I thought this was cute. But then she is mine, and I love her to pieces. :-) She loooves cups – everytime she sees me drinking something she wants a sip. And she usually gets it, lol.

By the way, she’s eight months old and still nursing but also eating solids here and there – when is a good time to start the sippy cup and what can I give her? Or should I wait until she’s totally weaned? Just wondering what you all do/did with yours. :-)

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12 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Emma’s Cup

  • She is so cute! She is around the age I introduced sippy’s to the monkey’s ( who also were nursed), I just gave them water

  • I Love Lucy and a charmed life. What could be better. Lol.

  • what a little cutie!! My kids loved water. Still do which is a great thing. If you do juice put more water than juice in the cup. Don’t want to give her the runs.

  • That is cute! Thank you for sharing.

  • She’s adorable! I did the same thing you’re doing. I started on bits of water from a sippy cup. Straight from breast to cup for me. It worked out really well!

  • What a doll! I gave Alex a sippy cup around Emma’s age. It was the no spill kind so nothing went down too fast. He was a nursed baby at the same time as well.

    Have a wonderful day!

  • Oh she is such a sweetie!! I had “monkey” drinking juice out of a sippy cup at about 9mo. because the Dr. told me she needed juices to help with her constipation problem. That was also a great platform to jump right to sippy cup and NO BOTTLE after nursing. She went straight from breast to sippy cup. (even with formula) We stopped nursing at about 10 1/2 mo. She stopped on her own!
    I don’t think she will have any problems!!

  • Oh how cute! I did what a lot of previous people have done. I started with water at about that age.

  • I have a 10 month old…he’s still nurses but I also feed him chopped up table food too during meals. We aren’t even doing the baby food thing anymore, though he does have 8 teeth already. He loves it. He has been using a sippy cup for a couple months now. Pretty soon it’ll be time to introduce the whole milk. Get your child used to the sippy cup before then and you shouldn’t have too many problems.

  • She is precious!! I would just give her a sippy cup (of water) during meals.

  • I love this! Sippy cups are fine at this age! I nursed Graham as well.. and he got a sippy cup at around 8-9 months. He would’ve gotten it sooner if he had the hang of it sooner. I put 1/4 juice and the rest water. I found that the ones with straws work the best. The dentist also said these are better because the juice doesn’t pool around teeth. Just nurse like normal and offer the cup here and there….if she is like Graham… i just left one sitting out because he couldn’t figure it out… the more I left it out.. the more he tried. It won’t harm your nursing if you have made it this far!

  • Very cute! I only nursed my second born for 8 weeks but my first born, only daughter, nursed for 9 months and weaned herself off it, had no interest so I think I started sippy cups around then. I wish I could be more help but I am nursing a 5 month old now so uncertain when I will allow him to have a sippy… What an adorable little girl you have though! I miss when my Ki was that little!! ((HUGS))

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