Review: A 3,3 – Star Rating – Online Pharmacy with Sky-High Prices

Self – Introduction of

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AccessRx ( has gained reputation due to tens of thousands of customers by providing them with outstanding service since 1998. Team of experienced contracted physicians and pharmacists are the U.S state-licensed, and AccessRx offers only FDA-approved, brand medications.

Its billing and shipping options are performed as deliberately as possible. AccessRx is the USA based and provides customers with telephone numbers and addresses. We are going to find the answers to question whether AccessRX is legitimate and reputable. We have an idea to check whether this online pharmacy does its best to provide customers with outstanding service.

AccessRx Assortment

AccessRx offers only brand-name medications produced by various pharmaceutical companies:


All these companies are reliable, trusted and well-known all over the world. As a result list of categories and available medications in are not enormous. Overall number of categories is 9 and 23 preparations in general. Available categories are:


The most ample category is erectile dysfunction. You may find there such medications as:

  • Viagra;
  • Cialis;
  • Levitra;
  • Cialis for Daily Use;
  • Staxyn;
  • Stendra;
  • Trial Package.

AccessRx provides customers with best-sellers located on the front-page. This list is comprised of:


As you can see there are not so many medications available on this online pharmacy and they are all brand-names medications that’s why people cannot save money as much as possible. There is no enough assortment which may be in demand by people suffering not only from erectile dysfunction but from asthma, for example. There is no opportunity to find preparation according to search bar because there is no such an option. Our overall mark for assortment diversity is 3 points. You’d better to enlarge assortment.

Prices on

What attracts people the most when they go shopping? Of course, prices. We remember you that specializes in brad medications sale. Price for one brand Viagra pill in dosage of 50 mg is $87,00.

Viagra price

If you will buy brand Viagra 100 mg, cost per pill will be the same as for Viagra 50 mg. It means that you will get 2 pills of 50 mg dosage. You may see that price on is sky-high. We cannot believe in the idea to pay for one pill so much money. It is incredible.

In the majority of cases, in a fight between brand Cialis price vs brand Viagra price, Cialis wins. But more often, Cialis price is a little higher in comparison with Viagra price. But sets out the price on Cialis less than on Viagra. You will pay $86,00 for one brand Cialis 20 mg pill.

Cialis price

Prices on AccessRx are incredible and sky-high. The very few people may afford to buy such overestimated medications Our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Shipping Options

This online pharmacy is based in Arizona, and they ship internationally. Delivery for Canadian orders is shipped from licensed establishments located in Canada. Orders from all European countries will be delivered from a licensed pharmacy based in Europe. Accessrx doesn’t ship to Mexico or Australia.


They ship all orders within 24 hours. However, orders placed before 3 p.m. MST are generally processed and departed the same day, unless we require more information from the patient. This list includes:

  • wrong address;
  • missing apartment #;
  • wrong postal codes.

You may select the following shipping options:

  • overnight;
  • 2-day;
  • priority(typically 3-5 days).

But we do not find any information about what kind of shipping options they have and how much it costs to the delivery parcel to you. We find out only that you should pay $10 if you change your shipping address. Moreover, there is a note that delivery fee may be changed in some countries because of destination. There is some technical problems with a shopping cart that’s why we cannot see whether this online pharmacy provides customers with this information on checkout page. Our mark for this unit is 2 points because we believe that they provide customers with this information but technical problems prevent this online pharmacy from informing customers.

Prior we get 2 points for shipping options because this online pharmacy has some problems with checkout page but now we are able to visit this page and find shipping options and its fee:

shipping options

We see that fee for delivery is higher than average that’s why we can level up the mark for 1 point only – overall mark for shipping options is 3 points.

Payment Options accepts the following payment options:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • money orders.

payment options

If you decide to pay with a money order, you can mail it to the following address:

mail address

Be sure to write on your money order the following statement: Make it payable to: Secure Medical. including your Order ID and phone number. Our mark for payment options is 3 points.

Technical Data

Each online service should meet several technical requirements. Customers should everything the best to continue commanding its service. We are going to estimate how fast page speed loading is, is connection secure and antivirus present, the convenience of making orders also plays an important role. Each point will be estimated individually.

