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Big-Online-Pharmacy.org Review: A Risky Website from Russian Federation

What is Big-Online-Pharmacy.org?

Big Online Pharmacy

Big-online-pharmacy.org is an online store which sells brand-name and generic drugs online. Customers’ satisfaction with the products and the services is the prime aim of the company. There is no information when Big Online Pharmacy was founded and no indication where this store is located.

What Can You Buy in Big Online Pharmacy?

Customers can find both brand and generic drugs in the catalog of Big Online Pharmacy. We appreciate that all products are divided into categories, such as Allergy, Antibiotics, Asthma, Blood Pressure, Cancer, Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction, Eye Care, Pain Medicine, Diuretics, Respiratory, Respiratory Tract, Skin Care, Parkinson And Alzheimer, Weight Loss, Women’s Health and so on. It seems that in this store you can buy almost everything you need.

Big Online Pharmacy assortment

The pharmacy specializes in pills for erectile dysfunction. That’s why the range in this drug category is the widest. Here you can find the most popular brand-name drugs such as Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil), Levitra (Vardenafil). In addition, the company offers many generics for this disease: Generic Viagra, Generic Viagra Super Force, Generic Viagra Soft, Generic Viagra Professional, Generic Red Viagra, Generic Levitra with Dapoxetine, Generic Priligy, Generic Cialis Black, Generic Cialis Soft and so on.

Big Online Pharmacy ED pills

Drugs from other product categories are not as numerous as ED drugs, some categories contain only one or two products. But if you are interested in drugs for erectile dysfunction, you will appreciate a selection Big Online Pharmacy offers. For this reason, the pharmacy receives 4 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Big-Online-Pharmacy.org Prices

Big-online-pharmacy.org offers competitive prices if compared to other online pharmacies.

  • Starting price for Brand Viagra is $8.59 per tablet;
  • Starting price for Generic Viagra (Sildenafil) is $0.78 per tablet;
  • Starting price for Brand Levitra is $10.47 per tablet;
  • Starting price for Generic Levitra (Vardenafil) is $1.69 per tablet;
  • Starting price for Brand Cialis is $9.53 per tablet;
  • Starting price for Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) is $1.23 per tablet.

We see that the prices offered by this companies are one of the lowest on the internet. Big-online-pharmacy.org has a chance of becoming a favorite place for customers who are striving to get the cheapest ED pills online.

We want you to know that customers will get the minimal possible prices only when they order a particular drug in bulk, that is the more pills you order – the less you pay for them. You can see how it works from the example of Brand Levitra:

Big Online Pharmacy Levitra

As you see, you can save a lot if you order 60 tablets of Brand Levitra 20 mg instead of 8 tablets. Considering very attractive prices for ED drugs, we give Big-online-pharmacy.org 5 stars out of 5 for this unit of our review.

Shipping Policy

Big Online Pharmacy offers worldwide service and can ship to any country. The orders are packed in discrete envelopes without any inscription about the contents. The parcels are sent directly from the Indian manufacturer.

The pharmacy offers two shipping options: International Unregistered Mail (the delivery takes about 2-3 weeks) and Standard Airmail Shipping with tracking option available (the delivery takes about 5-9 days).

Customers can enjoy FREE standard airmail shipping for all orders starting from $200:

Big Online Pharmacy free delivery

Customers will have to pay a shipping fee $19.95 if their orders do not exceed $200, as a result, the final price for the product will be higher:

Big Online Pharmacy delivery

The company does not accept return due to the specific nature of products they offer, even if the package remained unopened.

In case the product is not received within the specified delivery time, Big Online Pharmacy guarantees a free of charge product replacement or money-refund. Refund procedure time depends on a customer’s bank’s transaction processing time and takes about 5-7 days. Considering all fact above, the total score for this unit makes 3 stars out of 5.

Payment Options

According to the information placed on the website, Big Online Pharmacy accepts Visa and MasterCard:

Big Online Pharmacy payment

Considering the fact that other online pharmacies offer much more payment options, Big Online Pharmacy gets only 2 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Big-Online-Pharmacy.org Loading Speed

Modern customers buying drugs online prefer speedy websites only. Nobody will use a website downloading for too long. We checked Big-online-pharmacy.org loading speed using Google Page Speed and here are the results:

Big Online Pharmacy google page speed

We see very good indicators for both mobile and desktop version. The desktop version has a nearly perfect loading speed – 96% out of 100. Mobile version is also speedy but requires some optimization. Customers can hardly find options with better page loading indicators.

