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365worldstorerxm.com Review:Online Pharmacy with a Hidden Location and Improper Support Service

Self-Introduction of 365worldstorerxm.com


365worldstorerxm.com has existed for 7 years. All the orders are processed within 48 hours. This online company belongs to EUROPHARM Group Inc. This company is located in the Chech Republic, Praha. This online store specializes in selling generic drugs approved by Indian FDA. They meet all the quality standards and differ from the original in the color and shape. This company gains popularity due to: highest quality generic drugs, fast and free delivery, safe and secure payments, money back guaranteed, free pills with every order.

Though these features are very important we are going to examine the security and legitimacy of 365worldstorerxm.com to make all customers assured it is safe to use this online service.

Assortment Diversity

This online pharmacy provides a diverse in-stock. There are 28 drug categories and medical conditions. The most popular drug categories are erectile dysfunction, man’ health, women’s health, birth control, antibiotics, allergies, ED sets, depression and etc.

drug categories

The most popular medications from various medical conditions are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Propecia, Meldonium, Dapoxetine, Viagra Professional, Cialis Professional, Kamagra, Cialis Super Active, Brand Viagra, Cialis Soft, Accutane, Doxycycline, Viagra Soft, Lasix, Brand Cialis, Amoxil, Clomid, Female Viagra. This section is known as the bestsellers. They are arranged on the front page with a specified price and a short description.


If you do not find the medication in the list of bestsellers and have no desire to surf the medical categories you are welcome to use two additional searching tools: search by letter and name. These 2 options are given on the front page for customers’ comfort.

searching tools

Finally, we really appreciate the stock of 365worldstorerxm.com. It is able to ensure customers with all the necessary preparations for any kind of medical conditions. Considering all this, we are able to give 5 points to this online pharmacy.

Prices Affordability

This online pharmacy provides the medications as pointed on the “About Us” page the prices affordable for both parties. We are going to estimate the price policy and compare them with the average prices offered by other online pharmacies. The chosen medical condition is erectile dysfunction as it is the most popular.

The first drug for assessing is generic Viagra (Sildenafil). The price pill is $0.35. This price is valuable in the case the dosage is 25 mg and the quantity is 360 pills. This price is specified on the front page.

generic viagra price

The second medication is generic Cialis (Tadalafil). The price per pill is $0.77. The dosage is 2.5 mg and the quantity is 360 pills. This price looks very attractive. It becomes affordable for the majority of men suffering from ED.

generic cialis price

One more effective means for overcoming erectile dysfunction is generic Levitra (Vardenafil). The price is $1.15. The dosage is 10 mg and quantity is 360 pills.

generic levitra price

365worldstorerxm offers brand versions of the mentioned above medications. Of course, the price will be considerably higher but this company has discounts for the second-order customers. Finally, we are satisfied with the price policy. Our mark is 5 points.

Shipping Options

This company is acknowledged due to international delivery. This company cooperates with 2 systems delivering your parcels:

  • Regular Airmail – 2-3 weeks to bring the parcel. The fee is $14.95.;
  • Express Courier System – 3-8 business days. The fee is $24.95.

shipping options

There is an option to track the parcel if you choose the express courier delivery. Some people prefer to choose the express delivery because of the possibility to track the parcel.

There is also an opportunity to get a free regular delivery. The only condition is the total should be over $200.00.

free airmail delivery

The express delivery may be also free if you buy meds for over $300.00.

free express delivery

Finally, the only disadvantage is the absence of the same day delivery. We may give 4 points for the shipping options.

Payment Options

This company offers Visa, MasterCard and Bitcoin to pay for orders. Unfortunately, there are no other means of payment. There are no wire transfer, money orders, American Express or some other means.

payment options

Sometimes, Visa and MasterCard are not enough to satisfy the needs. Our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed about the Website Loading

desktop and mobile version

According to Google Page Speed, 365worldstorerxm may have some technical problems. The page speed data is unavailable. The problem is that Google cannot be sure about the website loading. The optimization data of mobile version is low – 53 out of 100. The optimization of desktop version is medium – 64 out of 100. According to this data, we may just suppose what kind of problems may appear. People may be waiting for a long period of time while the page will be open. Using a special formula, we give only 1.3 points to 365worldstorerxm.com loading capacity.