Google Page Speed Data

mobile and desktop

Mobile and desktop versions of according to Google page speed data are poor. They have indicators lower than average and colored in red. It means they have some problems with page loading. These both versions are not optimized enough and are likely to deliver a slow user experience. Site administration should correct mistakes and improve this website performance. This performance may be improved if you follow all Google page speed recommendations. Overall mark for this unit is 1,5. Mobile Version

There is a mobile version of but it has some drawbacks. As we remember mobile version is estimated according to Google page speed data by 57% out of 100%. They have some problems with stage “Add to Cart” because it is not working at the moment we check this mobile version. On front-page scrolling is observed. Really, we cannot continue checking mobile version because it hangs up on stage mentioned above. We are not satisfied with mobile version. This online pharmacy needs to follow Google page speed recommendations to improve mobile version performance. Our mark for the mobile version is 3 points.

Is Connection Secure On AccessRx?

secure connection

All connections and transactions are secure on AccessRx. All your personal data is protected by COMODO LA Limited Certificate and company owner is SecureMedical Inc. But here there is one drawback: your personal data is protected by 128-key bit, not 256 which is considered to be the most effective method to protect connection and transactions.

secure connection

It is very important for customers to know whether they are carefully protected while making orders and filling in credit card numbers. SecureMedical Inc may apply 256-key bit encrypting customers’ personal data. Our mark for this unit is 4 points.

Is Antivirus Present on AccessRx Online Pharmacy?

McAfeenorton possesses two antiviruses: Norton and McAfee. They are enough to protect customers from “catching” viruses. You are able to know more about these antiviruses and they are really the best in this industry. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Convenience of Making Orders Online

Really speaking, it is inconvenient to make orders via and we are going to explain to you why? First of all, you need to undergo long-lasting registration. You need to provide them with personal information which you probably do not want to discuss.


The second moment is that shopping cart is so inconvenient that it will be rather difficult for you to understand what it means. Everything is mixed and questions may arise about price and delivery options.

shopping cart

The third inconvenience is that you will have some problems with page loading and be switching to the checkout page. This online service has some technical problems. It means that there are periods of time when customers cannot continue shopping.

So that we may come to a conclusion that it is almost impossible to complete the ordering procedure on And customers should share their complaints about Our overall mark for this unit is 1 point.

Is Accessrx Legit and Safe?

Each online service should provide customers with reliable information. We are going to estimate whether accessrx is legitimate and reputable for customers who have a desire to order via this online service.

Is Accessrx Safe?

scamadviser, online security service, gives Accessrx 81% of security. It means that this online service has a lot of visitors. This online pharmacy, according to this data, is high trust and safe for use. doesn’t hesitate about website and company owner location. They are both the USA based. The address on website and is identical.

Domain age is 18 years, 207 days and its cost is almost$12,000. But there is inaccuracy – website speed is very fast on this security service but in reality, we come across with some problems of online pharmacy loading – website speed is slow. The company owner is not hidden and it inspires hope in customers everything will be ok while they order medications via There is, the reason is not explained, related to high-risk services. So that, our overall mark is 4 points.

Prescription Request

Accessrx requires a prescription and provides customers with an opportunity to communicate with a doctor online to get prescription. But in fact, we cannot fairly estimate this unit because we cannot achieve checkout stage where we will have been asked about the prescription. This online pharmacy administration points out that they have a number of physicians ready to provide you with prescription free. There is no fee for consultation, customers should pay only for medication and its shipping. As it was mentioned above we do not have any idea of how to check this information but we cannot get 5 points because we do not want to misinform people. Our mark for this unit is 3 points because they try to ease ordering procedure for customers by all means.

Is Accessrx Legit? data

AccessRx, according to, has “Unapproved” status. It means that this online pharmacy doesn’t meet any verification standards. It gives people some assurance that their medications will be delivered to them. We may come to a conclusion that unapproved status is better than rough. They do not violate customers’ rights. Our mark for this unit is 3.

Certificates of Quality proves its legitimate by means of Better Business Bureau (BBB) which gives this online pharmacy A+ status. It means that this online pharmacy is tried and tested. This online has been present on the pharmaceutical market for 18 years already. The first company name is Secure Medical.