We conclude that Big-online-pharmacy.org does not have serious technical problems that may affect the website’s usability. The pharmacy receives 3,3 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Checking Big-Online-Pharmacy.org Mobile Version

Big-online-pharmacy.org has a mobile version. Mobile-Friendly Google test loaded all page elements successfully:

Big Online Pharmacy mobile version

Having a mobile version which is a real advantage, since the majority of customers buy products online from their smartphones or tablets – and drugs are not an exception. The mobile version of Big-online-pharmacy.org is organized in a mobile-friendly design pattern. Interface elements and images are enlarged, word count is reduced, there is no secondary information on the front main page. As soon as you visit the website, you will see all drug categories available.

So, we conclude that the mobile version of this pharmacy satisfies all customers’ needs. We believe mobile users will have a good experience with this website. For this reason, the company receives 5 stars for this unit.

Data Protection

The website uses a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts personal information of any customer. The security is verified by Let’s Encrypt:

Big Online Pharmacy secure connection

A 128 bit SSL security is considered a minimum security level. Regretfully, the upper left corner of our browser did not specify the owner of the website, which would add more trust to this service. For these reasons, Big-online-pharmacy.org gets 3 stars for this unit. Customers need a better security level to feel safe and know that their personal data won’t be stolen.

Checking Antivirus

The website does not use antivirus to protect its customers’ personal data. This means that customers are not protected from viruses or other online threats. However, during checkout customers are transferred to an instant-checkouts.com safer page, which uses Norton antivirus to protect the personal information of the customers.


Though the page seems encrypted, the icon of Norton is not clickable, which makes us doubt the reliability of the antivirus provided. We conclude that Big-online-pharmacy.org might be a risky website for buying medications online. The pharmacy needs to eliminate this drawback and make its website a safer place. Since the website’s security creates too much confusion, we give only 3 stars for this unit.

The Convenience of Ordering from Big-Online-Pharmacy.org

We decided to check the convenience of using Big-online-pharmacy.org.

First of all, customers do NOT need to register to order medications through this website. This allows them to save much time since other online pharmacies usually require filling in too many personal information.

The website has various drugs in its catalog, and all of them are classified according to the health condition they treat. The drug categories are available on the front page and help customers orient themselves better:

Big Online Pharmacy assortment

For customers’ convenience, Big-online-pharmacy.org provides a search bar on the front page to find the needed product at an instant:

Big-online-pharmacy search

In addition, customers can search for medications by alphabet:

Big-online-pharmacy search 2

In general, placing orders Big-online-pharmacy.org is very easy and does not take much time. Customers need to follow the simple steps:

  1. Find the medicine they want to order, select the dosage and the number of tablets;
  2. Add the product to the shopping cart;
  3. Proceed to “Checkout” by clicking “Order Now” button;
  4. Fill in the information required (billing address and payment information);
  5. Click “Place Your Order” button.

A pleasant bonus is that customers can change the currency: the website offers three options: US dollars, euro, and English pound:

Big-online-pharmacy currency

We also appreciate that the pharmacy indicates the price per item, which allows choosing the most advantageous offer:

Big-online-pharmacy price per unit

Besides, customers who order from Big Online Pharmacy will appreciate a “Tracking Order Status” option available. With it, they can check the delivery status any time:

Big-online-pharmacy tracking

Placing orders online could not have been more convenient and speedy. We saw many positive aspects: no registration, an easy search for drugs, a currency selection, a price per unit indicated. The pharmacy has done everything to speed up the ordering process. For all these reasons, Big-online-pharmacy.org gets 5 stars for this unit.

Is Big Online Pharmacy Legit?

Rating on ScamAdviser.com

Before ordering medicines online, customers have to make sure Big Online Pharmacy is legitimate and can be 100% trusted. ScamAdviser is the quickest way to check Big Online Pharmacy credibility and history. Look at the screenshot of ScamAdviser analysis below:

Big-online-pharmacy legitimacy

ScamAdviser considers this website to be suspicious: Big-online-pharmacy managed to get a safety rating of just 57% out of 100 – just little to get it off the dangerous red zone. According to the analysis, this website is popular and constantly refreshed. ScamAdviser detected that the website is rather young and is only 2,5 years. Scam Adviser can’t score the website better, being skeptical about the website’s origin: the owner of the website is using a service to hide its identity and this website is likely to be operating from a high-risk country. ScamAdviser indicated the website location as the Netherlands, the website owner as Russian Federation, and suggested it could also relate to the United Kingdom and Sweden – the countries being high risk because of the high percentage of online fraud or tendency to send fake products.

ScamAdviser advises reviewing this information carefully and confirms the business address of Big Online Pharmacy before placing orders online. For these reasons, we give this pharmacy only 3 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Do We Need a Prescription?

