 often runs yearly subscription sales which make it even more economical to play, but one word of warning: You can buy extra in-game items by purchasing “crowns” in addition to the subscription price. These items are usually really cool, and your children WILL want them. We’ve found that crowns make good rewards for extra chores, etc..

    We absolutely LOVE Wizard 101!

  • Though I just turned 22, I’m a fan of this game as well. Usually I have a hard time getting into a game aimed at the younger age groups, but this one was definitely the easiest to get into…and I have yet to see something in the game that makes me question why anyone would let their children play (unlike certain other mmorpg games online).

  • So many good post about Wizard 101, but the truth is ugly. Well I found that Wizard101 can be very fun, but the downside is it can also be very addicting. I rarely full a friend into playing wizard 101 because i am afraid that they too will get addicted, but since i’m in college, it’s the “good” kind of addicting, compare to alcohol. Just my opinion.

    So be a wizard when you still can and who knows, maybe you’ll get rid of your bad habits, but please, have time for your family and social life. Don’t let Wizard101 become your life. And I’m sure that you’ll find Wizard101 a place to remember.

    • I play this game with my girlfriend and we both enjoy it a lot. We both have years and years of extensive/hardcore MMO experience, but we enjoy the easy pace that Wizard101 lends.

  • This is an AWESOME game. I love the cartoon look of the game which is why my 2 1/2 year old daughter loves to watch her daddy play the game. I love the different spells and to see what each and every spell does. It’s a great animated game.

  • the things i like about Wizard101 is the fact that you dont just go around skipping through the worlds, you have to fight and work hard to accomplish things.

    Andrew Rider,
    Level 50 Necromancer

  • Wizard 101 is a great and fun game! I play it, i pay every month and have no regrets!

  • Posted for RJ (Comment posted in wrong place originally)
    rjd985 @
    Submitted on 2010/02/25 at 10:04pm

    Not too violent , but also not boring. Both my 9yr old daughter and I play Wizard101 and love it. My wife is also starting to get hooked.

  • My family has spent a lot of time together on Wizard101. We level together, pvp together, and have loads of fun! I am confident this game should be recommended to all children and adults of all ages. The only down side it that this has been hurting my wallet a bit ever since the new crowns shop. Other than that, Wizard101 is truely phenominal.

  • I love this game. It is awesome how you can customize everything from your looks to your deck to your house. My little brother and I play using crowns to buy areas, but we ran out and are stuck in Marleybone :(

  • The bad is there are more bugs and frustrations with the game that would leave most gaming sites vacant. However,there is an endearing quality about the game such as the interaction with people, and other world atmosphere that once you get into the game it is very difficult to pull away from. Yes there is technically better out there, but the nuances far outweigh the importance of the mechanics.

  • Wizard 101 IS THE BEST!!!!!It is so cool! My favorite part about it is the cool spells. My favorite spell is the Vampire because it does twice as much damage as the Ghoul spells and also heals you twice as much! Me and my brother both play and we love it!

  • This is an awesome game. I’m a grandma who plays and my grandson absolutely loves it too. P.S. He’s 3. :D

  • this game is awesome the cute graphics combined with intensive game play make it great for me and my sister to play the ninja pigs are for sure my favorite part of this mini hogwarts type adventure

  • I’m close to 50 years old, I played this game with my 3 kids ages 5,9,10. My oldest and I went to level 50 together and we learned a lot and had a great time. Well worth it for a year of fun.

  • With my 2 PC’s and laptop, me and both my kids (6 and 9) can play at the same time and we have a blast. It’s a game that kids and adults can enjoy on many different levels and for many different reasons whether playing with friends or alone. And the crown micro-transaction system means I don’t feel like we’re being punished for taking time off from the game of just playing at a slower pace.