This certificate proves that this online pharmacy is registered and licensed. You may read a detailed description of this facility visiting this website. It makes us sure that they sell brand medications legally having all certificates of quality. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Reviews about should have a number of reviews which may assure customers they are reputable and legitimate. People before making an order, get used to read reviews and make choice. Let’s analyze the reviews about Accessrx on the website itself and on foreign recourses.

Reviews on

There are no reviews on about its performance. There is no separate page giving customers an opportunity to share their meaning about Accessrx performance. We have no idea of how to estimate the number of satisfied and unsatisfied customers. We would have been glad to read something but Accessrx doesn’t care enough about its customers’ comfort. Only 1 point is deserved by for reviews.

Reviews about AccessRX on Foreign Recourses

We find a lot of reviews about AccessRX on foreign recourses exactly on They are different and written both in positive and negative manner.

reviews on foreign recourses

We may see that number of satisfied customers prevail over unsatisfied but the number of unsatisfied customers give people an opportunity to understand that this online pharmacy is real. Its performance is not ideal but they prove credibility and reputation about AccessRX performance. Our mark for this unit is 5 points because these reviews about AccessRX depicts real picture of this online pharmacy performance.

Accessrx Coupon Code


Accessrx Coupon Code is PRICE7. Everything you need to make use of accessrx coupon is copy it and insert into the necessary field during checkout. You will get the discount of 7%. It helps you save money as much as possible while making an order online. It is the greatest opportunity especially because this online pharmacy has sky-high prices. Every penny counts for people with low income who desires to buy brand medications. All people have the right to be treated with high-quality FDA-approved medications. Our mark for accessrx coupon code is 5 points. Customers, you are welcome to save money!

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

contact information provides customers with main information about the address, telephone numbers, working hours. They also have a contact form which gives people an opportunity to ask their questions which may appear. This online pharmacy is located in Arizona, the USA and don’t hesitate about company location.

They also give people a chance to get online, video consultation:

video consultation

How does it work? Online consultations use the Internet to enhance access for a patient to physician care. The patient does not get a conventional physical examination by a physician, but rather completes this secure online pool to come in contact with the physician. For your own sake, this online pharmacy requires that you have got a physical examination recently, in order to process customers’ request for medication.

We can easily grant 5 points for AccessRX for contact us section.

Customer Support Service

Customer Support Service of Accessrx in form of e-mail communication makes us disappointed because we have been waiting for its response for 24 hours but in vain. We ask the question we have problems with but cannot solve it because the question was not answered. They have live chat and we try to find an answer there.

customer support service

As you can see, we have got the answer to our question but were not satisfied with it. The answer was given immediately by means of live chat. We believe it is very odd that for 18 years no one asks them the same question. We may come to a conclusion that they do not have any documents confirming medications originality. Our mark for this unit is 3,5.

Conclusion: A 3,4 – Star Rating – Online Pharmacy with Sky-High Prices has a 3,4-star rating which seems to be average but we may offer you some facts why you will have no desire to buy brand medications via this online service. The main aspect speaking not in favor of AccessRx is the price. They have sky-high prices on all medications. In case of Viagra, you will pay $87,00 for just one pill. This price is incredibly high. The next aspect is that they have no reviews about performance on site itself.  But they have a lot on TrustPilot which prove its credibility and reliability.

This online pharmacy has no diverse assortment only 9 categories and 23 preparation in general. The main popular category is erectile dysfunction drugs but this list is also unextended. We communicate with customer support service, they answer immediately but we are not satisfied with the answer. This online pharmacy also has some problems with speed loading and shopping cart. We cannot examine how they ask customers for a prescription because they claim prescription is a mandatory condition for buying medications.

As advantages of AccessRx we may observe with 81% of security and gives status “Unapproved”. They also provide customers with 7% discount if you insert AccessRX coupon code – PRICE7 in the necessary field on the checkout page. They do not hide their location and offers customers phone numbers and live chat to cope with all controversial points.

So that, it is up to you to decide whether this online pharmacy is exactly what you need. They have no generic medications and have incredible prices but someone may find it suitable.