All medication sold through Big-online-pharmacy.org are accessible to customers without a prescription. Non-prescription service should alert the customer since the online pharmacy sells serious medications that should be only prescribed by a licensed doctor (drugs for cancer, asthma, diabetes, and so on). Many rogue online stores require no Rx and this point damaged the image of Big Online Pharmacy. We conclude that the pharmacy does not have an irresponsible approach to selling drugs online and give only 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

Checking Big-Online-Pharmacy.org Using LegitScript

LegitScript gave Big-online-pharmacy.org a “Rogue” status since this pharmacy did not meet online pharmacy verification standards:

Big-online-pharmacy rogue

We could not find a detailed description below, but we suggest the pharmacy is given such a status due to its non-prescription policy. This status also indicates that the company could violate the laws regulating pharmaceutical online business. For these reasons, Big Online Pharmacy gets only 1 star for this unit.

Big-Online-Pharmacy.org Reviews

Customer On-Site Reviews

Customer reviews about Big Online Pharmacy are the best way to check its reputation. In this case, customers are interested in both positive and negative reviews. When you buy medicines, you probably want to see reviews on them and learn how many customers have already bought them from this drugstore. This information helps you get rid of any doubts.

We managed to find a special section on the website called “Testimonials” which contained 11 customer reviews. There are some reasons for us to believe these reviews were composed not by real customers. All of them are purely are positive and selected by the website’s administration. Besides, they are not dated, so we can’t judge what services Big Online Pharmacy provided in this or that year.

In the most comments, customers praise Big Online Pharmacy’s competitive prices, drug quality, a wide assortment and professional customer support service. See some of the reviews on the screenshot below:

Big-online-pharmacy reviews

Since we found no proof these comments were written by real customers, we give the company only 2 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Big-Online-Pharmacy.org Reviews on Third-Party Websites

Since we could not rely on customer on-site reviews, we had to search for Big Online Pharmacy reviews on independent websites and forums. Unfortunately, we found no reviews on this website. Lack of testimonials undermined our trust. We expected to find at least several comments from customers, as the company has been operating since 2008 (as indicated on the website). We have to give only 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

Big-Online-Pharmacy.org Coupons

We found no Big Online Pharmacy discount codes or coupons available on the website. There are no discount codes or coupons available for this website on other websites either. Other online pharmacies offer to save up to 80% for every order. The pharmacy probably sees no need to offer discounts since their prices are already as minimal as possible.

Big-online-pharmacy.org, however, offers free delivery for orders exceeding $200 and a pleasant bonus to customers who are interested in drugs for erectile dysfunction: every customer gets free bonus 4 pills of Viagra Soft and 2 pills of Cialis Soft if they order the maximum amount of ED pills available on the website:

Big-online-pharmacy bonus pills

Thus, customers do not have an opportunity to receive an additional discount for the whole assortment, and a deal with free ED pills will only attract a few customers. Considering this, the online pharmacy receives only 2 stars for this unit.

Customer Support Service

Big Online Pharmacy Contact Information

The website mentions neither legal address nor mailing address of Big Online Pharmacy, and this looks suspicious. For some reason, the company remains anonymous. But we know that any online pharmacy must have a legal address on the website where customers can apply. Hiding this data means the company hides information about itself. All we managed to find on the website are two phone numbers: US toll-free number and GB phone:

Big-online-pharmacy phone numbers

Two phone numbers are just not enough to be fully informed about the pharmacy. We give Big Online Pharmacy only 2 stars for this unit, as the “Contact Us” section should be more informative.

Trying to Get a Consultation

Big Online Pharmacy guarantees that they are always striving to provide the best customer support. They promise that clients can easily contact them by phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week:

Big-online-pharmacy support

However, we are interested in the purely online process. The only way to reach the company online is to fill in a contact form available on the website. We sent an inquiry asking to specify how we could get free ED pills advertised on the website since the terms and conditions were not disclosed on the website. The auto-reply informed us that the pharmacy’s manager will reply in a short time.

And really, the answer came in a few minutes: they informed us that to get free bonus pills, customers need to order 60 pills or more of generic medication (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis):

Big-online-pharmacy customer support

Obviously, customers will not have any problems regarding a customer support, since the pharmacy provides a prompt and informative response to all queries. For this reason, Big Online Pharmacy receives 5 stars for this unit.


Big-online-pharmacy.org is specified to selling generic and brand medications. The pharmacy can be praised for a wide assortment of drugs for erectile dysfunction, competitive prices, and a quality customer support service. However, we could not find any reliable customer reviews about the services provided by this pharmacy. Besides, we don’t like the fact that Big Online Pharmacy hides its real location. Another fact that undermined the reputation of this pharmacy is that it does not require a prescription. Unlike erectile dysfunction drugs, antibiotics and cancer drugs are used for life-threatening diseases, so an Rx is compulsory in this case. Even though the pharmacy has a neutral trust rating on ScamAdviser, it still faces some problems regarding its legitimacy according to LegitScript. We would give this online company 2,9 stars out of 5 and conclude that Big-online-pharmacy.org is not the best place for buying medications online.