  • hi
    i am a sorcerer and so far i have loved everything about wizard101. The settings are great and the gameplay encourages teamwork. I also like the fact that there is so much to do in this game, and the thrill of getting a big hit on enemies cannot be replaced. Me and my brotehr play this, but i think everyone in my family would play if they had the time

  • I love this game! My 10 year old son got me hooked on the first day. We can play together, or I can feel confident that he’s safe on his own with the parental controls. We’re just starting out, but I can’t wait to see what’s in store as we unlock more areas. The graphics are beyond imagination, I even get chills on some of the spells! And the choice to play for free, or pay for certain perks is also a huge bonus! Now all we have to do is get hubby hooked on it too! 8-P

  • I used to play this game,and it was quite fun, I got to level 50 (Using Subscription) and then I was basically done. But that isn’t really the main reason why i stopped, the reason was because of one word: Greedy. I mean I was already paying 10$ a month, and to get cool stuff I had to pay even more money for these “Crowns”. And now they are releasing tons of stuff for crowns ONLY. In most games, You pay the subscription and you get the full game, Stuff and all, but this game is a different story. Well, I occasionally check back to see how things are going, and they don’t make many updates so…. But anyway! It’s a really fun game, Once you start you can’t stop, but just make sure to watch your wallet :D.

  • I really like the houses and how you can decorate them and such. I also liek the vast amount of custimization for characters such as clothing and weapons. I use crowns so it’s getting very exspensive.

  • Wizard101 is a great game in general and I am sure anyone can enjoy it anywhere in the world no matter what age.

    P.S. Great description to the game, very clear and easy to understand :-)

  • When I discovered Wizard101, I hesitated for a couple days about whether or not I wanted to download it. In the end, I decided to try it out and am really glad that I did. Wizard101 is both safe and fun, though incredibly addicting. Because I am still in school, I play Wizard101 after I finish my homework and it is a great way for me to relax after studying. The friends I made on Wizard101 are awesome, and it is amazing that we can connect with real life friends as well. You rock, Wizard101!

  • The best part i think is being able to play with my friends, challenge myself in enemy battles, or challenge myself and friends in pvp and see who is the best strategist. If i win i share half of what i get with my lil sis :) she is a crown player instead of subscription. THis way she could go on more roads with me, and we fight more together

  • Wizard101 is awesome! I am a level 33 ice and death. My wizards name is Taylor Winterhammer. This game is so much fun. My membership just ended recently, and so i just thought i might shot a comment up.

  • This game looks like world of warcraft but fine tunes it to be more family friendly. The card base attacks is what I really enjoy, very refreshing from the hack and slash of other MMOs. I love how people can jump into fights with you and not steal your mob or over camp a boss mob. The mini game idea to get mana back is brilliant. Wish Everquest did this when I played would have made getting mana back much more enjoyable.

    I’m only level 8 and enjoy it so far. I know most games of this type run out of content at the end. This is what makes or break most MMOs. Conan ran out of content and was a full of bugs. With Conan the video lag was so bad it was unplayable. I had a very high end PC and nothing I tried would fix it. Wizard101 been lag free and smooth as silk.

  • The thing i like the most about Wizard101 is all the wonderful people i’ve met :D!

    I’m currently trying to get my mom to make a wizard, she says she’s afraid she’ll get hooked on it like i did.

  • I like it because it isn’t like other games. You get to find things like the Smiths.
    Some other games its all fighting and fighting. This isn’t.
    You get to have pets that FOLLOW you.
    You can get a mansion, house, palace. With lots and lots of furniture.
    It has a beautiful 3D view. It has beautiful sounds.
    You get to try finding the hidden things around wizard101.
    I love the clothes, they make COOL clothes.
    Best of ALL, you get to go around other islands, you won’t get stuck in one island the rest of the game. You get to see other things, other creatures. In the other islands.
    I am trying to impress my cousin to play this. She likes Harry Potter, since this is a wizard game she really SHOULD play it.
    I am also trying to impress my uncle to play it. He is a teenager. And loves XP games.

    ADVENTURE!!!!! ~~wizard101~~

  • Definitely an enjoyable game. Decent graphics, and being free is a big plus. I’ve got at least one relative that I know of that plays it, and a couple more that might play once they turn ten.

  • My family and I have been playing this game since March. Until recently we only had one computer to play on but we bought laptops for everyone for Christmas and now when we have family night we play the characters created specifically for when the four of us play. It’s great that we can find a game the entire group enjoys! They have done an excellent job with this game!

