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4RX-OnlinePharmacy.org Review – Doubtful Company with No Customer Service

Information about Pharmacy on the Website

logotype4RX-OnlinePharmacy.org is an online pharmacy providing cheap branded and generic medications. The website sells medications from manufacturers which allow ensuring high quality and low prices. There is a wide range of products to which you can get a discount depending on the amount of your order. The pharmacy claims to provide best and effective service on the Internet. But at the same time, you can find a very controversial statement on the website. In the «About Us» page they claim to be not a pharmacy but an escrow providing secure transactions between customers and licensed pharmacies. The pharmacy provides services of a licensed physician who will check your medical history and write a prescription for you online.

Catalog of Products

If you look through the products list you can find a great variety of medications. There are about 30 categories of drugs in which you will find several items at different prices. All of the categories are presented in the right sidebar and also you may use the button «Med Categories» in the upper menu. For those who look for exact medication, there is a search bar for quick search.

Each category presents different number of medications – there are categories with 1 item and with 20, so it is difficult to quickly estimate how many medications are there on the list. All the categories are arranged not alphabetically, so it will take some time to find the one you need. They believe that they are listed according to their popularity, so if it is correct, the most popular categories are connected to men’s sexual health: ED Trial Packs, Men’s Sexual Health.

Inside categories products are presented as a list with a short description of each drug and minimal price per item. Drug page offers different prices according to dosage and quantity of pill. Also below you may find a description of all advantages of taking this particular drug in this store. Among prices, the most affordable are highlighted to see right away the special offer. And here all you need to do is decide whether to put in into your cart or continue choosing another one.

There is no option here to compare several products, as some other pharmacies provide, but this is not an obligatory option. The pharmacy claims to sell generic and branded medications, but in the most popular categories, we haven’t found any branded drug.

So considering everything we analyzed in this point, we can give 4RX-OnlinePharmacy.org 4 stars for a great variety of the catalog and a wide choice of medications in most categories.

Prices for Meds on the Website

The pharmacy claims to offer the lowest and most attractive prices for medications online. In you look trough the catalog you will see that prices are surely low but still not the lowest as they say. Besides the pharmacy sells generics as it claims but there are no widely known Sildenafil and Tadalafil. The pharmacy offers other generics for Viagra and Cialis, but these are the most popular ones. At least they offer Vardenafil, but still, I can’t compare prices for all most popular means for erectile dysfunction.

The pharmacy has one distinctive feature that makes people pay attention to it from all over the world. It provides transaction on various currencies, not only in US dollars. This feature is very convenient for people making orders in other countries – they do not have to convert their money into dollars or euro, and just pay with their local money (if they are included in the list).

Because of that, we have to compare the cheapest generics for mentioned medications. That’s why we have chosen Vardenafil, Tadora and Eriacta. Note that we compare the lowest possible prices, which depend on the quantity – the more you take, the less you pay. So, Vardenafil here costs $1.28 per pill for 20 mg, which is quite normal, though the price could be lower. Tadora is available at the price of $1.26 per pill for 20 mg, and Eriacta – $1.69 per pill for 100 mg. These prices are very impressive and it should be said that are almost as low as we expected.eriacta pricetadora pricevardenafil price

Unfortunately, we haven’t found any branded medications to compare, but it is not an obligatory option to present branded meds in this categories. It is quite possible that they have them in other ones. So, this point can be estimated for 4 stars for very low prices that allow saving a lot of money on medications.

Shipping Options offered by the Pharmacy

The pharmacy offer 2 shipping options for customers: FREE shipping and express shipping by Registered Airmail. By receipt, there will be needed you signature. 99% of medications in the product list are shipped free. You can also choose shipping insurance for $30 fee. Time of delivery depends on the destination.

Unfortunately, there is no option of courier delivery which will be much faster than to wait for regular mail. All this information can be found in the special section devoted to shipping options on the front page. Delivery methods can also be chosen at the checkout procedure, where you can also agree for insurance.shipping options

The company provides refunds only in case if your order never came or was delivered damaged. The law forbids any returns of medications to the store, so you can’t get a refund if you decided to refuse your order. These information is also given in the «FAQ» section.

This point allows us giving 3.5 stars to the pharmacy for good terms but the small choice of options. Besides international delivery will take several weeks, which in some cases is unacceptable.

Payment Methods on the Website

There is no special page describing what options do customers have for paying for their orders. But on the bottom of the page, there is a frame with icons of all payment options the website provides. So you can use:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • Discover;
  • Pay Pal.

Some of these methods are listed in the company description on the front page. Still, absence of special page for payment options may confuse many customers, who wouldn’t know where to look for this information. «FAQ» section also doesn’t provide any information on this subject.payment options

When you proceed to checkout among payment options you can find eChecks, which is not given on the front page or in any description. This is very confusing, and doesn’t make you trust the company. Because why would they provide different facts on different pages? That’s why we give 4rx-onlinepharmacy.org 3 stars for this point in the rating.

