You Had Me At Goodbye ♥ Tracey Bateman
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

First of all, I want to say thanks to Kristi at Stamped With Grace for this series. Check out her site – I won this entire series there!

Did you see that I gave this book five hearts? I loved it! Seriously, I didn’t even know I could enjoy chick lit this much. Usually I start getting bored toward the middle or end, but this was totally different – I think I’m sold on Tracey Bateman’s chick lit!

You Had Me At Goodbye is the second book in the wonderful Drama Queen series, which features three roommates and best friends, Tabby (an actress), Laini (an aspiring interior designer), and Dancy (a writer/editor). I enjoyed the first book in the series, Catch a Rising Star, which gave us a look at Tabby’s life, but You Had Me At Goodbye was even better!

For Dancy Ames, sparks fly with her boss at Lane Publishing, handsome senior editor Jack Quinn. But when he causes her to be fired from her beloved job, even his adorable English accent doesn’t appeal to her anymore. That’s what she keeps trying to tell herself anyway. Suddenly Dancy isn’t sure which direction her life should go. Should she focus on writing her book or apply for the job as senior editor (the title she really wanted) at another publishing house? Like most of us, Dancy learns about trusting God the hard way – by having everything stripped away from her.

From the very beginning, I loved Dancy Ames’ personality and could relate to her desire to be stronger.

(pg 15) Why do I let people roll right over me? I can be strong when my friends are in trouble, so why can’t I stick up for myself?

She needs a backbone and is the first to admit it. She’s like me in that she finds herself worrying about offending other people too often (I don’t think I can do that. Can I? I mean, wouldn’t it be rude? And Mother would be mortified.). Despite how much it hurts her, Dancy doesn’t want to offend her mother, offend Floyd, the guy her mother has pushed her to “date” since Junior High, or talk to her boss about a promotion.

The things that made me really love this book:

There are excerpts at the beginning of each chapter from the book Dancy is writing, Fifth Avenue Princess. It is so obviously based on what she wishes her life was like at times and it had me laughing out loud. In it her character’s parents are angelic, selfless missionaries, she is able to firmly let her boss know he’d better give her a promotion or he’ll lose her, and she has two very eligible men vying for her affections.

I like that Tracey Bateman’s style is not overly preachy – the God element was subtle and yet profound. Dancy doesn’t attend church regularly and isn’t sure about what she really thinks of God, of trusting Him. After a particularly trying event, she feels that God is failing her and she doesn’t know that she wants to trust a God like that. She pours out her heart to Nick, the gruff but loveable owner of the coffee shop she frequents (who she has affectionately nicknamed Mr. Mafia) .

Tears flicker in my eyes. “I just really thought, after I started reading the Bible and praying, that God was going to make a difference for me.”
Nick gives me a long look, long enough that I start to squirm under his scrutiny. “You got it all wrong, princess. You don’t seek God to find happiness. You seek God to find Him. Whatever comes along with that is icing on the cake.” (Pg 147)

I recommend this fun read to anyone who enjoys chick lit, but especially to those who think they don’t. You should give You Had Me At Goodbye a chance to reform you. :-)

Next up will be That’s Not Exactly Amore, the next book in the series. I can’t wait to read about Laini!


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