  • What I like most about wizard 101 is that it has yet to bore me. I am a person who gets easily bored especially with MMORPGs. The new scenery and challenges are always fun at first but then it turns into a game of smashing the buttons. Wizard 101 is AMAZING because, every battle is different. It is also fun to make multiple characters, unlike on games like toontown, you can choose different schools of magic which all come with their different strengths and weaknesses, you will never go through the game and have the same gaming experience. This game is also packed with strategy, no boss battle will likely be the same. I have had an extremely easy time fighting a boss but, the next time I fought that same boss just found it so much more challenging. Wizard 101 is packed with places to explore and new spells to where in my opinion you wont get bored waiting for new content, just the dueling arena alone where you can show off your characters awesome skills will give you enough to do. At this moment my little sister and I are the only ones who play wizard 1o1 but, I think I’ve caught my dad watching me play before lol… I honestly think this is a game my whole family would enjoy.

  • Why do you like Wizard101?
    Hmmm……It is simply AWEsome.I love the graphics, and payment options. The gameplay is nice to. The questing could use more creativity. I mean the whole “kill umpth-teenth numbers of whatever monster” gets a little tiresome. But all and all a pretty awesome game.

    Tell us something about your Wizard101 character?
    My name is Gabriel Shadowsmith. Me, in my splendor and sheer resilency soured through the ranks, and now I am amazingly at the astounding level of 26. I have several pets. King Chico, a blue and light brown quirky little pig….Lucky a weird egomaniac cyclops….Mister Gizmo, a pig who decided to get some tatoo’s and as of late, Rascal an interesting subspecies of dangerhound. I was drawn from the begining to the school of myth (the best school). And apart from doing Mr. Personalities laundry, It’s been fun. Well. I’m sorry, but I must be going. Farewell.

  • I love this game, simply because there are so many friendly people; I love how you can have a Buddy List! Even though I’ve gone through 4 grandmasters, I never can find this game boring, because each School has a unique taste when going through the worlds. Some may be harder than others to master, but at the end, it was really worth the effort. I still am excited to learn a new school spell, currently working on leveling up an Ice (:

  • I am a mom that was looking for something fun to do with my son. I first started the game to “check it out” I read everything I could find. Then clicked the play button, what a colorful, fun game. I truly love it. My son joined me a few days later after watching me play. He couldn’t help himself.. telling me what to do and where to go. He was beginning to like the game without even knowing it, that following day, we set up his account. :) I am very happy this game is available as a free trail, gave us the chance to see if we liked it or not and if it is the right game for us. … IT IS! I love the scenery and the effects of the spells, pretty neat stuff.

    MY character is only level 10, I’ve only just begun but I can see that I will play for awhile, my son on the otherhand just started and is already imaging high level playing. We plan to play a lot together, it going to be great. :)

  • i have a lot of reasons to love this game. first of all it is very addicting and plus it has cool battle effects and gameplay. i love games like that, even tough I play a lot of online games such as evony and stuff i think wizard101 is the best i ever played so far! it is the coolest game ever, so why not like this game! i recently got a 10 dollar gift card from my mom and then finally got access to everything, i was a level 16 and at the end of it i became a level 45, cool right? that sure is a lot of leveling up, i even surpassed my strong friends in quests that have had access for as long as i know, they would ask me how i did it and i would say i love the game and love to play it, it is the best online game ever! in my family i think my mom would most likely try it.

  • my charater is a level 45 life and fire wizard who is always helping out friends around the spiral, each day i get at least five emergencies from friends saying that they are about to die. so i quit doing my quest and jump in and help for as much as i can. I am that kind of character that rarely dies and is always on task. I have four pets, luke was my very first pet and is a dragon that i have had for over a year. my second pet is sir bruno, i named him this because i have a cousin named bruno who i miss a lot and is far away from, this is my favorite pet because it makes me feel like i am with my cousin bruno. my third pet is boris and is a cyclops. i earned him from penny dreadful”s quest. my fourth and last pet is miss june, a piggle that i got from my gift card. well i am currently trying to level up and get the quest for the spell rebirth, my favorite spell, I have a castle in mooshu, it is my first and only castle, i love having swords and blades and a lot of armor to fight with.Wizard101 is the best game for whether you are 6 or 106! I like that saying. well if you need me i am mostly at dragonspyre and in the realm called vampire. right now i am in the crystal cave and almost getting to malistaire. so if you need my help I will be more than happy to volunteer! so contact me if there is anything I can do for you.

  • I love Wizard101 mainly because it’s so easy to navigate and is not confusing for new players, which drives me nuts in other games. It’s colorful, the bosses are really fun and the quests are great.