Mobile Version

On one hand, the mobile version of 365worldstorerxm cannot be reached. The reason for this is unknown. This aspect is proved by robots.txt.

mobile version

In fact, this online pharmacy has a mobile version but full of technical problems. The first problem is that this mobile version should be several times reloaded to perform its functions. When you have completed this operation you will see the mobile version by means of which you seem to be able to complete an order. In fact, it is not true because you will be able to complete the steps until checkout. The reason for this is the secure billing page which has no mobile version. It means when you have to enter your personal data it is almost impossible. Considering all this, we may give only 3 points for such a mobile version.

Secure Connection at 365Worldstorerxm.com

When you enter any of websites look at the address line to see the “green lock”.  When visiting this online pharmacy website you won’t see this “green lock” in the address line. It means the absence of the secure connection. The connection is insecure on all the website pages.

insecure connection

When you press checkout you are redirected to a page to enter your personal data to complete an order. Pay attention to the green lock in the address line. In fact, the connection becomes secure at еры page only. The certificate is verified by COMODO CA Limited. The encryption is carried out by 256-bit. This encryption is a means for becoming sure your data is protected as carefully as possible.

secure connection

Unfortunately, this website provides no ownership information. It doesn’t influence too much the security of customers but it is better to make all the information open. Our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Antivirus Presence

Regretfully, this company ensures no antivirus. The antivirus is the means to keep your gadgets safe away from viruses and other online threats. There is a high risk of getting such problems as virus catching. Set up your own antivirus before surfing this website. Finally, our mark is 1 point.

How to Make an Order?

The ordering procedure is simple according to our experience. We have not noticed the demand to create a personal account. There is no need to register your personal data to complete an order of medications online. It is a way to reduce the time and efforts when buying the drugs online.

One more attractive aspect is the possibility to change the currency. The following currencies are available: EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, BRL, CHF, CZK, HKD, HUF, JPY, MXN, NOK, NZD, PLN, SEK, SGD, ZAR. All the prices are determined in the US dollar.

One more aspect speaking in favor of this pharmacy is the multilingual option. This website may be automatically translated into English, German, French, Italian, Spanish.

We appreciate the shopping cart. It is convenient containing all the necessary order details: free sample pills, discount code, possible payment and shipping options, delivery insurance. It looks in the following way:

shopping cart

So that, the ordering procedure is deprived of the irrelevant steps. There is nothing special to be done. In fact, it is easy to complete an order online. The only note: not to be afraid when you are redirected to another domain – https://ssl-checkout-24×7.com. It is a secure billing page of this website to enter your personal data for completing an order.

Finally, our mark is 5 points.

Is 365worldstorerxm.com Legit and Safe?

ScamAdviser.com about the Website Security Rate

365worldstorerxm.com is not safe. This company has only 4% of security given by ScamAdviser.com. It is unsafe to use this website. The country owner is unknown. But the probable website location includes several countries: the Russian Federation (1%), Canada (2%), the United States (8%). All the rest 89% speaks for a hidden location. ScamAdviser supposes this website is located in the Russian Federation but it is not a confirmed fact. We remember that any of the eCommerce websites cannot use services to hide the personal data.

The server contains 8 other domains with the data registered in the Russian Federation, Pakistan and the United States. We may claim 8 domains are not enough but we cannot be sure they are not involved in the performance of this website.

The phone number is free recorded in the United States of America. The owner is GKG.NET Domain Proxy Service. The owner city is Bryan. The domain age is 208 Days. Such a short period of existence is not enough to gain a trustworthy reputation. A little bit secure domain should live for up to 365 days.


Finally, our mark is 1 point. We cannot recommend people to use such an unreliable service.

Do We Need a Prescription?

Someone may be lucky not to provide a private prescription. Some people are obsessed with the prescriptions as a sign of a legal business. Regretfully, this online store requires no prescription. the problem is that people may suppose they will buy medications of poor quality. We cannot contradict this aspect, really. We may just suppose this company has met all the quality standards. But it is illegal to sell medications without a prescription if they intended to. We give only 1 point for this aspect.

