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Bcgmeds.com Review: Ambiguous Reputation of the US Refill Service

Self-Introduction of BcgMeds.com


BcgMeds.com is a direct online pharmacy but a refill service providing an opportunity to get an access to prescription drugs. The assortment includes brand and generic medications. The main requirement for ordering via this refill service is a prescription presence. The company location is Sanford, NC, the USA. Its partner pharmacies are located in Mauritius, Turkey, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and India. The refill service is the way to get acquainted with the most reliable online pharmacies able to satisfy customers’ needs. We are going to estimate whether bcgmeds.com is legit and secure. All the details will be described below.

In-Stock Assortment

Remember that BCG meds is a refill service. The stock includes only prescription brand and generic medications. It means for commanding this service people should have a legal prescription. The stock is no enormous only 38 preparations. They are all from different drug categories. The following medications can be found: Abilify/Aripiprazole, Asacol/Mesalamine, Avodart/Dutasteride, Benicar/Olmesartan Medoxomil, Caverject/Alprostadil, Celebrex/Celecoxib, Cialis/Tadalafil, Colcrys/Colchicine, Combivent (Ipratropium Bromide/Albuterol (Salbutamol Sulfate), Crestor (Rosuvastatin Calcium), Cymbalta/Duloxetine, EpiPen/Epinephrine, Evista/Raloxifene Hydrochloride, Exelon Patches/Rivastigmine Patches, Flomax/Tamsulosin, Flovent/Fluticasone Propionate, Januvia/Sitagliptin, Lasix/Furosemide, Levitra/Vardenafil, Lipitor/Atorvastatin Calcium, Lotrisone Cream (Clotrimazole/Betamethasone), Namenda/Memantine, Nasonex/Mometasone Furoate, Neurontin/Gabapentin, Nexium/Esomeprazole, Plaquenil/Hydroxychloroquine, Plavix/Clopidogrel, Premarin/Conjugated Estrogens, Propecia/Finasteride, Viagra/Sildenafil and etc.

The number of drugs is not enormous but may satisfy every customer. The only drawback is an absence of drugs’ division into categories because there is a mass of medications offered. But it is not a problem for people getting used to ordering via this service.

The drugs arrangement looks in the following way:


Because of the not enormous range of assortment we have to level down the mark – 3 points only.

Prices Affordability

We will compare the prices in men’s health category. The most popular medications there are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. As the pioneer in erectile dysfunction treatment, we are going to estimate the price for Viagra.

There is brand and generic Viagra in-stock. If you prefer buying brand version 25 mg you have to pay $7.32. The quantity is 84 pills. This price looks attractive only in case of great quantity but when you buy 8 pills the price will be $9.79.

brand viagra price

Generic Viagra price should be lower in comparison with a brand one. Sildenafil 25 mg price per pill is $0.38 if you buy 84 pills. But if the quantity is 8 pills, the price will be $3.75. This price is too high for a generic version. It is not affordable.

generic viagra price

As to speak about Cialis we may point out that the price is more affordable in comparison with the first described medication. It doesn’t matter what quantity you order the price will be equal – $3.95. Considering the origin of this medication, we may dare say the price is affordable and suitable for many.

brand cialis price

Generic Tadalafil 2.5mg price is affordable. It is much more preferable in comparison with sildenafil price. The number of pills is from 30 to 90. You may choose by yourself.

generic cialis price

To our mind, it is more profitable to buy Cialis: brand or generic that Viagra or Sildenafil. Our mark for this unit 3 points.

Shipping Options

The delivery is carried out in the USA only. All the orders should be USPS deliverable. The shipping is free. All the medications are delivered within 2-4 weeks. There may appear any kind of customs problems but in general, there are no problems with delivering. If you order doesn’t come within 5 weeks you are welcome to write to customer support group by means of the email: orders@bcgmeds.com.