  • The greatest part of this game is that we have everyone in the family playing from my mom in her 60’s to my son who just turned 4 (there are 10 of us in all). We all have a blast and have plenty to talk about when we get together!

    Thanks you Kings Isle!

  • I like Wizard 101 because anyone can play it and have fun, no matter what their age is! It’s easy to navigate and understand.

  • I just love this game. My entire family plays the game starting with ages of six years old into the sixties, age does not matter when it comes to this game. I have never been into the online games but this has me hooked. This game not only allows you to quest alone but also with friends and family. I would like to thank the developers of this game, it has drawn my family and friends together in a fun and exciting time.

  • I currently have three grandmaster Wizards: Fire, Storm and Myth. And slowly getting my other wizards up-to-date as Grandmasters. I’ve been playing Wizard101 since May of 2009 and still love it since then! I’ve become an overlord (have more then 1,000 Arena Rank) on all three of my grandmasters, and have become a master at the Arena. Ever since my friend invited me to Wizard101, I never regretted it! I have invited both my parents and my brother to this game a couple months ago, and they simply adore it.

    Why do I like Wizard101?
    Well, I play a lot of multi-player games like this, but quit them all for Wizard101. I simple love the graphics and animations, quests and duels, etc. involving Wizard101.

    A little more about my Characters?
    My grandmaster fire, was my very first wizard haven’t regretted making him in the first place. I worked long and hard at each of the Worlds with him, and slowly worked myself to the top in the Arena.

    Grandmaster Storm, pretty much the same description as Fire, however I do love storm the best. We may have low heath and fizzle more commonly. But the spells that come with it are just truely amazing! My favorties are: Tempest, Storm Lord and Trition.

    Grandmaster Myth, I created this one about a month ago. I simple just love a few of the spells in the Myth School, and like how interesting the spells can be. Double hit with just one spell? Yes, can take longer to double up on traps, but it’s worth it!

    Adept Life, my newest character started last week! I have seen a lot of the spells in the Life School I will learn later on, and can’t wait to learn them! Currently this character is a Knight in the Arena!

    And this so concludes my Review. I am glad so many people love Wizard101 and I simply can’t wait for more Updates: More worlds, Level Cap raised, new spells, etc. And the more players that the game has, more money for KI and then better gameplay for us fellow players! See you in the Spiral!

  • This game is great and I love it so much! The fun-friendly atmosphere, the friendly colors, everything is just awesome!

  • I am absolutely addicted to this game. I purchased the full year subscription when it was on sale for about $60. Well worth every penny.

  • My family Wizard101 group now consists of my 10 year old grandson and my 7 year old grandaughter and their Mom! and of course last but not least ME! We have lots of fun weekend times all playing simutaneously.

    I had other subscriptions to few other MMORPG’s but since we all started Wizard101 I found myself cancelling them as no one stays out of Wizard City long enough lol. We do enjoy it and sometimes I have a grammy reward I give out for good behavior which is a Wizard101 Game card purchased from our nearby Rite Aid.

    We can’t wait to see if any other cities become available in the future:-)

  • My 9 yo son loves to play this and keeps asking me for the membership. I have never actually played myself.

  • I like the pvp on the game. probaly all my siblings would play this.

  • My wife and I play along with all three of our kids. There is more than enough to keep all of us interested. Even after my wife and I maxed out our characters, we have still found reasons to play. I am collecting one of each pet that is dropped in the game and play in the PVP arena where I have achieved Warlord rank. My wife is trying to earn every badge in the game and pick up one of each housing item. The kids love the animations and the social aspects of the game. My daughter spends more time socializing with the other kids than she does questing, so her progress is very slow. All in all, I think that Wizard 101 is one of the best family games to come along in quite a while.

  • My three children play as do myself husband. (ages 10-40) As everyone has different tastes, they do not all like the same things, yet, there is plenty for all to do. I do not like PvP but the other 4 in my family do, my husband and I tend to do crafting (myself, more so) but the kids find that tedious. All of us like leveling and are looking forward to the opening of the newer upper levels. I could go on and on.

  • My kids saw this advertised on Cartoon network and asked if we could play it. Since we had just got DSL (from dial-up :() I said sure- Well we have been playing for 3 weeks and our character is a rank 32 ( I think we have spent to much time playing it) It is very fun and the boys love it (ages 5-6) Most of the time they have me controlling the character unless we are in a safe zone (ie Commons, Ravenwood) This is a great game and encourages thinking outside the box for kids and planning ahead.