Technical Characteristics of 4RX-OnlinePharmacy.org

Google Page Speed

Check out by www.developers.google.com shows us excellent results. There are almost no problems with both mobile and desktop versions. There are of course some flaws but they are very insignificant and can be quickly fixed. Both indicators are very high so this only proves that the website is very well worked out.desktopmobile

If in the nearest future the creator of the website take some effort to eliminate some small issues in the work of the website, then we will be able to enjoy 100% in both versions. Anyway, even now we can give 4rx-onlinepharmacy.org a very good score – 4.2 stars!

Version for Mobile Phones

4rx-onlinepharmacy.org has a mobile version, but its interface is not very attractive. We would advise the administration to work on the website appearance on mobile screen. Though everything is working and there are no noticeable errors.

However, there is one big disadvantage – when you go to «Checkout» page the screen is not adapted to mobile phones, which is very inconvenient. This drawback must be fixed urgently, because those clients who prefer making orders via mobile devices will not accept such thing. It would take more time and efforts to place an order. That’s why – 3 stars in this point.

Secure Connection on the Website

In order to provide comfortable and safe shopping online many website provide the secure connection for their client to avoid data theft and unauthorized use. All people want to be sure that their money won’t be taken by some frauds. That’s why to check website’s security in this terms look for secure connection in the upper left corner of the address line. If you see a green lock and «Secure» – then the website is safe and you are protected. If not, then we advise to use another service.https protocol

Fortunately, 4rx-onlinepharmacy.org provides such security to its customers which means that the company cares about its clients and their comfort and safety. This is a great advantage in favor of the pharmacy. To view more details study the certificate of the website. The website uses 128-bit encryption, though they claim that they use 256-bit. This false information frustrates us, as we believed that the company is honest and trust-worthy. Still, 128-bit encryption is also not bad and will secure you data.certificatecertificate

So in general we can give 4rx-onlinepharmacy.org 3.5 stars for this point, for not the highest type of protection and false information to the clients to gain more trust.

Antivirus Protection

Sadly, the website doesn’t have any antivirus protection. This a great disadvantage as many clients expect the pharmacy to provide all possible means of protecting them and their data. As some people do not have antivirus on their devices, they can be attacked but some malwares. That’s why we strongly recommend to check any website for antivirus protection before entrusting your data to it. So for this point, 4rx-onlinepharmacy.org gets 1 star.

Simplicity of Ordering Process

On 4rx-onlinepharmacy.org you don’t need to create an account to make orders. Actually, such option simply is not offered on the website. This greatly facilitates ordering procedure, as you don’t have to waste your time on signing in.

Making orders happens this way: you have to choose necessary products and add it to your cart; after this, you proceed to checkout; then, you are asked to fill in the questionnaire about your medical conditions, shipping information, select shipping method and payment. You also can get a discount by subscribing to a newsletter and, if you have a coupon code, apply it. That’s it – your order is place. The whole process takes about 5 -10 minutes, it is very easy and simple, everything is clear.orderingordering

After you place your order a licensed doctor reviews it and decides whether to approve it or not. If your order is approved, the doctor writes you a prescription and the orders is shipped. So you don’t need to send your prescription or obtain one by a doctor if you don’t have one – very convenient and timesaving.

There is no information about the cancellation but the pharmacy clearly states that there is no return of the order possible. According to the law medical products can’t be returned, so you won’t get any refund if you don’t need medications you ordered any more. The only reason for refund, as it was said before, is when your order was lost or stolen during delivery.

So in general the procedure is quite simple and quick. You don’t need to register and sent a prescription which saves you a lot of time. The only moment is that you need to wait for a little for doctor’s decision, but this is not a very big drawback, so we grant 4rx-onlinepharmacy.org 5 stars for easy and fast ordering procedure.

Is 4RX-OnlinePharmacy.org Legit?

Is the Website Reliable?

Pharmacy reliability is very low according to Scamadviser.com report. 0% of safety and no visitors and comments. Location of the company is hidden as well as information about the owner. Although domain age is more than 2 years such picture doesn’t look attractive at all. Very low indicators in all issues reviewed in this report.scamadviser

The address on the website in not provided so we can’t check if an address in the report coincides with the actual address of the company. Also as you can see there are many point that make you doubt in the reliability of the company besides those we have discussed. For example, there was a malware report for this website, there is a high number of suspicious websites on this server. All this allows us giving only 1 star for this point to the pharmacy and we recommend you make sure that it is safe before making orders here.

Is Prescription Required?

4rx-onlinepharmacy.org doesn’t require from you to send them a prescription. Instead, they have a licensed doctor who checks all orders before there are proceeded and approves them. If the order is approved than he write a prescription for your order and it is sent to you. That is the way this pharmacy runs its activity.prescription

In our opinion, this is a very strange and suspicious practice. When you proceed your order you are asked to fill in the questionnaire, but the question there are of general character, they can’t show real situation with patient’s health. How can a doctor write a prescription if he doesn’t know the medical history of the person? But here we estimate pharmacy not basing on our personal opinion.