The delivery carries out from the following list of countries: Mauritius, Turkey, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and India. The tracking of the parcel is possible. The tracking number is sent to your email when your order is shipped from the office. As a result, you may be in touch with your order delivering. The processing of orders takes 3-4 days.

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel the order after it has been submitted. All this information makes us give 4 points to Bcgmeds.com.

Payment Options

There are only 2 payment options:

  • Check;
  • e-Check payments.

The credit cards are not accepted. It is very inconvenient because the majority of people prefer paying for an order by means credit cards. Such an inconvenience makes us give only 2 points to payment options offered by Bcgmeds.com.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed Data

mobile and desktop version

Unfortunately, the indicators of mobile and desktop versions are poor. The speed data in both versions are unavailable that’s why we may suppose this site administration tries to hide something. The optimization data looks also not so bright. They are low and poor. It means that there are great problems with page loading. We see it in practice, the performance of the website is low, there are delays demanding too much time for loading. By means of a special formula, we calculate the overall mark for Google page speed data, it is 1,3 points.

Mobile Version

Unfortunately, there is no mobile version of BcgMeds.com. They provide no opportunity for people having a desire to command the mobile service. It is very inconvenient because our world makes people use mobile devices is the main means of going shopping online. Our mark for such a disadvantage is 1 point.

mobile version

Is the Connection Secure on Bcgmeds.com?

secure connection

Bcgmeds.com provides the secure connection with 128-bit encryption. The certificate is verified by COMODO CA Limited. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t supply the ownership information but it doesn’t prevent from achieving the main goal. Of course, 256-bit encryption is a more effective method of protection but the start is done. Bcgmeds.com makes some efforts to provide a high-quality secure connection. Our mark for this unit is 3 points.

Antivirus Protection

Unfortunately, there is no antivirus protection. People should be informed they may catch viruses and other online threats. Maybe after reading this review, the site administration will install the antivirus. But now our mark is 1 point.

The Convenience of Ordering Procedure

The registration is mandatory on Bcgmeds.com. Every customer should create an account for completing an order online. The second step is search and order” step. Search for your drug, select your dosage and quantity (as written on your prescription), add to cart and then checkout. The third step is “email and fax”. This step requires sending a prescription via emailorders@bcgmeds.com or faxing it via 1-888-679-6261. The fourth and the latter step is “order shipped”. This online refill service validates your order then your meds are shipped. Orders are typically received within 2-4 weeks.

how to make an order

The registration process includes the following steps:

  • Your Personal Details;
  • Your Address;
  • Your Password;
  • Newsletter.

Personal information step includes the mandatory information about: First Name, Last Name, E-Mail, Telephone, Fax (if present), Gender, Birth Date (mm-dd-yy), Height, Weight (lbs), several questions about your health conditions, Physician’s Name, Physician’s Contact #. The address step contains the following aspects: Company, Address 1, City, Country, Region/State.

When filling in all the mandatory fields you will create your own account on Bcgmeds.com. In general, all the procedure is complicated by the registration. It takes some time to become a client of this refill service. The mark is 3 points.

Is Bcg Meds Legit and Secure?

ScamAdviser.com about BCG Meds Security Rating

The security rating is high – 74%. The status given is “New Site With Limited & Hidden Information”. It is a fact the site expectancy is 1 year and 178 days. But it is rarely visited as pointed by ScamAdviser.com. The owner country is hidden. The website location is the United States of America. Sometimes such services are used to prevent getting blackmails but in the majority of cases, it is the way to hide some illegal business.

The server where this domain is installed is clear. There are no other websites involved in Bcgmeds.com performance. The website speed is fast but we have noticed the reverse. There are some problems with website loading. But in general, the website has a high rating of the security. People may believe in this information but it is better to check it twice. Our mark for the security rating is 4 points.


