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Alldaychemist.com Review – A Pharmacy with Controversial Reputation

Alldaychemist.com About Itself in Details

logotypeAlldaychemist.com is an online facility running its activity in pharmaceutical business since 2002. According to what the administration says on the website – the pharmacy specializes on high-quality generic drugs produced by the most reliable companies in the world. All medications are sold at attractive prices which allows gaining popularity among more and more people worldwide.

Range of Products in the Catalog

The pharmacy offers quite a big choice if products to customers. The list is divided into 56 (!) categories, each of which at average contains 10 – 15 items. This means that here you can find about one thousand of items for different medical conditions. The whole list of categories is arranged alphabetically, so you could easily find necessary category. Also you may use search bar, if you know the name of the drug.

The pharmacy doesn’t have any narrow specialization, it sells drugs for various health conditions, but it concluded that the most popular directions are Men’s health and Eye care. These categories are separated from all others and even have quick access to them on the front page.assortment

In the catalogs you can see products arranged in a table, and find lots of detailed information about medical conditions related to this very category. Also if you want to get more details about drugs, you can view information on the same page. If you visit the page of the drug itself, you also can read comprehensive information about it and how to use it – very convenient for those who are trying the drug for the first time.

Each category offers a very interesting and convenient option – you can compare several drugs! The website generates a table where properties of drugs are compared to each other. So this will help you to make a choice if you are in doubts which medication to buy. This function is useful bonus that individuates Alldaychemist.com and makes it unique for us.

Also you can send you ideas and suggestions to the pharmacy, and help improve its work. For this the administration has put a special form on catalog pages, which you can easily fill in and send your message. But note that this is not a contact form – you should use it only for making your suggestions.

So considering that there is a huge number of medications and their diversity impresses, as well as some special functions available for all customers, we can give Alldaychemist.com 5 stars in the rating.

How Much do Medications Cost?

Prices for products here are really low, and will allow you to save a great amount of money. But if to compare with other online pharmacies it is clear that there are prices even lower in the Internet. As the pharmacy doesn’t sell branded drugs there is a logic question – why prices for some medications are not as low as they are in other pharmacies.

In this store you can notice the same principle as in any other – the more you take, the less you pay. So if you want to save as much as possible you would have to buy quite a large amount of pills in the pack.

An interesting issue is that when you look for Viagra, you won’t get any results – the pharmacy doesn’t offer you similar medications with the same active ingredient. The same thing is with Levitra and Cialis. So you have to look for the name of active ingredient. For Sindenafil you get about 20 equivalents at different dosages and prices, the cheapest is Eriacta 100 mg – $0.72 per pill if you choose 50 pills. In general such price can be considered low, so you will save money. For Vardenafil you get 3 medications, of which Lofatra is the cheapest (it is included in the double pills offer) – $1.19 per pill. And for Tadalafil – 10 equivalents – Modula is the cheapest – $0.70 per pill. As you can see the prices are attractive and affordable, though keep in mind that if you want to take fewer pills, you would have to pay more.eriacta price

In general prices in Alldaychemist.com are acceptable and can be called low, so you can be sure to save a great deal of money here, that’s why we can give 4 stars to the pharmacy in this point.

Shipping Service

There is no special section devoted to Shipping policy, so you have to look for it all through the website. We did so, but couldn’t find any information about shipping methods they offer. There is a whole section in the «FAQ» page, explaining different questions related to delivery, but no information about methods, countries that are included in their list and fees. On «Terms and Conditions» page you will read that all orders are charged fee for delivery. So we can make a conclusion that they do not offer free delivery.shipping policy

On the main page there is a banner telling us that orders under $150 will be delivered for $15, and orders over $150 – for $10. At least they offer some discount for shipping, though it is not the most attractive one. Many customers expect free delivery for large orders. But, alas, you get only $5 discount in the best case.

Besides even when placing order, you don’t have information about shipping, you have no idea why the shipping costs so much and how it was calculated, considering the fact that the fee depends on size and weight of the parcel.

For this point we can give only 2 stars, because no special and attractive offers on this issue are not provided.

How to Pay for the Order?

In the «FAQ» section you can find information that the pharmacy accepts:

  • Visa;
  • Check/Money orders;
  • eChecks.

Also if you order for more than $1000 you can use Wire Transfer/Check/Money orders. Anyway you have to contact the support group before you make such order.

As you can see, the choice of methods is small. For US non-residents there will be only 2 options (eChecks are for US customers only). Although Alldaychemist.com provides opportunity to use a credit card – this is an advantage.