For this point, it is fair to give 4rx-onlinepharmacy.org 4 stars, as they do not actually require a prescription, but write it for patients before sending Rx products.

Legitimacy of 4rx-onlinepharmacy.org

The pharmacy is included in the list of rouge organizations on www.legitscript.com. This website check the legitimacy of other websites and if somebody files a request for a given website, this means it has some problems with legitimacy. Unfortunately, we do not know criteria applied when checking the pharmacy, but it is clearly seen that 4rx-onlinepharmacy.org doesn’t meet the requirements.legitimacy

For this point, the pharmacy gets 1 star for such frustrating results. We cannot advise this pharmacy to people as a reliable one, because of this report and we remind you to check everything twice before using this service.

RX-OnlinePharmacy.org Reviews

Reviews of Customers on the Website

There is no testimonials page on the website, so you can’t read opinions of other people who already have made orders here. It seems that there were no satisfied of disappointed customers at all during the whole period of existence of the pharmacy. This is a great drawback for any website, as it doesn’t inspire more trust, and people may get even more suspicious because of the absence of any evidence that the pharmacy operates legally and not some fraudulent company. The only way out is to look for some comments on other website in the Internet, but there is not much hope to find something worthy.

We hope that the pharmacy will fix this situation and create a special page where a customer will be able to share their opinions and experience. This is very important to show people that the work is done at the highest possible level and they can express their opinion freely on the website. That’s why for this point only 1 star.

Reviews on Other Websites

As well there were no comments on the work of the website found in the Internet. Sadly we cannot find any proof of the fact that the pharmacy is legal or at least really sells medications and not just stealing your money.

The website runs its activity for 2 years and for this period there have to be some reviews on forums and discussions. But as there are none we can’t objectively estimate the reputation of the pharmacy. Given that reports of different websites are not inspiring at all and on the contrary awaking suspicion, we would recommend you to look carefully in the internet for other people’s comments and if they assure you that the pharmacy is legal and has no problems than go ahead. But for now, we give 4rx-onlinepharmacy.org 1 star in this point.

4rx-onlinepharmacy.org Coupon Code

The only opportunity get any discount on 4rx-onlinepharmacy.org is to subscribe to their newsletter, you will get 10% discount for you order. Also, the pharmacy offers free shipping to all destinations, which is very attractive considering the fact that many pharmacies do not offers such opportunity. But these are all bonuses provided by the pharmacy. There is no coupon code, no special offers besides the first one.

Anyway, these offers are provided on the front page and are noticeable at first sight. And 10% is quite a large discount for already low prices and considering an absence of shipping fees.special offer

We decided to look in the Internet for some other offers on special websites. And we found couponfollow.com. This website gathers all possible special offers of pharmacies in one place. There we found only 1 coupon code but it turned out to be invalid. So there is only 1 way to get a discount – to subscribe to their newsletter.coupon code So considering everything we said in this point, we can give 4rx-onlinepharmacy.org 4.5 stars in this point for an absence of any additional coupon codes on the website, and mandatory subscription to get a discount.

4rx-onlinepharmacy.org Support Service

«Contact us»

The website has a special page for contact information but there are no details at all, except for contact form. So you can’t call them or send an e-mail or a letter on regular mail. We don’t even know where the company is registered. Hours of operating are also not provided. We even do not speak about live chat, as it is obviously absent on this website.

To contact the support group you have to fill in the contact form. All that is needed is your e-mail and text of the message, other field are not necessary. After you write your request, you press «Submit» button. Given that this is the only ay to contact them everything looks very suspicious.

We have nothing left to say on this point. Everything is worked out awfully and very inconvenient. You have no opportunity for live talk with a manager, so this point earns 4rx-onlinepharmacy.org 1 point.

Support Group

So we decided to check how the support group workd here, As we said above we have to fill in the contact form and send a request to them, which we did:contact form But instead of usual message that your request was send we got the following:response

This shows us that there is no support group working there. On each service page they write that you are welcome to contact them and ask any questions but in reality, you don’t have such opportunity.

We are very frustrated with the quality of the service on 4rx-onlinepharmacy.org. Customers do not get any service at all, and if there are complaints, nobody will deal with them. We do not advise you trust this pharmacy before checking everything. We allow a possibility that there is some error on the website, and it is temporary, but there is no proof of that. We have the fact – support service doesn’t work here. That’s why – 1 star.

To Sum Up…

Summing up everything said above we come to the conclusion that the pharmacy is not very reliable, and it should be treated with caution. The very big disadvantage is that there is no support service that can help to deal with problems while shopping here. Besides there is information that this website is included in the list of not recommended websites on National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. We do not think that this information speaks in favor of the pharmacy.

But still the pharmacy has good technical results and its assortment is very wide and ordering procedure is easy. These facts give some credit to the pharmacy. That’s why we give a general score to the pharmacy as 2.7 out of 5 star rating. Not so bad, is it?