Review – Unjustifiable Confidence Online Pharmacy Presentation

logo awc is well-known online pharmacy located in Canada and selling generics online. This pharmacy is known for its accessibility, low prices and wide assortment, which is structured and accessible to any customer. Awc Canadian pharmacy is popular because people are sure that this drugstore is exactly what they need. But we decided to grapple with this statement in detail.

Assortment has a wide and affordable range of medications for both generics and branded drugs. The home page contains a section of drugs distinguished by categories, as well as best-sellers. Online pharmacies – Awc Canadian pharmacy obtains the following drugs categories:

  • Erectile Dysfunction;
  • Male Enhancement;
  • Anti-Acidity;
  • Anti-Allergic/Asthma;
  • Anti-Depressant/Anti-Anxiety;
  • Anti-Diabetic;
  • Anti-Fungus;
  • Anti-Herpes;
  • Antibiotics;
  • Blood Pressure/Cholesterol;
  • Dental Whitening;
  • Female Enhancement;
  • Eye Care;
  • General Health;
  • Healthy Bones;
  • Men’s Health;
  • Pain Relief/Muscle Relaxant;
  • Patches New!;
  • Skin Care;
  • Sleeping Aid;
  • Stop Smoking;
  • Weight Loss;
  • Women’s Health.

Each category contains a set of drugs produced to overcome disease’s symptoms in this area. AWC Canadian Pharmacy offers its customers a number of bestsellers at an attractive price available on certain days. The assortment of pharmacy – definitely deserves the highest score – 5 points.

assortment Prices

What about prices on Of course, they are not too high, but you can find online pharmacies, where prices will be considerably lower. For example, today’s special offer on – Viagra only for £0.99 per item – does not seem to be expensive, but unfortunately, an option to switch currency is not working on site, and it is difficult for clients to submit a real price for this drug, for example, in dollars. This is a significant disadvantage, which allows us to level down mark by 2 points – 3 points in total.

Delivery Terms

International delivery makes it easier for many people to search for medications because it does not matter where you live, you will still get it. uses Regular Airmail services. You will be brought your order within 21 days maximum for only $10. If during the delivery something happens to your order, we will resend your order or will refund your money. Delivery methods and their fee basis do not meet customers’ requirements, so we give 2 points to

shipping method Payment Options offers its customers the only payment method exactly credit card – Visa. Unfortunately, other payment methods are not available, although they are listed on website home page. And this, it seems to us, is quite inconvenient. Not all people have Visa to pay for an order, so we will set 3 points because diversity is encouraged.

payment options Technical Indications

Frankly speaking, the website of this online pharmacy is functional and contains many different aspects, which seem to allow us to give them a high point for this, but let’s study this question in detail and draw a conclusion on each point.

Google Page Speed Indications


Mobile version of is downloaded quickly enough and has a relatively high download rate according to Google page speed.

desktop awc

Desktop indicator looks even more attractive, therefore from our point of view it is very reasonable to put 2.9 points for this technical characteristic of Mobile Version mobile version works on the level, information is practically all accessible, but there are insignificant drawbacks, for example, text “runs” one on another or there is short scrolling. So awc Canadian pharmacy mobile version, in our opinion, deserves 3,5 points.

Is Connection Secure on

All transactions on AWC Canadian Pharmacy are protected by https-protocol 128-bit encryption. There are much more thorough protocols that protect your personal data (256-bit for example), so we put a solid 3 points for protecting your personal data.

secure connectionsecure connection

Antivirus Presence on

One of the few online pharmacies – obtains antivirus. In this case, you are protected by anti-virus – McAfee Secure. You can be sure that no viruses threaten you, while you make an order via this Internet pharmacy. 5 is an unambiguous and well-deserved mark.antivirus

Ordering Procedure Convenience

Is it convenient to place orders on site of Awc Canadian Pharmacy? Let’s try to answer this question. The order of medications via this online pharmacy is carried out without registration, which can be considered as “plus” because it saves our time and energy. And also there is section “How to Order” on, where you can view a full list of steps, so this is 5 points.

Is Legal? according to Scamadviser

Nowadays, it is difficult to determine the reliability of site in the Internet and online pharmacies are not exceptions, therefore, various online services are used that help people make a decision. For example, believes that is unreliable site:

This online service doubts this online pharmacy location, as the site has an impliable address in the USA, but there is a suspicion that, in fact, AWC Canadian Pharmacy operates from the Russian Federation. For this site we will put 2 points, adding one point for domain age – 9 years 178 days.


Prescription Request

Does Require Prescription? In fact, to make an order on, it is not necessary to have a prescription. It leads to a variety of thoughts, not of very good character. Most often, pharmacies that do not require a prescription, sell illegal drugs or dietary supplements, so consider carefully before placing an order on Our mark is 1 point. according to LegitScript

legit awc

According to online service –, site is completely unreliable, because perhaps it is an absolutely illegal website selling drugs without a prescription. This online pharmacy according to LegitScript is probably engaged in illegal activities, violating your rights. Considering all that this site deserves according to this statistics 1 point. Reviews

Reviews on

As it turned out, there are a lot of reviews about, but they are left only on the site itself by its “customers”, so it is likely that these reviews are not unique and fabricated by employees of the same company. Perhaps we would have believed in this whole ideal picture if at least some percentage of reviews were negative, but everything is very predictable and cheesy.

You can read these reviews yourself and decide for yourself whether it is worth making orders on this site or not. But for us, it’s exactly minus half a point.


After reading reviews, you can conclude that everything looks not so realistic, so the score is 3.

Reviews about on Different Foreign Recourses

Unfortunately, we did not find any feedback about on third-party sites, so we put it in great doubt. Therefore, everything becomes crystal -clear – reviews on the site are most likely “not real”, and there is no confirmation of availability on the Internet. The mark is obvious and simple – 1 point. Discount Code offers to use discount code to save money, but as it turned out, the coupon is not located in “one – click” accessibility. We managed to find a discount coupon of only after we examined various websites and found promo code:


It’s very good that there is coupon code and 10% discount and mark should be appropriate, but the result is that the coupon itself is not located on site and it may take time to search for it, or people can not at all guess to look for a coupon in the Internet, that’s why we get 4 points for discount code.

Customers’ Service Contact Info contact information available is addresses of pharmacy offices. But there is not a single phone number on that looks suspicious. That is, if you have any urgent questions, you can solve them only by using a contact form. And it takes quite a lot of time. Phone support doesn’t contain any phone numbers but contact form itself. Here, every one must decide for themselves whether it is convenient for a person or not. For us, it is inconvenient, therefore 3 points.

contact Customer Support Service

Unfortunately, administration did not arrange Customer Support Service performance well, as we waited all day, but we did not receive any response. There is no need to ask any questions at all and mark becomes obvious – 1 point.

Conclusion: Is 2,8 – Points enough for

We think that 2.8 – points are enough because a lot of arguments against are mentioned above. You can study this aspect in detail with the help of our review. Yes, reviews about are more positive, but we can safely place them in doubt. You also need to consider the fact that when ordering you do not need to have a prescription or to undergo consultation – another minus. The discount code seems to be but not in “one-click” accessibility. And also let’s remember about conflicting data of and – ambiguous picture emerges, so based on the above material, this online pharmacy – earned 2.8 stars. There is a place for striving, isn’t it?