  • i LUV this game. it is SOOO addicting in a good way. i havent played very long but i like myth peoples

    under ALL circumstances this comment and I are very awesome!

  • Wizard 101 is a great game. Unlike some other online multiplayer games, this one has such a unique combat setup, such unique characters, and such a safe environment for everyone to play in. Some games are intended for children, other teens, young adults, or adults. This game is intended for EVERYONE to have fun, relax, take some stress out. Playing one hour seems only like a minute; this game is so well prepared with so many features that are easy to understand and use.

  • Hi Everybody!!
    i have a lot of reasons for why wizards 101 is a good game.

    1) it is free!
    2) i can make my own character and choose his name!!
    3) my brother and my sister play it so we help each other and it is very fun
    4) the crowns items are really really cool. even if you do not buy crown,you can still win awesome clothing through battles :)
    5) there is a lot of different things you can do like, quest, talk to friends, help people in danger, explore, shop, and fight other wizards!
    6) this game is SOOO addicting. i can still hear the music of wizards 101, even if i am not on the computer! sometimes I dream about the game too!!!

    Thank you For reading!!

  • Hey. I am another fan of w101. My character is a Magus Pyromancer [Fire School]. I am working in MarleyBone. I love to help other people. If you need help, You can tell me. I am usually in the Satyr realm. If you see me, say Hi. My character’s name is Esmee Fire Eyes. My badge is Member Of The Watch. I am wearing a red/yellow outfit. I will be so happy to help you with your Quest.

    Why I play w101 is because it is simply COOL. I have made a lot of friends. I love to battle enemies. Krokatopia was my favorite world because I loved the Desert Setting. My Uncle plays this game. We help each other a lot. I love the music in this game, and I love the different clothes. I wish I were in Dragon Spire-The wands are very cool! There are so many challenges. The Stitch feature is SO incredibly brilliant. I love the option of Crowns, and the Player Vs. Player DuelArena is AWESOME. The Diego’s Outfits are WOW. I love w101 for too many reasons. I have only listed a few. Thank you. See you in the Spiral.

  • I just love the game, I have 2 characters- 1 is Fire and just waiting for new world to open up. The other is Ice- playing in Mooshu. I think this game is great for family fun, for everyone- kids of all ages! And if I had younger kids, I would let them play and enjoy themselves. It is better than kids hanging around on the street and getting in trouble.

  • This is about the only on-line game that I let my kids play because it is safe and I dont need to monitor what goes on when my kids are on-line. I play this game myself and enjoy playing very much also.

  • I love the wizard101 game. I started playing last year, got my grandson and daughter to play. This one way we can stay in touch with each other without tying up phone lines. I have meet allot of different people from around the world that have became friends. It so fun to play.

  • This game just gets better and better through every world. Start out free in Wizard City up to Triton Avenue, and (of course, because you will not be able to resist the temptation to) pay for a Subscription or Crown Money to continue your adventures, going on to the rest of Wizard City, Krok, Marelybone (not sure if I spelled that right), Mooshu, and Dragonspyre. Through the game I met a lot of cool friends who taught me so much about this game. I have a death grand so far. I am working on a life, who is in Krok. This game is one of the best inventions ever for Computer games~
    P.S. To Lindsay, thank you for making such an awesome Web Page about wizard 101 & letting every one share they’re experiences.

  •!/note.php?note_id=344638114218 This is the Url to my faceBook note that i wrote. Thanks, every one~

  • I would beleive that i would like to win this prize
    the stuff i like about it is that i love the game and how you cfan make some friends and hangout it is also a addicting game i go on everyday with my family that plays with me (Mom, dad, sister, brother, cousins)
    GOod Luck to how ever wins

  • Bonjour everybody! I have been played this game for a long time now. I would say, one year, about. I have two wizards on my account. My most favored part of this wizard game is the mini-game fair ground. The games are so cute, and they let one earn not only “mana” but also, “gold,” and, “clothing.” I love the wizards who help me; including my daughters, who are far beyond my point, in this game. Thank you, wizard Game creators, Kingsisle.

