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Canadianviagras.com Review: High Rated Online Pharmacy with No Reviews

What is Canadianviagras.com?

Canadianviagras.com provides no self-introduction. So we had to explore the FAQs section to find at least some information. We found out, that they specialize on generic drugs for erectile dysfunction, which can be delivered worldwide except some countries in Asia. They claim to sell only high quality medications produced in India, licensed by an Indian state, approved by Indian FDA company.

Drug Assortment

Canadianviagras.com assortment is rather curious: they offer 14 drugs for erectile dysfunction (Viagra, Viagra Soft, Viagra Professional, Viagra Super Active, Cialis, Cialis Black, Cialis Professional, Cialis Super Active, Cialis Soft, Levitra, Kamagra, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Propecia) and only 2 antibiotics (Amoxil, Zithromax), that look strangers among impotence drugs. They claim that all medications are produced in India. The online pharmacy offers generic medicines only. No doubt, the range of products can’t be considered wide, and the presence of 2 antibiotics in the catalog remained unclear to us. For this reason, the pharmacy gets 2 stars for this unit of our review.

Canadianviagras.com Pricing Policy

All drugs presented at Canadianviagras.com are generic products and they are supposed to be much cheaper than brand name medicines. We decided to check the prices of the pharmacy to find out whether the customers can make beneficial purchases here:

  • The minimal price for Generic Viagra starts from $0.69 per tablet (but other online pharmacies offer $1.55 per unit);
  • The minimal price for Generic Cialis starts from $1.30 per tablet (but other online pharmacies offer $1.65 per unit).
  • The minimal price for Generic Levitra starts from $1.50 per tablet (but other online pharmacies offer $2.10 per unit).

Canadianviagras.com prices

No doubts these prices for ED medications are very low if compared to other online stores. Canadianviagras.com operates on the principle: the more you buy, the more you save. We see that save $269.95 if we order 180 pills of Viagra instead of 10 pills. This is a very good saving. Considering this, the pharmacy receives 5 stars out of 5 for this unit of our review.

Shipping Policy

According to the information stated on the website, the pharmacy ships to all countries of the world, except some countries in Asia. However, as we have learned from the Live Chat of canadianviagras.com, they actually do not ship to many countries, including Germany. We were very disappointed with the fact that the store has provided incorrect information about delivery.

They offer only two delivery methods:

  1. Trackable Courier Service (delivery takes 5-9 days, );
  2. International Unregistered Mail (14-21 days).

However, the pharmacy indicated that the delivery date can vary and cannot be guaranteed. Besides, a delivery can be extended due to the customs inspections.

The shipping costs make $10 for Trackable Courier Service and $30 for International Unregistered Mail. However, they may vary depending on the country of destination, the amount of items. If customers want to learn the exact shipping cost, they need to add the chosen products to the cart and proceed to checkout.

Canadianviagras.com offers free shipping only for orders starting from $150 or more. In this way, the pharmacy expresses its gratitude to customers.

The pharmacy holds a refund policy: in case the package is damaged or lost, they promise to resend the order for free or refund the payment.

We consider 3 stars out of 5 a reasonable score for this unit, as the pharmacy does not offers free delivery for all orders, does not guarantee the delivery date and provides an inaccurate delivery information of the website.

Canadianviagras.com Payment Options

On canadianviagras.com, customers can pay for their orders using credit cards of Visa, MasterCard and American Express, while other webstores offer much more payment methods.

Canadianviagras.com payment options

Considering this, the company gets 3 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Page Loading Speed

We checked the loading speed of the website using Google Page Speed tool:

Canadianviagras.com Google Page

These indicators are very low and show that the site needs optimization. They have to improve these indicators if they want to attract more customers and make them return or more items. We give canadianviagras.com only 1 star for this point of our review.

Checking a Mobile Version

Canadianviagras.com has a mobile-friendly version of the website, which is a real advantage, since nowadays the majority of customers visit e-stores from their smartphones – and pharmacies are not an exception. The mobile version of the company website is organized in a mobile-friendly design pattern. Interface elements, images and text are enlarged, word count is reduced, secondary information is removed from the main page. As soon as you visit the site, you see all the products of the online pharmacy.