There an interesting thing – when you place your order, you can’t choose credit card for payment, as such option is simply not provided.payment methods

So again – no special page, explaining payment conditions, no wide choice of options, and false facts on the website. All this allows only giving 2 stars to Alldaychemist.com in this point.

Technical Details of Alldaychemist.com

Google Page Speed Check Out

According to www.developers.google.com the website has very poor indicators. The result of the test shows us that both mobile and desktop versions have very serious problems in functioning. These numbers are much lower than average indicators, so the admiration must urgently take measures.

The report tells what they need to do first of all and if they will follow these recommendations that situations won’t be so sad. We can’t give Alldaychemist.com more than1 star for this point until they fix the situation.desktopmobile

Version for Mobile Phones

The website has a mobile version, but it is poorly arranged. Lots of noticeable disadvantages and defects that need to be fixed. The screen is not completely adjusted to the phone. The text is either to small, or to big for the screen. However all the functions and menu are saved and work as well as the desktop version. Though we can’t say that this version is pleasant and comfortable to use, we can grant Alldaychemist.com 3 stars for this point.

Secure Connection on Alldaychemist.com

As it is said on the website it provides secure connection on all pages that may include personal data disclosure. Clients that are worried about their credit card information safety can be calm and use their card online without any worries. And if we check we really can see that there is a secure connection on the website.

To check if any website provides secure connection, you need to look at URL address – if there is https:// with a green lock, then you can be sure your data is protected. https protocolThe website uses SSL encryption to prevent any unauthorized access of theft of sensitive data of the customers. You can check the certificate that give all technical details about this data protection. We can see that the website uses 256-bit encryption, which is the best in quality, but information about owner of the certificate is not provided – this is a drawback, as we can’t make sure that the organization issuing this certificate can be trusted.certificatecertificate

Also on the bottom of the website there is provided certificate of safety issued by GoDaddy company, which is considered one of the best in the Internet. This shows that the company takes very seriously the question of clients personal details safety.godaddy certificate

For this point Alldaychemist.com rightfully gets 4 stars as the safety of customers data is protected and the company tale all necessary measures to provide safe and comfortable shopping.

Antivirus Program on the Website

The pharmacy provides protection from viruses and unwanted programs. Customers may rest assure that they want get their devices «infected» by some spy program and the like. If you don’t have such program on you computer, you still can visit this website freely. This fact speaks in favor of the company and shows their responsible attitude to customers. That’s why – 5 stars for this point.antivirus

Simplicity of Making Orders

Ordering Process taken little time and effort. It is really simple – after you chosen necessary products and dosage, you proceed to checkout. There is no need to create an account – you can buy as a guest providing only your e-mail address and shipping details. That’s all – you choose payment method and your order is placed.orderingordering

The website claims that they ask to provide a prescription for prescription drugs, and even on the «FAQ» page, it is clearly stated that Rx list is mandatory for prescription drugs. So we chose product that required prescription, and with no problems made order without sending anything. So you actually don’t need a prescription even if the pharmacy says so.

After you place an order, you get a confirmation letter, stating details of your order.confirmation letter

In general ordering procedure is quite simple and quick. You don’t need to sign in or provide a prescription, so you save a lot of time and efforts. This allows us estimating Alldaychemist.com with 5 stars.

Is Alldaychemist.com Legit?

Is the Website Reliable?

The report by www.scamadviser.com is not inspiring at all. The website is rated as low trust and unsafe. Safety percentage is 0%, and there were reports of poor reputation. However Alldaychemist.com is considered popular by Alexa.com and the domain age a very impressive – almost 15 years. For such a long period the website run its activity – this means something, doesn’t it?scamadviser

The website doesn’t provide their address so we can’t compare it with the one in the report. The origin of the website is also questioned – www.scamadviser.com thinks that although its claimed to be the Netherlands based, it can also be from the US. Such controversial facts always make us doubt in reliability of the organization. So we are forced to give Alldaychemist.com 1 star in this point.

Prescription Requirement

The website claims to require prescription for drugs that are sold only on Rx. But as we proceeded with our order, it became clear that this was another false fact – no prescription will be required and customers may take any medication they want.

The «FAQ» section also contains information that prescription is mandatory, and that without it you can’t get what you need. When you read such information, you believe that the pharmacy takes great care of its clients and will not allow self-medication with their drugs. But you better check everything carefully before putting trust in some online facility. We did and it turned out that administration of this company doesn’t mind fooling their clients.