Prescription Request

Bcgmeds.com sells only prescription medications. There are 2 ways to send a prescription: email and fax. It means that this online service is a legal one preferring to be sure that customers are really prescribed these medications. Since that people won’t be involved in self-treatment. When selecting the medication you will see the following note:

Valid prescription

Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

LegitScript.com About Bcg Meds Legitimacy


Unfortunately, bcgmeds.com has not be examined by LegitScript.com. If you need to see the estimation of this online service you are welcome to add it to its database. We believe that this refill service will meet all the requirements. But now our mark is 4 points.

Security Certificates

Bcgmeds.com places the icon of PharmacyChecker.com on the front page posing itself as a valid member till 04.12.2018 but we cannot check this information. When pressing this icon you will be transferred to the same page as you are now. It doesn’t make us sure that this information is trustworthy. Our mark for this unit is 2 points.


Reviews about Bcg Meds

Reviews on BcgMeds.com

Unfortunately, there are no reviews on bcgmeds.com. It means that there are customers with a strong desire to leave a feedback about their experience. The popularity of the refill service is low what is proved by ScamAdviser.com. But it seems to be very strange. During 1 year there should appear any sign of such a refill center. As a result, we have resulted in the absence bcg meds reviews. Regretfully, our mark is 1 point.

Reviews about Bcg Meds on the Foreign Recourses

We have spent a lot of time in attempts to find any reviews about bcg meds. There is a facebook of this service but we cannot see anything there without any access. So that, we cannot find any evidence of the website reliability and trustworthiness. Everything we understand is the impossibility to decide whether to make orders via this service or not. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Discount Code on BcgMeds.com

We have found no discount on this refill center. It means that people may not find any profit there. Since the discount makes the price for medications more affordable then its absence makes people command the service of some other online service. The possibility to get free samples of pills is also absent. No benefit from this refill center. That’s a pity! Our mark is 1 point.

Contact Us Information

“Contact Us” Section

Contact information is very important for people to choose this online service. Bcgmeds.com defines all the contact information on the froте page below. The company location is Sanford, North Carolina. The phone number is 1-888-884-6008. There is also fax number – 1-888-679-6261. The email together with hours of operation is also given.

contact information

The hours of operation are from Mon – Fri: 8 am – 5 pm EST. There is also information about offices locations. The pharmacies cooperated with online refill center are located in Mauritius, Turkey, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and India. The map looks like this:


Such an ample information makes us be proud and give 5 points to Bcgmeds.com administration.

Customer Support Group

There is no live chat. The main way to contact customer support group is a contact form. When filling in all the mandatory fields you will the note: “Your message is successfully sent to the customer support group.” we have asked them about the discount but are still waiting for the answer. Within 24 hours we have become disappointed to get any response. As a result, the estimation of this service is 1 point. It is better to cope with this problem as fast as possible to become closer to the customers.

Conclusion: Ambiguous Reputation of the US Refill Service

BcgMeds.com is not an online pharmacy but a refill center. There you may get an access to prescription brand and generic drugs of different dosages and quantity. The stock is not enormous, only 38 preparations. They are from different drug categories. The prices, especially for Viagra, is overestimated becoming non-affordable for the majority of men. The delivery is oriented to the US customers only. It is free.

The technical data leaves much to be desired. The mobile version is absent. The antivirus is not installed. There is a great damage to catch viruses and other online threats. The registration is mandatory taking too much time. As a result, the registration takes much more time in comparison with the exact ordering.

The legitimacy and security are on the level. ScamAdviser.com gives a high rating when LegitScript.com has no information about bcgmeds.com in the database. The prescription is required sent in several ways: email and fax.

The reviews are absent: either internal or external. The 1-year od existence seems not enough for customers to leave a feedback on this website. Contact information is full but customer support group doesn’t perform its functions, regretfully.

When all this information has been analyzed, the overall rating is a 2,5-star out of 5. It is better to grapple with all the details carefully and even twice. If you decide to command this service you are welcome to make this but be attentive!