So, we can say that the mobile version satisfies all customers’ needs. Probably, mobile users can have a good shopping experience on this website. For this reason, we give the company 5 stars for this item.

Secure Connection Availability

Canadianviagras.com promises to take reasonable steps to protect customers’ personal information because they take their security seriously. They claim to check daily for any security risks with the help of such reputable companies as McAfee and Web Safe. When proceeding to checkout, customers are promised to be redirected to the 256bit SSL secure pay page. When we checked the security of the page, we found out that the website uses only 128bit SSL secure pay page, which is considered a medium security level. The security level is verified by GeoTrust Inc.

secure connection

We found no information who the website belongs to (this information should be next to a green lock). For this reason, the online pharmacy receives only 3 stars for this point.

Checking Antivirus on the Website

In addition, canadianviagras.com does not use any antivirus program, which may alert some customers. They can not only lose their private information, but also catch viruses, worms or unwanted adware when visiting the site. The pharmacy doesn’t care of customers security, and this fact spoils canadianviagras.com reputation. We give 1 star out of 5 for this point.

Convenience of Ordering from Canadianviagras.com

The pharmacy accepts only orders placed on the website. Unfortunately, they do not accept orders by e-mail or over the phone.

The ordering process is quite easy on the website. They require no registration to place an order, so we can save much time. To place an order, customers only need to follow the following steps:

  1. Select the product presented in the catalog;
  2. Click “Add to Cart” to add the item to the shopping cart;
  3. Choose the amount of item you wish to buy;
  4. Click “Checkout” button;
  5. Provide the personal information, which is required;
  6. Click the “Submit transaction” button;
  7. See the notification that the order is accepted. They will also send the message of order confirmation on your email address.

We found it’s convenient that the website offers an opportunity to change the currency and language:

Canadianviagras.com ordering

Another advantage is that canadianviagras.com has organized the drug order information in a convenient way: customers can see the cheapest version of the drug and the amount they save:

Canadianviagras.com ordering2

For all these reasons, we give the pharmacy 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Canadianviagras.com Legitimacy

Rating on ScamAdviser

We decided to check the website reputation on ScamAdviser. The online service rated canadianviagras.com above the average level. The online pharmacy has a 86% trust rating, which significantly improves the status of the pharmacy and may prove its legitimacy.


ScamAdviser claims that the website is 100% based in the United States. Its popularity is not know. The website is being constantly refreshed. Domain age is 1,5 year, which is a short term for an online pharmacy. However, the website has already managed to gain a high rating. All in all, ScamAdviser considers that customers can order from this website, though should be careful. Though the website has a high trust rating on ScamAdviser, we can’t give them a perfect score, as the pharmacy is new and has no feedback. They receive 4 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Prescription Request

According to the information, placed in the FAQs section, canadianviagras.com asks for a valid prescription for some products in the catalog. As they say, their customer support representative will call the customer and ask for the prescription only after he complete the order. This point is not clear to us. Why not divide the products on prescription and OTC right in the catalog? Especially when they have only 16 items available. Obviously, the pharmacy wants to show that they have a responsible approach to selling medicines. We suggest they would never ask for prescriptions. For this reason, they get only 2 stars for this unit.

Checking Website Using LegitScript

Canadianviagras.com is rated as a ROGUE pharmacy by Legit Script.

Canadianviagras.com LegitScript

The website is considered rogue, as it does not meet Internet pharmacy verification standards according to Legit Script. This was the only explanation we could find about the bad reputation of this website. For this reason, we give them 1 star out of 5 for this item.

Canadianviagras.com Reviews

Customer Reviews on Canadianviagras.com

To check the reputation of the pharmacy, we decided to search for customers’ reviews on the website itself. The site has no separate section where customers can share their experience, however, we found many reviews below each product’s description. All of them were positive , some – even heart-touching, and relatively new.