  • After giving up on the mmo that I played solo, I found Wizard101, and thought it would be fun to play it with my son. I don’t regret it…we have a blast. We sit for a play session every once in a while, and its some of the most fun I have all week. He picks out which tasks we’ll take on while I manage most of the controls. When we go inside somewhere, he yells out “open door”. When we “battle”, he says “go get’em” for the creature spells and “abbadabba” for the others. We laugh, high five, and cheer the whole way, even when we “fail”. And always end with a “good job” for each other. As an active mmo player/follower, heck an active gamer PERIOD (since I was 10), this game has been one of the most satisfying for me…ever.

    Great blog post. I hope it gets more parents excited about spending time with their kids. Enjoy your time in the game.

    Paul Bloomquist-Jordan

    (Oh, and in just the last few weeks, after dabbling in it a bit, my wife has now become OBSESSED with the game ;))

  • i love wizard101 because of it card system and friends.The graphics are great and the best part is that its free!!

  • Posted under wrong post – I’m putting it in the right place for him. :-)

    Good afternoon, I just happen to stumble on this through the Wizard101 website today and of course the 5,000 coins giveaway caught my eye. After clicking on the website link however, I have to admit that I was floored. This is a fantastic website and a fantastic way of getting the word out there about Wizard 101. I am a veteran of Wizard101. Hunter SilverHeart has been around almost since the Beta days. Him and I have battled many many different creatures, beings, and won over Malistaire too many times to recall. I love this game so much that I have every member of my family playing. Literally EVERY member lol. My youngest at 5yrs old lives in NV, one of my two sons live in MI, My oldest lives in MN, my fiancee, her parents, her sister and her fiancee, my parents, my babies mommas….lol and more. I have been trying to come up with a way to get the word out about this fantastic game and have not been able to come up with any ideas. I may have thought of starting a website such as this but I’m not as tech savy as you are…lol. So from a veteran player to another, thank you. Thank you for helping with getting the word out and helping people realize that Wizard101 is the best family orientated online game out there. No other beats this, nor will it. I don’t necessarily need the crowns but definitely wouldn’t mind winning. My main purpose of commenting on here to you today is to say thank you and tell you how incredible this is of you.

    See ya in the Spiral,
    Hunter SilverHeart
    Grandmaster Pyromancer/Diviner
    gnreno3 (at) yahoo dot com

  • I like creating your wizard student and the wizard duels. My daughter would love this game.

  • This is amazing. I would love to win 5000 crowns.

    Wizard101 is an awesome game and once you start playing you can never stop. It is the best MMO I have played. You can interact with objects , do missions , defeat monsters , learn spells , buy equipment , play minigames and much more. In my opinion this is the best MMO that has ever been made. KI is a great company and should have had made great success. My entire family plays this game and they love it. This truely is an awesome and fabulous game.

  • Wizard101 deserves to have an award for being the best game in 2009. The graphics are tremendous. The music is astounding. The quests are fun. Everything you do in this game is fun. This game has everything that a MMO needs.

  • Hi. I started playing wizard101 1 week ago and im lowing it. U can make a lot of characters, u can make a lot of new friends, working as a team, playing with whole family(even get a discount with family account bill) really the best game i ever saw ;)

  • I started playing Wizard101 only after my son Austin age 8yrs old started playing on the game, and I as a parent I wanted to check out the game that he just LOVES playing to make sure that he was playing a appropriate or suitable game for his age. So I started playing on his account and after like 10-15mins. I thought to myself that Wizard101 was ok for my child. And I started thinking about the game more and more as if ” I wanted to play the game myself ” And before I knew it the both of us was addicted to the game. This game has been one of the most satisfying for me. My wife says I play on it more than our son does, I enjoy helping other wizards on their quest. and I love the fact that there is not any bad words. WIZARDS101 is game for all ages, adults and kids alike.

  • WOW! 5000 CROWNS!!!

    That’s so awesome and nice of you, Lindsey!

  • I love Wizard101!!! Best game ever! I love how you made this, makes it easier for parents AND kids to get a better view about the game and what you do it in!

    Grandmaster Diviner :)

  • I love this game! Although, I’m kind of playing it by myself (trying to get wife to play but no luck yet…) is there a way to find friends/guilds easily? I know there aren’t any official guilds here but I thought I’d ask..