Is 365worldstorerxm.com Legit?

Unfortunately, 365worldstorerxm.com is not legit. This website is absolutely rough. It means nothing stated by LegitScript.com is met. The requirements are not satisfied. People may come across with anything while commanding this service. It is up to every customer to decide whether it is appropriate to use this pharmacy. Ask yourself whether it is safe to buy meds putting your health at risk? Our mark is 1 point.


Reviews about 365worldstorerxm.com

Customers’ Reviews on 365worldstorerxm.com

365worldstorerxm.com provides a separate page with reviews left by customers but of what online pharmacy – that is the question. The question is that the reviews on 365worldstorerxm.com are non-unique. We have met a raw number of online pharmacies with the same feedback. The content of the reviews 1-2 sentences. They are non-informative published with unknown data. But of course, the main problem is the non-unique character. It is impossible and inappropriate to post non-unique reviews copied from some other online service. It is better not to have the feedback at all than have such. Moreover, there is no a feedback form by means of which it is possible to leave a review. So many negative items speak for giving only 1 point.

Reviews about 365worldstorerxm.com on the Foreign Resources

Regretfully, we have failed in finding any word about this company on the foreign Resources. We remember that this domain exists for 208 days. Maybe the reason for the absence of the reviews is the short period of existence. But unfortunately, it cannot be used as an excuse constantly. Every eCommerce should have a feedback full of comments and customers’ experience. Our mark is 1 point.

Discount Code of 365worldstorerxm.com

365worldstorerxm.com coupon code is unknown. we have found the field in the shopping cart where to enter it. Unfortunately, we have not any idea where to take this code. We have used a contact form to ask this question. We will hope they will answer us as fast as possible.

discount code

Every order at this online pharmacy is supplied by Viagra 100mg x 2 pills, Cialis 20 mg x 2 pills, Levitra 20 mg x 2 pills. It is up to your choice what medication to select. It is an optional function. The sample pills are independent on the order amount.

free sample pills

One more attractive option is the possibility to get free regular and express delivery. There are 2 main requirements. For obtaining free regular delivery every customer should buy meds for over $200.00. If you want to get the free express delivery you are welcome to order for over $300.00.

Unfortunately, we have not got an answer from the customer support group about the possibility to get the coupon code. Considering all this, we may give 3.5 points.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

365worldstorerxm.com provides a physical address. This company is located in the Chech Republic, Praha. The concrete address is given on the screen below:


There are 2 phone numbers specified. They are intended for the US and EU customers: +1-800-715-5341 and +44-203-318-5981. We have no information about when these phone numbers are accessible. Call them and find out this aspect.

phone numbers

This company claims they are located in the Check Republic. But we remember the data given by ScamAdviser.com underlining the hidden company location. Moreover, several countries are involved in the website performance: the Russian Federation, the United States, Canada. It is better to reveal all the contact information because it may deprive customers of troubles. Our mark for this unit is 3 points.

Customer Support Service

Unfortunately, we have no response from 365worldstorerxm.com customer support. We have sent the message by means of a contact form. We asked about the possibility to get the discount code. In fact, we have waited almost 30 hours but there was no answer. The problem is revealed that customers won’t be able to get a professional assistance in any case because they won’t be able to contact the customer care department. Our mark is 1 point.

Conclusion: Online Pharmacy with a Hidden Location and Improper Support Service

365worldstorerxm.com is an online drug distributor with a wide assortment and affordable price policy. The shipping options are accessible, as well. In the majority of cases, people are able to complete an order online by using the desktop version. There are some problems with the mobile version. The problem is that this online service – 365worldstorerxm is not legit and safe.

According to ScamAdviser, this domain is absolutely insecure. There is a mass with the website and company owner’s locations. According to LegitScript.com, this company is rough. We may suppose it can be a scam.

The reviews are non-unique copied from some other domains. The foreign reviews are not detected. The possible reason for this is the short period of existence.

In general, we cannot recommend such a service to customers. We cannot guarantee customers won’t put at risk the health because we cannot confirm the quality of the medications. They may be of poor quality produced not meeting the FDA standards. Our point of view is to find another service to buy generic or brand medications.