That’s why Alldaychemist.com gets 1 star for this point, as we want to point how irresponsibly this organization treats people.

Alldaychemist.com Legitimacy

According to legitimacy test of the website via www.legitscript.com we can see that Alldaychemist.com is rated as a rouge organization. According to the results we obtained earlier this is not a surprise for us. The administration must take measures to improving the situation, before they lose all the clients.legitimacy

We cannot know why the website got such status, but we can conclude that it really has problems with legitimacy. We would not recommend to engage with this pharmacy and even if you decided to do so – weigh all risks and do everything possible to protect yourself from fraud.

In this point Alldaychemist.com earns 1 star accordingly.

Alldaychemist.com Reviews

Testimonials on Alldaychemist.com

The website has a page with huge amount of testimonials from satisfied customers – almost 700 comments. But here is a strange thing – not all comments are dated. The last one dated was written in August 2013 and then all the comments go without date. But even not this confuses us – all the comments are of positive nature. It looks like no unsatisfied customers left any claims here. Everyone was happy with the work of the pharmacy.reviews

To evaluate the real situation you should rely only on testimonials found on the website. They can be fake or taken from some other forums and websites. That’s why you need to look for comments in the Internet, on different forums and discussions.

But for presence of own page with reviews of clients we give Alldaychemist.com 5 stars in the rating.

Other Websites about Alldaychemist.com

In the Internet there are no comments about Alldaychemist.com. This means that the company either has too small amount of clients, or their was is so bad that there is nothing to say. According to Scamadviser.com the website operates for almost 15 years and during this period there appeared no positive or negative comments on forums? Very suspicious to our mind.

So for absence of any proof that the pharmacy is not a fraud, that is any opinions of real people who ordered products there, we cannot give the pharmacy more than 1 star. We only hope that in future the situation will change for better.

Alldaychemist.com Coupon Code

Alldaychemist.com provides several offers for its clients on the website. In the top you can see huge banner with important for customers information. If you learn all of them you can see that there are 2 offers to get a discount: stock clearance, offering products with 60% discount, and «bring a friend and get a discount for next purchase» offer.discount offerdiscount offer

There are no promo codes provided fro buyers, though the «Checkout» page has a section where you need to insert a code to get a discount. So you don’t actually get any discount in addition to «already lowered prices».

We looked in the Internet for some other offers on special websites and we found some coupons offering 10 or 15% discount. But neither of the codes were valid, so it seems that these offers are fake, because that have to be valid during May 2017 (and it is May right now) and even longer.coupon codes

So if you come here for the first time you actually do not have an opportunity to get a discount, though the website provides promo codes. All codes and invalid and even free shipping is unavailable here. That’s why we give Alldaychemist.com 2 stars for this point.

Alldaychemist.com Customer Service

«Contact Us» Page

The website has a special page with contact details. There you can find their phone and fax numbers, information about working hours, and contact form. Unfortunately, they do not give us any mailing address, which is a drawback. What if somebody wants to visit their office or send a prescription by regular mail.

For US residents there is a toll free line operating from Monday till Saturday. This is very convenient if you want to get detailed consultation by phone. Also if you couldn’t reach support group by phone, you can leave a Call Back Request and they will call you back as soon as possible.contact information

You can send you query via contact form on the same page. You need to fill in necessary data and submit a request – just as simple. But the main advantage of the company in this issue is that they provide live chat for instant connection in real time. So you don’t have to wait hours for an answer, you will be chatting with the manager right here, right now.

So for this point we can surely grant Alldaychemist.com 4 stars, for well organized contact information and methods on the website.

Support Group Service

As the website provides live chat option, there is nothing easier than contacting the support group. We decided to ask if the pharmacy performs shipping to the Philippines. The answer was instant as we expected and we were answered to all questions we had. What is great about managers is that they do not try to sell something to you right after you got necessary information. All answers are short and informative.support service

It is very good to know that you always have an opportunity to come in contact with support group and ask everything you want. The work of managers is organized well and effectively, so for this point – definitely 5 stars to Alldaychemist.com

To Sum Up…

In general the company makes impression of a very reputable and reliable service. Great choice of medicines, quite low prices, etc. But still some moments make us treat this pharmacy with caution. Like absence of comments in the Internet, low reliability and legitimacy rates, etc.

We would advise customers to be very careful and check everything twice to make sure that they entrust their sensitive data not to some fraudulent organization. That’s why we can estimate Alldaychemist.com with 3 stars out of 5 star rating.