One customer wrote that when he order Cialis from canadianviagras.com, he started living the sexual life again. He also appreciated a very low price of the product and its quality. Others added fast delivery to the advantages of the pharmacy:

Canadianviagras.com reviews

With Viagra, the situation is the same: users write that Viagra saved their sexual life, admire a fast delivery and the strength of the product. They call canadianviagras.com the best place to buy ED medications online:

Canadianviagras.com reviews2

But we can’t 100% rely of these reviews, because they were selected and placed by the website’s administration, which would have scarcely placed negative comments and complaints on their site. So we can’t judge canadianviagras.com basing on these reviews. We give 3 stars out of 5 stars for this point.

Looking for Canadianviagras.com Reviews on the Net

Unfortunately, canadianviagras.com has no rating reputation on independent websites and medical forums. Though the online store is rather new, it could have received some feedback within the period of 1.5 years. This indicates that the pharmacy is not so popular among buyers.

As canadianviagras.com lacks reviews, we can’t assess the legitimacy of the store and say for sure whether the website is a good place to buy drugs online For this reason, the pharmacy gets only 1 star out of 5.

Canadianviagras.com Coupon Codes and Discounts

NO matter how hard we tried, we could not find any canadianviagras.com discount codes or promo codes anywhere in the internet. But customers have some option to save. Some of the current offers are listed below:

  1. A special discount which allows to buy some generic drugs from the catalog for super price:
    • If customers order 20 tablets of generic ED drugs, they will get 4 tablets of Viagra Soft for free;
    • Customers who ordered 60 tablets of generic ED drugs will get 10 tablets of Viagra for free;
    • Customers who ordered 100 tablets of generic ED drugs, will get 20 tablets of Viagra for free. Canadianviagras.com special offer
  2. FREE shipping if a customer orders meds for the amount of $150 and more;
  3. 5% discount on the second order for the first-time buyers. Regular customers can save even more – they get 7% discount for the third and all subsequent orders.

Canadianviagras.com asks customers to pay attention to seasonal offers and discounts: they promise to inform them with up-to-date information on the website.

Though the pharmacy does not offers coupon codes, they still have some beneficial offers to save money. For this reason, we grand them 3 stars out of 5.

Customer Support

Contact information

The online pharmacy provided no address. All they have is two phone numbers:

Canadianviagras.com phone numbers

We see that these are the codes of the United Kingdom and the USA. So we may suggest that the website operates from one of these 2 countries. But why then they are called canadianviagras.com? Their Viagra is not even Canadian but Indian.

This mixed information can confuse customers as well as it confused us. We even tried to contact the company representative an clear up this information:

Canadianviagras.com location

They claim that they are located in London, UK, while ScamAdviser is sure that they are located in the USA. The online store gets 2 stars for the controversial information provided.

Trying to Get an Online Consultation at Canadianviagras.com

We were happy to find out that the website has Live Chat for instant messaging, which was active when we visited the site. We took this chance and asked them if they ship to Germany. The reply was immediate but frustrating: it turned out that they do not ship to Germany (though this information was not indicated on the website):

Canadianviagras.com Live Chat

Even though the reply was disappointing, we give canadianviagras.com 5 stars out of 5 for this unit of our review, as their customer support is organized well. The controversial information they provide on the website was reviewed and rated in the previous units.


The prices from canadianviagras.com are actually very reasonable and inexpensive, and most online stores are not able to offer such low prices. The special offers are also great, but the good pricing and beneficial bonuses are not enough for an online pharmacy to be recommended for users.

Unfortunately, canadianviagras.com did not have any external reviews from customers. This may be due to its newness – ScamAdviser detected that the website was only 1,5 years old. The positive reviews for canadianviagras.com were found only on the website’s own page, which makes them unreliable.

We consider canadianviagras.com deserves the rating of 2,9 stars out of 5, as there are not enough reviews to support the high rating from ScamAdviser. Besides, we were confused with the controversial information the pharmacy provided about its location and delivery.

Canadianviagras.com doesn’t qualify yet to be a trusted place to buy medications from. The website is not recommended for other users, as there is some risk to dealing with it. There are certainly some drawbacks that the pharmacy needs to fix to avoid a “rogue” status.