  • I’m an adult who doesn’t have the luxury of using a child as an excuse to play the game. I play the game because I love it! This is the only game I will introduce to my grandchildren when they get old enough to play the game. There are a lot of us adults who play wizard101 and you can find an entire clan/guild of them at wizard101central fan site called Wizened Wizards! Come check us out =)

  • <3 wizard 101 best family game out there

  • me and my parents play all the time :)..

  • Wizard 101 rules

  • I like this game. I think it is really good.

  • i LOVE wizard101 so much that i help people triple( or more) my lvl i’m a lvl 7 death people call me noob whatever that means but i take it as a commment. i have even become a member with wizard101 central and i just started playing the game. “BEST GAME EVER MADE IN THREE YEARS”

  • Okay so my boyfriend Josh has been trying to get me interested in this game for awhile now and i’m thinkin i wanna give it a try…. is it really as addicting as he syas it is?? if so then i’m gonna need to downlad the game myself and totally own him on the whole thing. lol. thanks for the extra info.

  • hi, welcome to the game. i seen a few people gave up on the game because some kids called them a noob. dont give up people, you not gonna take a kid comment that seriously are you, besides we all start off as a noob arent we.

    best of luck to all you playing the game. :)

  • I love this game and play a lot with my 6 year old daughter. She enjoys decorating the houses, acquiring pets and naming them. She has learned a lot about things like saving up gold to buy things and online safety. I love that I can just shut off the chat, but honestly, it is such a mild game and people are generally quite nice anyway. I do not find the content scary at all.

  • We gave my son a subscription for Christmas last year. He has been begging me to make a wizard and play it with him. I haven’t done this because i haven’t seen any rules on multiplaying. Can more than one person play on the same account? If they can can they exchange the treasure cards and equip also… be onlin at same time?


  • sorry my email has been down for the past 3-4 days like lots of others (to confirm this plz visit the hotmail help forums)
    can you plz post the winners?

    thanks and best of luck to all :]

  • cool offer hope i win :) need crowns for korkosphinx so i can continue doing balance ;( ;(

  • i need crowns T_T i’m a new player and i love this game ;)

  • My son (grown) told me about this game and got me to sign up this week.

    I am really enjoying the gameplay. It is challenging enough without being frustrating. My granddaughter is going to love it.

    I had some trouble getting started, but I see that our hostess here has given a nice guide. Once I learned to hit to talk I got help right away and was on my first quest.

    This game will be easy for younger members of the family since most quests will have an arrow pointing the way to go. They will also delight in decorating their own room, something most games of this type don’t have, but that many children love.

  • I think this game is great for all ages. I think it also teaches kids of all ages and even some adults that sometimes things work better with the help of someone else. THis is a great game where people pretty much all get along together and have fun. And it is alot safer than being on the streets.

  • This Game is great for all ages. It is really fun to play together with friends and family. I play with my nephew and we do most of our quests together while we both are having a great time

  • when are you gonna give out that crowns?

  • before it said that you were gonna end this by march 2nd i dont even think your going to give out the crowns your just trying to get more people to check out your website STUPID PERSON you just wasted everyones time THANKS A LOT BITCH

  • Kristo\i, please don’t be rude. Go to the winner’s page on this website and you’ll see that the crowns were already awarded. I won and got the crowns. I really thank Lindsey for the generosity.

  • I like this games is good for my child and i think that the school should let then play. i dont why they wont these game is good and i will let my child play this game.

  • Thank you so much for the awesome review!
    I’ve got a giveaway for Crowns to 6 winners going up on Game Review Network tonight.
    .-= valmg @ Game Review Network´s last blog ..Tune Your Instruments With Strobe Tuner For Apple iPhone & Apple iPod touch =-.

  • I like the game. I think it is fun.thank you for who ever made this game.I think it is really fun and cool.My favorit thing about this game is battling and doing questes.

  • I like this game is good for my child and is fun

  • I really want crowns bit the lucky person only will win it so who knows :)

  • i hope i get the 5,000 crowns because i never been able to see how people feel with crowns and since i cant buy for my self is because i am not rich like others i hope i win it

    Thank you

  • I hope I’ll get the crowns.I love this game and I want to get crowns even if they are 1000.Thanks.

  • this games its cool cuz it has cartoons, adventures,magic, it alaso help make new friends and play with them to destroy the evil forces the are attacking wizard101 i woulsd recommende to every body its free to play but if you upgrade you have more fun

  • Hope i win :) But never have!!:)

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